Sin City A Dame to Kill For – movie revie

The First Sin City movie made it debut in 2005 and it caused a sensation.  It took real actors and somehow made them look like characters from a video game.  It also had some new effects with color. Most of the people and scenes were in black and white, but some people had part of them in color, which was very striking to see.  You might see a beautiful actress who was in black and white except that her lips would be bright red and her eyes bright blue.

Sin City A Dame To Kill For has a lot of problems common to many sequels. For one thing it comes too long after the original movie. It has been 9 years, and the special effect that awed people on 2005 don’t seem very special any more. In addition, the sequel assumes that the audience remembers every detail of the plot from the 2005 movie. If you don’t you will not be able to follow parts of the sequel.

The sequel has kept the ridiculous level of gratuitous violence that was present in the first Sin City, but  this amount of killing  has been done to death (pardon the pun) in many other movies.

The big difference between Sin City A Dame to Kill for and the 2005 film is the amount of nudity. More specifically the amount of nudity of one character. Actress Eva Green plays Ava Lord, who is the “dame to kill for.” She is the beautiful ex-girlfriend of Dwight McCarthy (excellently played by Josh Brolin). She had dumped Dwight to become the wife of a very wealthy man. Now suddenly she is back in Dwight’s life claiming her husband abuses her and pleading for Dwight’s help.  Is she telling the truth, or is she just playing him for a fool one more time?

Eva Green is well known for being comfortable appearing naked in movies; very comfortable. She is naked in this film for about one third of the entire movie, and it is in 3-D.

At points it feels like this is actually just  a 3-D soft core porn film.

While this is going on, there are also 2 other intertwining plots  but it is difficult to get interested in those characters.  One is about a young gambler who is actual the illegitimate son of the evil Senator.  He challenges the Senator to a poker game, knowing full well that if the Senator loses he will have the kid killed, since the Senator cannot afford to ever appear weak. However the kid still wants the poker game . He thinks getting killed will be worth it to show everyone in Sin City that the Senator can be beaten. As the audience we are supposed to root for the kid. However it is hard to root for someone who is doing something so stupid and pointless.

The third plot is a continuation from the first Sin City movie. It stars Jessica Alba as the stripper Nancy Callahan, who is out for revenge on the evil Senator. Ironically, although she plays a stripper she never actually strips in the movie, unlike Eva Green who is supposed to be playing a housewife.

Jessica Alba

The problem is it is difficult to get interested in her character as well. Nancy spends most of the movie drunk or doing self destructive acts like cutting her face with glass. By the time she does take revenge she seems more like a complete lunatic then a sympathetic character you want to cheer for.

Sin City A Dame To Kill For did not do well at the box office and we can see why.  It just seems like a more naked more violent rehash of the  2005  movie.

  **              We give this movie 2 Stars.

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