The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny’s Cousin

398641_10151327105324885_141327247_nIt turns out that the Gentle Woman’s Bunny has a cousin. Well, he is not a real cousin, but he is a floppy eared black rabbit named Pancakes who lives with the Gentle Woman’s sister. He is five years old and lives in an air-conditioned house in Florida.


He is a very affectionate little fellow with soft luxurious fur who would be very hot without the air conditioning.

Here he is celebrating his 5th birthday.


For those of you who know something about rabbits, don’t worry. The Gentle Woman’s sister did not actually let him eat any of the cake.

The funny thing is that the Gentle Woman did not even know that her sister had a rabbit. The Gentle Woman and Sunshine live in New Jersey and had never seen Pancakes.

It turns out there is a whole community of friendly rabbit lovers out there we never knew existed, until we started running the Gentle Woman series.


Most people still don’t realize how much fun an indoor rabbit can be as a pet.

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Pancakes relaxing on a Christmas stocking. (As we all know Santa spends the off-season in Florida).


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  1. I would like to share that the gentle woman’s and her sister. Share pictures of the cousins, and we talk about our lil guys compare notes . We have a lot of fun sharing our love for animals

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