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The Top 5 Wide-Eyed Women In The Movies

For some reason Hollywood loves actresses with giant eyes that are set far apart.  It must have to do with how they look during close up camera shots. However, sometimes when you start to notice their giant eyes, it is so distracting it becomes difficult to actually concentrate on their acting. Here is East Coast Stories list of the top 5 Wide-Eyed Women on the big screen;

  • # 5 Karen Allen, who was in Star Man with Jeff Bridges and who had Indiana Jones‘ child. Karen Allen was also a main character in Animal House.

Wide 1

  • #4 Mary Elizabeth Weinstead who recently gave an exciting  and dramatic performance in 10 Cloverfield Lane.   Mary Elizabeth Weinstead is not only beautiful, she is also an incredibly talented actor. In 10 Cloverfield Lane she gets the chance to demonstrate her full range of talents.

wide 4

  • # 3 Uma Thurman the deadly woman with a samurai sword in the Kill Bill films. Her eyes are set so far apart in her face, that some people believe that every picture has been Photo-shopped.

wide 3

  • # 2 Zooey Deschanel whose giant bangs cannot cover up her giant eyes.

Zooey Deschanel 07-07-2009Zooey Deschanel 2009-07-07

Wide 2

It isn’t just that the eyes of these actresses are huge. The eyes are actually further apart than they are in most people. How is this possible? The skulls of these women are not any larger than those of other people. How can their eyes be bigger and set further apart than those of other people? Every one of these women are excellent actors. It was their eyes that first got them noticed, but it was their talent which made them stars.

I Origins – Movie Review

I Origins is a science fiction movie about the  most controversial of all  topics- Religion. Most science fiction movies go out of their way to avoid any religions overtones at all. The big exception, or course is Star Wars with its mysterious and all powerful “Force”.

Unlike Star Wars, however, I Origins takes place in current times, and looks at one particular aspect of religious debate- Evolution.

I 4

Michael Pitt stars as scientist Ian Grey, who is out to prove once and for all that evolution exists. He intends to do this  by tracking the evolution of the human eye.  As part of his research he has a database of millions of eye photographs. Like fingerprints no two human eyes are alike.

I 1

However, along the way he makes a startling discovery. Instead of finding out about evolution he seems to come across scientific proof of reincarnation. Being a complete atheist himself, he fights his own discovery, but soon becomes obsessed with it.

Anyone who doubts that the eyes are the window to the soul has only to look into the eyes of Shabat Gula. She, of course, was the Afghan girl who was on one of the most famous covers of National Geographic of all time.  With her eyes alone, she was able to express the anger, defiance, courage and beauty of the Afghan people.

I 5

Brit Marling stars as his research assistant Karen. Btit Marling, was also the star and co-author of Another Earth, one of the most moving Sci-Fi movies ever made.

I 6

Astrid Berges Frisbey is Sofi, the wife of Dr. Grey. After her tragic death her exact eyes appear in a photograph from India. If eyes are as distinct as fingerprints how is it possible for this to be?

I 3

I Origins is a great movie which is both moving and fascinating. It address the problem that all scientists face. Despite all our modern scientific tests and instruments and theories, we still cannot answer the basic questions that human beings have asked since the beginning of time.

  • Who Are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • Where are we going?

I Origins does not claim to answer any of these mysteries  of life. However, unlike most Sci-Fi films I Origins has the courage to at least ask the questions.

10 Cloverfield Lane – movie review

10 Cloverfield lane is a riveting  psychological drama with a cheesy Sci Fi section tacked onto the end. It is basically a 3 actor show, that would make an excellent play.

10 2

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Michelle, a shy young woman who throughout her life has run away from her problems rather than risk any sort of confrontation.  She has a car accident, and wakes up to find herself locked in an underground bunker.

10 3

The bunker is owned by a survivalist named Howard (John Goodman) who claims the United States is under attack and that he has actually saved Michelle’s life.

Michelle is intelligent enough to remain calm and try to to figure out a way to escape this psychopath. But just when it seems like many other horror movies, there is a plot twist. Evidence begins to mount that the U.S. really is under attack, and that Howard is the savior he claims to be.

10 4

There is one other occupant of the bunker, a young man about Michelle’s age named Emmett (John Gallagher Jr.) He is a nice, mild mannered guy who becomes an ally of Michelle’s.

The three people in the bunker become a sort or weird post-apocalypse  family unit, with Howard as the domineering and feared father figure. Michelle and Emmett begin to realize that maybe Howard is both a savior and a psychopath.

The performances of a  3 actors is incredibly good and the audience can really feel the tension that would slowly build if 3 people were locked together underground for an extended period of time.

