Does That Man Have a Penis? – non-fiction true story

Tommy was special needs, and going grocery shopping with him was always an exhausting event. His father Richard was prepared for the usual antics of Tommy running up and down the aisles at full speed, or accidently knocking over a pile of oranges by reaching for the bottommost one.

What Richard was not prepared for was that the day before Tommy’s school had presented a very detailed sex-education lecture to Tommy’s class. Unlike most of the kids in his class, Tommy was not embarrassed by the presentation. He was fascinated by the detailed descriptions of the intimate body parts and their functions. That’s probably why when a man passed them in the aisle, Tommy pointed at him and said, “does that man have a penis?”

Richard was sure the man must have heard the question, and Richard thought the best course of action was to just ignore Tommy. That was a mistake.

Tommy simply pointed at the man again and shouted, “DOES THAT MAN HAVE A PENIS?”

Richard realized that the child was not going to stop until he got an answer, so Richard quickly replied, “Yes…yes he does”

The crisis was averted until Tommy stated his follow-up question. “IS IT A BIG PENIS?”

After his first mistake, Richard decided it would be best not to ignore this question, so he quickly answered, “Yes – He’s a big guy, I’m sure he has a real big penis.” This answer satisfied Tommy who then moved on to questions about the different types of foods on the shelves.

When they went to the checkout line, Richard realized too late that they were standing directly behind the big man Tommy had asked about. The big man turned around and Richard was worried about a confrontation. Instead the big man looked down at Richard with a smile and said, “Thank you.” After all, every man like a compliment.

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  1. As a mother of a special needs child myself. I have been in situations almost as awkward, but not quite as bad as this.

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