CQ – A Good Movie about making a bad movie

CQ is a cute, funny film about the making of a really bad movie. Jeremy Davies stars as Paul, a young low level film editor, who suddenly gets promoted to Director when the film’s real Director quits in a huff. This is Paul’s big chance in the film industry, but he has been given an almost impossible task. The cheesy Sci-Fi movie’s script has a terrible ending. Paul has been assigned to re-write and re-film the ending to make the whole movie worth watching. However Paul is stuck with the problem that 90% of the film has already been shot.

Angela Lindvall as "Dragonfly" in CQ

Angela Lindvall as “Dragonfly” in CQ

Paul immediately falls in love with Valentine (Angela Lindvall), the beautiful young actress who is the star of the Sci-Fi movie. She also happens to be charming and friendly and works with Paul to try to make a terrible film good.

Jeremy Davis & Angela Lindvall in "CQ"

Jeremy Davies & Angela Lindvall in “CQ”

The Sci-Fi film is titled Codename Dragonfly. Valentine is “Dragonfly”, a secret agent who lives in a spaceship on top of the Eiffel Tower. Periodically Dragonfly takes her spaceship to the Moon (where there are snowstorms). Paul must somehow turn Codename Dragonfly into a movie which audiences will actually pay to watch.

Paul is the kind of hero we love to root for in a movie. He is soft spoken, nice and unassuming. Until he got promoted to Director, no one really appreciated how hard he worked behind the scenes fixing other peoples’ mistakes. Anyone who has ever worked hard in a company while lazy higher-level people took all the credit will sympathize with Paul.

Gerard Depardieu as a crazy movie director in CQ

Gerard Depardieu as a crazy movie director in CQ

CQ takes place in France and Italy.  Paul and Valentine are two of the few Americans working on the Sci-Fi movie. There are many scenes in which they also seems like the only sane people. The French and Italians continually get into screaming arguments over trivial matters. Gerard Depardieu plays Andreze the crazy ex-Director who tries to sabotage the movie to keep anyone else from “ruining” his vision. This is perfect casting, since the actor Gerard Depardieu is known for being sort of crazy. He recently publicly protested high French taxes by becoming a citizen of Russia of all places.

Massimo Ghini is a womanizing movie producer in "CQ"

Massimo Ghini is a womanizing movie producer in “CQ”

Massimo Ghini is Fabrizio, the producer and film company owner. He is a flamboyant, womanizing Italian who boasts he has become rich by making 36 very profitable low-budget movies. His best characteristic is that he has complete faith in Paul’s ability to turn the movie around, and is very encouraging to Paul.

CQ is code for “Seek You”, since Paul is seeking to win the heart of the woman he loves. The best way he can see to do that is to come up with the perfect ending to make her starring role a success.

Jeremy Davis & Massimo Ghini in "CQ"

Jeremy Davies & Massimo Ghini in “CQ”

CQ is fun to watch and it has no deep meanings, political agendas, violence or gore. It is a wonderful love story for everyone with an object of desire far beyond their grasp.

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