HBO’s “The Young Pope” is so bad it’s a sin

The Young Pope commits the worst sin any T.V. show can make. It is boring. The dullness beings with the opening credits of the first episode, which take 6 minutes to roll by while the New Pope walks in silent slow motion past scowling Cardinals and Nuns. After that, the “action” never really begins. It feels like the whole show is in slow motion, with one interminably long scene after another.

Jude Law as The Young Pope

Jude Law as The Young Pope

The basic concept of The Young Pope is good. The Cardinals select what they think will be a “telegenic puppet” as pope. The old guard at the Vatican thinks they will be able to maintain control of the Roman Catholic Church through this puppet. However, the young pope turns out to be completely uncontrollable, and moves the Church in unexpected directions.Sounds exciting doesn’t it? It should have been. However, the terrible writing and the monotone line delivery by Jude Law (the pope) make the show almost  unwatchable.

Silvio Orlando as Cardinal Voiello

Silvio Orlando as Cardinal Voiello

The bad guy in the series is Cardinal Voiello (Silvio Orlando) who tries unsuccessfully to control the pope. He is a ridiculous stereotype of an evil church figure. He has lustful thought about a naked statue in the pope’s chambers. He is ugly. The makeup people  gave this character an ugly facial mole that is so large it should be credited as it’s own character.  By making this Cardinal bad in every way, the writers have made him very uninteresting. The best bad guys are the most complex and multi-faceted.

The worst character is the Young Pope himself. For one thing, it is inconceivable that this person ever would have been elected pope under any circumstances.  He is supposed to be  47 year-old American Lenny Belardo. (Despite being played by English actor Jude law, who sounds very British in this role).

Lenny Belardo would never have risen in the ranks of the Catholic Church. He is rude to everyone around him, does not seem at all pious, hates being near the general public and has no political skills.

The Catholic Church is one of the world’s oldest and most complex  political institutions. To move up in the ranks takes tremendous skill.  You have to be able to smoothly work with everyone from local parishioners to Bishops to Archbishops and  Cardinals. You have to be able to impress everyone along the way with your skills without ever outwardly seeming ambitious. (Since church officials are supposed to be “humble”).  Lenny Belardo has  none of these abilities . He never would have made it to Monsignor, much less pope.

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