Daily Archives: May 4, 2016

All Hail Leicester City and Elvis Presley

Whether or not you follow European Football (soccer), you should be happy that Leicester City has just won the Premier League Championship. According to Euronews, before the season began, the  British bookies posted the odds of Leicester City becoming champs at 5,000 to 1.

leic 4

Put another way; the odds makers said there was a better chance of Elvis Presley being found alive than there was of Leicester City becoming champion.

So the next time someone tells you it is a 5000 to 1 shot that you will land that dream job, or start your own company, or publish a novel or marry the love of your life, do not get discouraged.

Leic 3

It does not matter what the odds-makers say. The only thing that matters is what You Do.

leic 8Don’t you agree Elvis?