The Gentle Woman Presents “All My Bunnies”

This title,  of course,  is a spoof of the famous soap opera All My Children. In a way, rabbit owners do think of these lovely creatures as children. They are totally innocent and completely dependent on their owners for everything they need to stay alive.  Like children; by complete chance they can be brought into a good  loving home or a terrible environment.

The Gentle Woman has been caring for rabbits since she was a little girl. When she was just 8 yeas old her parents got her a New Zealand Albino, which she named “Alvin” after the popular cartoon chipmunk.

Children 1

She was so excited about Alvin that she put him in a little green wheelbarrow and she and her brother took him around the neighborhood to meet everyone. They spent a summer afternoon pushing the wheelbarrow from house to house. Looking back on it she realizes that Alvin must have been a very patient fellow not to jump out along the way.

Years later when she was in Junior High she performed her first bunny rescue.  Her friend Stanley was moving to Texas and his parents would not allow him to bring his rabbit, which was a lovely Blue Dutch

children 2

She named him Illya. This was after the Russian spy  Illya Kuryakin from The Man From Uncle T.V. show.


Why the name of a T.V. spy was a good fit for a rabbit is not really clear, but the junior high girl had a real crush on David McCallum, so she was eager to name anything after him.

When the Gentle Woman entered high school she rescued another bunny from a local shelter. Her father made a two dollar donation to the shelter and took home a brown domestic mix.

children 3

This was a female bunny and got the name “Jackie” after Jackie Kennedy. Jackie was a lot more adventurous than Illya or Alvin had been and used to run around the house. One afternoon it seemed that Jackie had run away for good. It turned out she was just relaxing quietly under the bed.

Years went by and with the rush of college and then marriage  and careen there were no bunnies in the Gentle Woman’s life for a long time.

Then came Summer.  When he came into her life she suddenly remembered what she had been missing.


Summer was a New Zealand Albino Dwarf and had not had a happy life until that point. This was the first time The Gentle Woman had owned a bunny as an adult. Summer was not well and was much more work than any rabbit she had owned before, but he touched her life like no other. She cared for him when he was sick and he loved her for it.

When Summer died she never wanted  to get another rabbit. But every time she went on the internet she could not help looking at pictures of rabbits. Then she came on a link for Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

Bunny and Cat 004

She ended up adopting “Thomas” who she renamed Sunshine. She named him that in memory of that warm day from long ago when she took her first rabbit from house to house to meet the neighbors. Sunshine is a domestic mix and was hard to place since most people considered him too lively.

Sunshine is now a pert of the Gentle Woman’s home and she knows that whatever she does in the future and wherever she lives, there will always be a rabbit with her.

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