All Is Lost – movie review

All Is Lost staring Robert Redford is film about a man sailing around the world solo, when a series of disasters strike his ship. The movie begins when Redford wakes up to find that during the night a huge metal cargo container has drifted and smashed a hole in the side of his fiberglass boat.


It is a great movie to watch, but you need to be in the right mood. Be warned ahead of time that there is no dialogue in the entire film except for maybe 2 minutes of Redford talking to himself. In addition, it is a one-man show, with no one but Redford appearing in the film and no flashbacks.

It is a film of survival and how sometimes no matter what you do or how smart you are there are events that you cannot overcome. In some ways it is like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Tom HanksHowever, unlike Tom Hanks who was stranded on an island with nothing, Robert Redford has many tool to work with. In fact one of the things you will get from this movie is just how ingeniously design modern sailing ships are. The small space of the sailing vessel is packed tightly with  every kind of modern implement imaginable. There are radios, canned food, knives, tools, flares, matches, repair kits, etc.

When watching Castaway, the audience often felt the frustration  that if Hanks had just had access to a certain modern convince such as a lighter the problem would be solved. All is Lost, shows that nature is so powerful and the ocean so vast that all our modern inventions are still nothing in comparison.

This movie is now available on video and is well worth seeing.

We give it 4 Stars.

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