A Walk Among The Tombstones – movie review

A Walk Among the Tombstones is an action thriller staring Liam Neeson.  He plays an ex-New York City cop who now works as a private detective. He is the kind of man you hire when you just can’t go to the police.

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Someone is kidnapping  the wives of wealthy drug dealers. The kidnappers know that these dealers have lots of cash to pay ransom, and will not go to the police. But the kidnappers are not just after money. They are sadists who also want to torture the women, even if the ransom is paid.  Neeson is hired by one of the drug dealers to find the kidnappers and bring them to “justice”. Of course, not the type of justice the courts would deliver.

This movie is very well done, but is also dark, depressing and extremely violent  Ever since Liam Neeson’s beloved wife Natasha Richardson died tragically  in 2009, Neeson has been in a lot of roles where his character is fighting inner demons.

In this movie he is a recovering alcoholic who still cannot get over  a a shooting he was involved in while still a police officer.  The police force gave him a commendation for killing a group of armed robbers, but he focuses on the fact that an innocent bystander was also killed.


He is excellent at playing the tormented  soul. One has to come to the conclusion that as an actor he is using the sadness and depression he felt from his own loss and channeling that into the characters he plays.

Be warned that this movie contains detailed and disturbing  scenes  of violence against women. It is NOT a movie to bring children to. We emphasize that because in the showing we saw the family in front of us had brought their two daughters who were about 10 and 11 years old. What is wrong with some people?

However, if you are prepared for that type of violence, it is an exciting and riveting movie to watch.

*** We give this movie 3 stars. We would have given it more, but we felt that the movie could have been just as good ann exciting without having to so graphically show the gore.

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