The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny Explores

Sunshine the bunny has now settled in to his new home and has taken to exploring the house. He is fascinated with the cat, who is not really sure what this little creature is.

Bunny and Cat 004Sunshine hiding by the fireplace.

Bunny and Cat 015Sunshine playing with the cat’s tail.

Bunny and Cat 013Sunshine scoots off after tweaking the cat’s tail

Bunny and Cat 017Tuckered out after running around the house, Sunshine  takes a rest while Lubby the cat watches over him

Bunny and Cat 003Don’t forget to pay attention to me too.

Bunny and Cat 011The Gentle Woman joins Sunshine in his enclosure for a salad.

4 thoughts on “The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny Explores

  1. Dear Anonymous:

    The Gentle Woman stories are our most popular posts. You can see her stories in the “Non-Fiction” stories section. We will keep you updated on all her animals.

  2. I realized that after I sent my inquiry. Thanks. Your stories will bring awareness to rabbits as indoor pets.

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