Captain Phillips – movie review

Although you already know the story from the news, this well directed movie with excellent acting throughout is worth seeing. It is, of course, the story of Captain Phillips who was kidnapped by Somali pirates when the container ship  Maersk Alabama was attacked in the Indian ocean in 2009.

It is a fast paced movie, but has much more character development than the typical action movie. Tom Hanks, as always, puts in an excellent performance as Captain Phillips, whose main concern is always how to keep his crew from being hurt in an extremely dangerous and volatile situation.

The surprise star of the movie,  however, is the Somali born actor Barkhad Abdi who plays the very young pirate leader Abduwali Muse. His performance is even more impressive since it turns out that this is his acting debut,  and that he moved with his parents to Minneapolis when he was 14.

The pirate leader is extremely  dangerous and unstable, due to the fact that he really does not know what he is doing, but can not afford to show any weakness or indecision in front of his own men or the Maersk Alabama crew. He keeps repeating to Phillips “don’t worry-every thing going to be OK.”  As his situation becomes worse and worse you realize it is himself rather than Phillips who he is trying to convince.

We definitely recommend this movie.

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