Deliver Us From Evil – movie review

Deliver Us From Evil  is a combination cop drama and exorcism horror movie. This sounds weird but the combination actually works. It stars Eric Bana as Bronx police detective Ralph Sarchie.

Detective Sarchie is a tough as nails policeman who has seen a lot of strange and violent things in his career in the Bronx. Then certain events happen which seem beyond the realm of normal experience. A series of bizarre and violent crimes happen which at first he just assume were committed by people who are n drugs or insane or both.

Then Detective Sarchie meets a Jesuit Priest, Father Mendoza who gradually convinces him that the supernatural is involved. Father Ramirez is excellently portrayed by Edgar Ramirez.  The two of them begin to work together to plan an exorcism and rid the world of the demon that possesses the people committing the crimes.

The detective’s wife is excellently played by Olivia Munn, who prior to this was known as as a comedy actress. She does a great Bronx accent despite the fact that she grew up in Oklahoma.

Olivia 2

This is supposedly a true story, and the real Detective Sarchie quit the force and now  works with Father Mendoza.


Whether you believe it is true or not this is still a good movie that is worthe the price of admission.

We rate this as 3 stars ***

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  1. Horror movie fans that are looking for traditional paranormal suspense and jump scares will probably find that Deliver Us From Evil offers more drama than demonic thrills.

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