However, the director could not resist a few horror film cliches. The most obvious is that of an extended scene where Mary Elizabeth Winstead is struggling wearing only her tight tank top and panties. The tension would have been just as real if the actress had been wearing jeans and a sweatshirt,  but Hollywood cannot resist the opportunity to show the maximum about of female skin whenever possible.

The ending is also very disappointing and it feels like you somehow jumped into an entirely different movie.  However, the scenes in the bunker make this a film worth watching and one you will remember.

Deadly Beautiful Spring

In ancient times, the weeks just before Spring were considered the deadliest time of year. The food stored for the Winter was gone, but the ground was still too cold to grow anything new.

sue sis 006

Still, there is a stark beauty to the bare woods, knowing that in just a few short weeks this cold World will once again be alive and colorful.

sue sis 008

Perhaps in our urban environment we have gotten too far removed from the cycles of life to appreciate just how beautiful, short and tenuous Life really is.

sue sis 007

When Spring returns, revel in its beauty and look forward to the bountiful days of Summer.

But don’t forget the cold and lifeless days that came just before. They are Nature’s reminder to us all that the gift of life is but a temporary one.

Nothing But A Smile – book Review

In the 1940s if someone saw a picture of a naked woman, the joke would be that she was “wearing nothing But A Smile“. Of course, in those days pictures of naked women were not easy to find. That was long before  the internet; and even Playboy magazine was decades away.

Nothing 1

This was during World War II, and the armed forces were very strict about what their “boys” were allowed to see. There were “pin-ups” of women like Betty Grable in every Army barracks. Then there were the hidden “girly  magazines” which were secretly passed around and sold.

Nothing But A Smile by Steve Amick is a novel about where those girly magazines came from. The hero of the story is Wink Dutton, an Army Illustrator who is wounded in his right hand and can no longer draw.  He is shipped home and is despondent that he can no longer make a living.

Nothing 3

He winds up teaming up with the wife of one of his Army buddies who owns a photography shop. She has been keeping secret from her husband the fact that the shop is losing money and may go out of business.  She (Sally)  and Wink decide to make money publishing their own erotic magazine, with Wink as the photographer and Sally as the model.

Nothing But A Smile is a well written and fun to read novel.  Steve Amick has kept  it historically accurate with the views of nudity and sex. Pictures that were considered naughty or  even illegal in 1942 would be mild by today’s standards.

The characters are interesting and the plot is great. Wink and Sally begin their adventure to make a few bucks without actually realizing what they are getting into. There are questions they forgot to ask when they started.  Isn’t  it wrong to take nude pictures of your friend’s wife while he is away fighting a war? Can you really stay emotionally detached from the model you are taking naked pictures of?

Nothing 2

They also forgot that the girly magazine business already existed and has some rules they are ignoring.  There are very rough and violent characters in that world. There are laws and the  moral standards of neighbors. In other words, a lot of people who don’t want a couple of amateurs just showing up unannounced.

We recommend Nothing But A Smile and hope you enjoy the book as much as we did.

Rosalee Thomass in Greetings From Fukushima (Grub Aus Fukushima)

Rosalee Thomass is a German actress who we predict will eventually be a big star in the United States.  While her work is critically acclaimed in Europe she is still virtually unknown to most Americas.

rosalee 2

Rosalee Thomass’ new film is Greetings from Fukushima, (in German Grub Aus Fukushima). She plays a woman who befriends an elderly Japanese woman while touring the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster.  Reviewers and audiances praise the film and Rosalee Thomass’ performance.

Greetings From Fukushima brings up issues the Japanese government would like the world to forget. Basically the government lied to thousands of people about the amount of radiation and the risk to their health. But this story is not trying to be a political statement. It is more about the personal lives individuals and how people cope with an unexpected distruction of everything they knew.


Rosalee Thomass has also worked with Peter Dinklage in Taxi., which we also urge our readers to see.  We saw Peter Dinklage just last week in our home town of Basking Ridge New Jersey.

Rosalee 3

Rosalee Thomass, like Alicia von Rittberg is building her career and reputation as an actor in Europe instead of immediately trying to jump to Hollywood for the big bucks.

We wish Rosalee Thomass the best and look forward to seeing all her future work.

  • We give Greetings From Fukushima 5 Stars *****

Peter Dinklage in Basking Ridge New Jersey

Peter Dinklage was in Basking Ridge New Jersey on March 13th to perform at Ridge High and to pay tribute to his mother Diane and his brother Jonathan. East Coast Stories was at the show and we enjoyed it thoroughly.

Dink 1

While world wide fans know Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones, many do not realize that he grew up in New Jersey and went to school in Delbarton School in Morristown. