The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny

Sunshine 003Sunshine Explores the camera

When the Gentle Woman’s Bunny passed away, she was so sad she vowed that she would never get another rabbit.  But whenever she went on the internet, she couldn’t help clicking on stories and pictures about rabbits.

Then one day she was on the internet and she happened upon the website for Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue Inc. This is a non-profit origination that cares for and finds homes for abandoned, stray or abused domestic rabbits.

Sunshine 007Sunshine explores his new home.

Unfortunately it turns out that abandoned bunnies are  common. People get rabbits as pets, get tired of caring for them and then just dump them.

Some people drop the rabbits off in a woods or park thinking they will “return to the wild” and be free.  These people are unknowingly sentencing these bunnies to death. They cannot make it though a Northeast winter. Even in the summer or spring, they will be quickly eaten by the many predators roaming the area.

Other people are simply cruel. Domestic rabbits have been found by the side of highways, or even in dumpsters. One woman brought a bunny to Safe Haven  Rabbit Rescue, after she happened to see a motorist drive by and simply throw the rabbit out of the car window while the car was still moving.

Sunshine 008This fellow was abandoned by the side of a road.

The Gentle Woman was taken by the story of a bunny which has been found abandoned on Route 27 in Edison, N.J.  A Good Samaritan took him to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, where he turned out be be a lively little fellow.  He was a real jumper and had to be put in an extra large cage with a very high top so he would not hit his head when he jumped.

A lot of people did not want to adopt him since he was a little too lively. However the Gentle Woman thought he would be perfect. After taking care of a very sick bunny for a few years, it would be fun to have one whose only issue was too much energy.

Summer Bag 001Sunshine examining a new bag

But Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue will not let you just stop by and get a rabbit. After the bad experiences these animals have already gone through, Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue wants to make sure that the new owners will have a serious interest in caring for their new friend. They interview you to make sure you know how to care for the rabbit, and even come to your house to make sure your are set up properly for your new friend.

Finally the new bunny arrived and the Gentle Woman named him “Sunshine”.  He is slowly getting used to his new environment, and is very curious about everything around him.

Summer Bag 002Testing out a grocery bag

It is interesting to see how different rabbits have different personalities. Although the cat pays no attention to Sunshine whatsoever, Sunshine instinctively freezes and watches carefully until the cat has walked by.  The last   bunny (Summer) used to hop up to the cat and actually bump into him.

If you are interested in helping these abandoned rabbits you may want to join the “Bike for the Buns” ride in the Bull’s Island Recreation Area.  All proceeds go to a good cause and are tax deductible. It takes place Saturday June 14th.

6 thoughts on “The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny

  1. I’m so happy the Gentle Woman opened her heart again to love another (as well as you). And happy too that you found Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue. Rabbits are wonderful and it’s so sad when people mistreat these beautiful and gentle animals.
    Congratulations Sunshine … you found your forever home and a wonderful Humom!

  2. Thank you for supporting the Safe Haven cause. As a first-time foster bunny mom, we believe we are giving back through service and education. But education is the big winner in this situation.

  3. Keep us posted with Sunshine’s new journey in life. He is a fortunate bunny to be taken in by the “Gentle Woman.” ‘Wish there were more “Gentle Women” in the world!!

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