Every Secret Thing – movie review

Every Secret Thing had its world premier at the Tribeca Film Festival this week and we were lucky enough to get tickets. Despite the fact that the premier was on Easter Sunday, the showing was to a packed theater and there was a Q&A session by the cast and director after the screening.

The movie is a somber detective mystery about the disappearance of a young mixed-race child from a store in the middle of the day while the parents are shopping just a few feet away. The  film is directed  by Amy Berg. This is her first feature film. Before this she  been making documentaries, and Every Secret Thing has the real-life feel of a documentary. You feel like you are watching actual events.

The police detective is excellently  played by Elizabeth Banks, who is better known for her over-the-top character of Effie in The Hunger Games.  The film shows the emotional toll on police officers of any case involving a child.

When the child disappears, the police immediately focus on two young women in town. Many years earlier when these women were girls, they had been accused of kidnapping an African-American baby.

The movie is actually two mysteries in one. The first takes place in current time and focuses on the search for the missing child. The second story, shown in flashbacks, seeks to unravel the truth about what really happened years before when the baby disappeared.

Every actor in this film seemed real as their character. The current day young suspects are played by Dakota Fanning and Danielle Macdonald. The same characters as little girls are played by Eva Grace Kellner and Bryne Norquest. The overbearing mother of one of the children is played by Diane Lane.

We could say more, but do not want to give away too much. We will just say that the story has secrets withing secrets and that the mysteries that are revealed are shocking and unexpected.

We highly recommend this film.

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