The Real Dick Clark

You see a lot of celebrities in New York, but the one I remember best was Dick Clark, even though it was a long time ago. I was standing in front of an office building at 40 West 57th Street waiting for a group of friends who I was going out to lunch with.

Down the sidewalk came Dick Clark with a stunningly beautiful young woman who was obviously a model and most likely an aspiring actress as well. Three teenagers coming in the opposite direction noticed him and called out his name. He could have gotten away with a polite nod, or a quick hello; but instead he stopped and talked to them. He really had a conversation with them, and not in  some condescending  celebrity style.  He asked about what kind of music they liked who their favorite artists were, where they went to school, what kind of sports teams they followed.

The model looked very annoyed. She was undoubtedly used to being the center of attention wherever she traveled; but Dick Clark and the kids were engrossed in their conversation with each other.


There were no press people with Mr. Clark, and no one filming him, so he wasn’t trying to put on a show for T.V. He was just genuinely interested in talking with the kids. After they finished speaking he shook hands with each of the teenagers and thanked them for saying hello to him. They continued down the sidewalk chattering excitedly with each other, one of them literally jumping up and down from excitement.

Dick Clark and the model continued on their way to whatever meeting or luncheon they were going to. The model still had a scowl on her face. Dick Clark, on the other hand, was smiling from ear to ear. The happiest man in New York.

Dick Clark - A man who truly cared about his fans.
Dick Clark – A man who truly cared about his fans.

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3 thoughts on “The Real Dick Clark

  1. I always thought Dick Clark was great. Now I like him even more. Thanks for the wonderful look into his interaction with his fans.

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for reading. Dick Clark always seemed like a great guy. I was very happy to find out he really was.

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