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Sophie Okonedo Tony nomination

Sophie Okonedo should have won a  Tony Award for her portrayal of Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible. She was been nominated for the 2016 Tony award, and in the opinion of East Coast Stories she should have won. In 2014 Sophie Okonedo did win a Tony for her role in A Raisin In The Sun.

Sophie Okonedo & Ben Whishaw in "The Crucible"

Sophie Okonedo & Ben Whishaw in “The Crucible”

The role of Elizabeth Proctor is physically and emotionally challenging. She is an innocent victim of the Salem Witch Trials. Her only fault is that she is too good-hearted to comprehend the evil and cruelty which exists in the World.

The entire witch hysteria was started by Abigail Williams (perfectly played by Saoirse Ronan). Abigail’s motivation was to have Elizabeth Proctor hanged as a witch so that Abigail could be with Elizabeth’s husband John . Elizabeth Proctor simply cannot believe that anyone could be that insensitive to another human being’s death  just to satisfy their own carnal lust.

Sophie Okanedo

Sophie Okanedo

In The Crucible Sophie Okanedo, as Elizabeth Proctor, has what seems to be a peaceful domestic scene where she is cooking a rabbit stew. She tells how the poor bunny just wandered into the house, unaware that it was about to become food. Of course, the rabbit is a metaphor for Elizabeth Proctor herself who is unaware of the danger she is in.

The Crucible has completed its Broadway run, so if you did not see it you missed a wonderful performance by one of the best casts ever assembled on the stage.

We wish Sophie Okanedo good look in winning future Tony awards, and look forward to seeing her next role.