The Gentle Woman Will visit Bun-nanza on October 5!

If you love bunnies as much as the Gentle Woman, be sure to come to Bun-nanza. The address is:

  • Martinsville Community Center
  • 1961 Washington Valley Road
  • Martinsville, NJ 08836
  • 11am -4pm

There will be seminars about the care of rabbits, gift items and of course Bunnies!

For more information click on the link to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

The East Coast Stories Photographer will be there too. There will be a story and pictures on the East Coast Stories website that night right after the event. Come to Bun-nanza, and you might even see you picture on this website that night!

Sunshine 003

See you there!

2 thoughts on “The Gentle Woman Will visit Bun-nanza on October 5!

  1. The Gentle Woman’s entries are the one with the cat & the bunny looking out the screen door in “best friends”. There is a “cutest” entry where Sunshine is on a chair arm and has his back to the camera

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