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In “Logan” The Wolverine’s final enemy is Trump

Logan is The Woverine’s final appearance and in the movie this X-Man hero battles the immigration policies of Donald Trump.  Of course, Trump is never mentioned, but any adults watching the film will get the message. Logan is far different from the proceeding X-Men movies, and covers subjects more geared towards adults than kids.  When a superhero gets old and senile do his powers become a danger to society? Is a simple peaceful life superior to that of a “hero”? Does the government have a right to break  hard-working families apart?

Dafne Keen & Hugh Jackman in "Logan"

Dafne Keen & Hugh Jackman in “Logan”

In Logan, The Wolverine is long retired from the superhero business, and is undercover trying to make a living as a limo driver. He is caring for a 90 year old Professor X, who is going senile and has periodic seizures.  Since Professor X has the most powerful mind in the universe, these seizures are dangerous for anyone around him.  In his demented states, Professor X’s mind can send out powerful waves that harm or kill innocent people.

Partick Stewart as the 90 year old semi-senile Professor X

Partick Stewart as the 90 year old semi-senile Professor X

Logan’s dream is to earn enough money to buy a yacht so that he and Professor X can live far out on the ocean where they will be of no danger to anyone. The Wolverine himself is feeling the effects of age. He still has superpowers, but now walks with a limp and has a chronic cough. He can heal if wounded, but this takes more and more time after each injury.

Dafne Keen give a mischievous smile in "Logan"

Dafne Keen gives a mischievous smile in “Logan”

Logan’s simple life is interrupted when a Hispanic woman recognizes him as The Wolverine and pleads for his help. She and her daughter are being chased by government agents who are trying to capture them and take them away. She offers Logan money to take them to Canada, which is giving sanctuary to undesirables the U.S. government is hunting. (Anyone not seeing the Trump connection at this point must have been living under a rock for the past 2 years).

The Hispanic woman is killed, and Logan is left caring for Laura, the little girl. But she is no ordinary little girl. She is, in fact a Wolverine, just like Logan. Laura is played by Dafne Keen, and she is absolutely the best part of the movie. Laura has superpowers and is great at fighting bad guys, but she is also a little kid with all of a kid’s funny quirks and infuriatingly annoying habits. Laura also desperately wants Logan to be a traditional father figure, despite the fact that he is completely unsuited to this task.

Hugh Jackman & Dafne Keen at the Berlin Film Festival screening of "Logan"

Hugh Jackman & Dafne Keen at the Berlin Film Festival screening of “Logan”

The acting throughout Logan is superb. Patrick Stewart gives a masterful performance as the aging Professor X. Hugh Jackman is perfect as Logan, the man who never wanted to be The Wolverine. Logan sees that with Laura he may have a way to find redemption for all the bad things he has done in his life. Dafne Keen is terrific, and we predict she will go on to become a major star.  She does not speak for most of the film, which means that she has to use her body language and facial expressions to get the meaning across to the audience. That would be a difficult task for even an adult actor, but Dafne Keen handles this challenge with ease.

There is a very moving scene in Logan in which the three superheros get a glimpse into the lives they might have had. They have dinner with a farm family, and the superheros pretend to be a family of their own. Professor X is the grandfather, Logan his son, and Laura is Logan’s daughter. For the only time in the film, they are completely relaxed and enjoy the simple pleasures of a good meal, friends and laughter. It is a picture of what they could be if the government had not labeled them as unwanted aliens.

Logan is an excellent film and despite being a superhero movie, it is not really for kids. It is R rated, has extreme violence and a very high body count.  It is also one of the best X-Men movies yet. It actually concludes a number of stories, and is not one of those films just trying to set up a sequel. We highly recommend Logan.