Roadies Prepares For Season 2

Writers for Roadies are preparing for Season 2 with Phil Valentine (Ron White) as the main star.  Of course, Phil died in Season 1 of Roadies, which presents a problem. However bringing dead T.V. characters back to life has been done as recently as Rosanne, and as far back as Dallas. The ratings for Season 1 of Roadies were bad, but the fan base was fiercely loyal and Phil was by far the most popular character. Roadies producers believe that the show could be hugely popular with some minor changes in focus.  The dull, proper Englishman Reg Whitehead (Rafe Spall) is out of the show completely. The main star will be the trash-talking, gun-toting Phil. He will be louder and crazier than ever.

Ron White, left, and Imogen Poots star in Showtime's Roadies.

Ron White, left, and Imogen Poots star in Showtime’s Roadies.

Kelly Ann (Imogene Poots) will still be in, but with new, more exciting, love interests. The producers are still undecided about Luke Wilson’s character Bill Hanson. His laid back demeanor can be amusing, but it can also get rather dull.

Luke Wilsom May or may not be back for Season 2 of Roadies

Luke Wilsom May or may not be back for Season 2 of Roadies

So how is the dead Phil going to be resurrected in Season 2 of Roadies? Here are the current options the Roadies writers are considering:

John Goodman's character came back to life in Rosanne

John Goodman’s character came back to life in Rosanne

Phil’s Death on Roadies was all a dream. This is the time-honored television tradition starting with the September 26, 1986 episode of Dallas in which Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) reappeared in a shower scene. Bobby Ewing had been dead for an entire season and his wife Pam (Victoria Principal) had even remarried. In the final episode of September 26, 1986 Dallas, it is revealed that Bobby’s death and in fact the entire season had just been Pam’s dream. Resurrecting Phil from Roadies would be much easier than bringing Bobby Ewing back to life. Phil died towards the end of Season 1 of Roadies, so most of the plot lines and character development could be left intact.

Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) comes back to life in Dallas

Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) comes back to life in Dallas

Phil’s death and funeral were an elaborate spoof which Phil arranged to teach the neophyte Roadies the importance of not taking life for granted. This could actually work, especially because of the bizarre Roadies Season 1 Finale in which Phil’s body was propped upright and all of the Roadies had to hug the dead body. This was the worst episode of Roadies Season 1, as you could clearly see Ron White breathing. Using the elaborate spoof option also means that all of the plot lines can be left as they were.

Imogene Poots will have a new love interest in Season 2 of Roadies

Imogene Poots will have a new love interest in Season 2 of Roadies

Phil did die, but his identical twin will be in Roadies Season 2. Phil’s twin is also a road manager and will, of course, be played by Ron White. However, behind-the-scenes gossip is that only 1 producer and 1 writer like this option. Everyone else on Roadies, including Ron White hates the idea of an identical twin.

As we have said before, Roadies is a frustrating show to watch because it never seems to live up to its full potential. The best part of the entire Roadies series was when Phil (Ron White) gave a beautiful speech about his time with the Lynyrd Skynyrd band. Phil immediately went from being a caricature and became a complex individual that the audience felt deeply about. Then the very next episode Roadies had Phil die of a heart attack. In the process, Roadies lost a huge percentage of its viewers.

In Season 2, Roadies has a chance to become the truly great show it was always meant to be.

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