The Drop – movie review

The Drop,  playing in theaters now,  was James Gandolfini’s  last movie, and it is a great one. The action takes place in a neighborhood Brooklyn bar which is sometimes used as a place for the local mob to temporarily place (“drop”) money it wants to hide from the police.

Drop 2

Gandolfini plays “Cousin Marv” a down on his luck bartender who used to own the bar and was once considered a tough guy in the neighborhood. That was before the real tough guys from Chechnya moved in and Marve decided it was better to be an alive bartender than a dead tough guy.

Marv tends the bar with his younger cousin Bob who is a nice but  not too bright guy that doesn’t want to bother anyone. Bob’s lonely existence changes by chance when he finds an abandoned and abused Pit Bull puppy.  At the same time, he meets a young and mysterious woman (Nadia) who seems to be somewhat abused herself.

Drop 1

All Bob wants out of life is to take care of his new puppy and get to know Nadia better, but circumstances will just not let him be. He is a gentle soul in a violent neighborhood where everyone else is formulating dangerous plans.   Some crazy thieves want to rob the bar even though it is well knows it is a drop for the Chechen mob. Marv wants to regain his glory days and prove he is still a tough guy. Nadia’s ex-boyfriend  does not like the idea of Bob hanging around her. And behind it all the Chechens make it clear what happens to anyone who crosses them.

This is an excellent movie with an excellent cast. Tom Hardy is wonderful as Bob and Noomi Rapace is excellent as Nadia. Ms. Rapace does a perfect Brooklyn accent, despite the fact that she is actually Swedish and is best known as being the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the original Swedish movie version.

The Drop is based on a short story and keeps the fast pace of a short story while still fully developing all the characters. We will not say too much about the plot other than to say it takes twists and directions that are totally unexpected.

We give this movie ***** Five Stars, our highest rating.

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