Soho Summer -Pictures of Soho in the Sunlight

One of our readers asked for pictures of the streets of New York, especially Soho. The pictures below show a walk from the World Trade Center Path station up West Broadway, all the way to Soho.

SOHO IN SUMMER 024This is the newly refurbished World Trade Center Path Station.  

SOHO IN SUMMER 007This is a mural on the outside of a Mexican Restaurant on West Broadway a few blocks from Ground Zero. The painting pays tribute to the people who died on 9/11. The mural has been on the wall for so many years that the wall now also has graffiti on it.  However, notice how even the graffiti artists show enough respect for the victims that they put their “tags” on the outside edges and do not deface the mural.

SOHO IN SUMMER 008This is another view, in which you can see the sign for the restaurant.

For more on the victims of 9/11 click to read our tribute.

Continuing up West Broadway, we come to a store called Balloon Saloon, which claims to have been voted “the most fun store in New York.” Exactly when and where this vote took place they never actually say.

SOHO IN SUMMER 009They will deliver balloons anywhere in New York.

SOHO IN SUMMER 010A closer view of the balloons on display every morning.

SOHO IN SUMMER 013This graffiti covers a door next to a polished brass sigh which says, “The Goatsingers Upstairs”.  We have no idea who or what the Goatsingers are, but they seem to always keep the brass sign polished but never remove the graffiti.

SOHO IN SUMMER 014We are now in the heart of Tribeca at the Tribeca Tavern.

It is still early in the morning so it is not yet open. At night there is a line down the block just to get in. For more on Tribeca click  here to see our pictures of the Tribeca Film Festival.

SOHO IN SUMMER 015Leaving  Tribeca to get to Soho we pass through a small park, the center of which has a bear sculpture made from leaf bags.

SOHO IN SUMMER 016We are now in Soho itself. This is a view up West Broadway at 8:30 am

SOHO IN SUMMER 022This is the architecture for which Soho is famous.

SOHO IN SUMMER 023People crowded outside a popular restaurant in Soho. On this particular late afternoon all the bars and restaurants were crowded with people watching the World Cup of soccer.

SOHO IN SUMMER 020Last stop in Soho. If we cross West Houston street we will enter NoHo, where the NYU students give the neighborhood an entirely different feel.

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