The Gentle Woman’s Annversary Quiz

On August 8, 2014 the Gentle Woman and her husband celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary. Below is a little quiz related to it.

wedding cake

Question # 1 – Who was President of the U.S. when the Gentle Woman got married?

  1. Bush (senior)
  2. Regan
  3. Ford
  4. Lincoln

zzz rabbit

Question # 2 – The Gentle Woman loves animals so much she named one of her children after an animal. Is the name:

  1. Fawn
  2. Robin
  3. Bambie
  4. Squidward

Bob Hope

Question # 3 – Bob Hope was also married for a long time. He said the key to a long and successful marriage is:

  1. Separate Careers.
  2. Separate houses.
  3. Separate bedrooms.
  4. Separate bank accounts.

Question # 4 –
The Gentle Woman has spent her career as a successful:

  1. Writer.
  2. Architect.
  3. Teacher.
  4. Reality star( before the Kardashians ruined the business for everyone else.)


Question # 5 – The Gentle Woman’s favorite drink is.

  1. Kendal Jackson Chardonnay.
  2. A good Pinot Grigio
  3. Louis Jardot  Pouilly Fuise.
  4. Boon’s Farm strawberry.

Question # 6 – The Gentle Woman’s favorite season is:

  1. Winter.
  2. Spring.
  3. Summer.
  4. Fall.

Question # 7 – The Gentle Woman grew up close to which following celebrity?

  1. Walt Disney.
  2. Whitney Houston.
  3. Lou Carvel.
  4. Roy Rogers.

Question # 8 – While married to the same man for the last 33 years, the Gentle Woman’s last name:

  1. Is the same as before she was married.
  2. She took her husband’s last name.
  3. She used a hyphenated name of hers and her husband’s
  4. She combined her name and her husband’s with no hyphen.
  5. Numbers 2, 3, & 4 combined.

7 thoughts on “The Gentle Woman’s Annversary Quiz

  1. I’d rather watch Keeping Up With the Gentle Woman’s Bunnies instead of Keeping Up wit the Kardashians.

  2. Dear Reader;

    Tom Carvel was the founder of the Carvel Ice Cream stores. If you have never been in one they are like a Dairy Queen. He used to do his own T.V. commercials and had an incredibly gravely voice like he was always getting over a cold.

  3. Dear Reader:

    It is funny you say that. The Gentle Woman’s parents used to call each other “Bunnie.”

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