Gone Girl – Movie Review

Gone Girl is an exciting mystery starring Ben Afflek. He plays Nick Dunne whose wife Amy has gone missing under strange circumstances.

gone girl 1At first Nick  seems like a loving distraught husband frantically searching for his missing wife.  However, as the search grows cold the police begin to focus the investigation on Nick himself to see if he is really more, or maybe less than he appears. Apparently the Dunne’s marriage was not the perfect  tale it originally seemed to be.

We are going to make this a very short review since  we do not want to give away any of the intricate twists and turns of this excellent plot.  We will only say that we are giving this movie one of our very few Five Star ratings which is the highest we award.

gone girl 2Ben Afflek is excellent as the husband who you don’t quite trust. He is just a little too good looking and his lines to the media about his missing wife seem just a little too rehearsed.

Watching the movie one cannot but notice how much Ben Afflek and real-life wife killer Scott Peterson look alike.

Scott Peterson

The entire cast in the movie is excellent. The missing wife is played by the beautiful Rosamund Pike, who is shown in flashbacks about the Dunnes’ marriage before she went missing.

Carrie Coon is great as the caring but tough sister Margo Dunne who loves her brother Nick but is smart enough not to believe everything he says.

gone girl 3

It is a cliche to say a movie will keep you on the edge of your seat but this one really will.

We give Gone Girl Five Stars!       *****

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