Guardians of the Galaxy – movie review

Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun adventure movie about a group of misfits who band together to save the galaxy.  It is filmed in 3-D and has some  great action scenes. However the best thing about the film is the humor and the interplay between the characters.

zz guardians 1

Chris Pratt plays an Earth boy who is abducted by aliens in 1988. Twenty six years later he is living in a far off part of the universe making  a living scavenging and sometimes stealing various space objects. Despite his lowly occupation he has given himself the ridiculous title of “Star Lord”  . His price possession is a mix tape of  songs he had with him when he was abducted. The songs are all great and gives the movie one of the best soundtracks of the year.

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The beautiful Zoe Saldana is “Gamora” the dangerous step daughter of the evil villain   who is trying to destroy the universe.

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The wrestler David Batista is “Drax the Destroyer” who is as dumb as he is strong.

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Rounding out the Guardians are Rocket (played by Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Disel) Rocket is a genetically modified raccoon and Groot is a talking walking tree.

It sounds ridiculous of course, and that is the point. It is supposed to be. It is a great antidote to all those superhero movies this past year which take themselves so seriously.

This is a good movie for adults and kids alike. It is rated PG-13 since there is some foul language and it does have some Star Wars type violence.

We give this movie 4 stars  ****

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