Answers to the Gentle Woman’s Anniversary Quiz

We had a big response to the Anniversary quiz. Thank you for all the comments and good wishes from the readers. Below are the answers to the quiz.

  • Question # 1- Answer is # 2 -. Ronald Regan was the the President when the Gentle woman got married.


  • Question # 2 -Answer is # -2 – The Gentle Woman has a daughter named Robin.


  • Question # 3 – Answer is # 3-  Bob Hope said that the key to a good marriage is separate bank accounts.


  • Question # 4 – Answer is # 3. – The Gentle Woman has spent her  career as a public school teacher.


  • Questions # 5 – Answer is #1 –  The favorite drink is Kendal Jackson Chardonnay. However she also likes Louis Jardot. If you are a Baby Boomer from the New York & Connecticut area you will get the joke about  Boone’s Farm Strawberry wine. 
    At the time the Gentle Woman was in high school, the drinking age in New York State was only 18 and very loosely enforced.  It was easy for a 15 or 16 year old to buy wine in a liquor store.  Boone’s Farm was an awful tasting wine but an entire bottle only cost one dollar. It came in ridiculous flavors like apple and strawberry to cater to the younger crowd.  The drinking age in Connecticut was 21. However, there were many many liquor stores literally a few feet over the border in New York State. All of them had cases of  Boone’s Farm stacked floor to ceiling waiting for high school kids from Connecticut. The heyday of Boone’s Farm ended when New York raised the drinking age to 21 and decided to actually enforce it. The Gentle Woman wants to point out that she was never a Boone’s farm drinker.


  • Question # 6 – Answer is # 5. – Summer is the Gentle Woman’s favorite time of year.  The hotter the better. That is probably why she named one of her Rabbits Summer.


  • Question # 7 – Answer is # 3 – However, we had an error in the story. The name was supposed to be Tom Carvel. We had mistakenly put down the name as Lou.  Later in life the Gentle Woman did live near Whitney Houston. However, when she was a little girl Tom Carvel was the nearest celebrity.


  • Question #8 – Answer is #5 – Although the Gentle Woman has been married to the same man for  33 years, she has changed her last name many times. She started the marriage using her husband’s last name. After a few years she legally changed her name so that it was her  maiden name hyphenated with her husband’s. The problem with that was that people kept leaving out the part prior to the hyphen and kept calling her by her husband’s last name.  Therefore she legally changed her name again so that it is now a combination of both names with no hyphen. These changes continue to confuse computers for every tax filing and job application .  She is currently thinking of changing her name again back to her original maiden name.


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  1. Well, having the pleasure of growing up with “the gentle woman”, I did pretty well on that quiz!!! Happy Anniversary!!!!

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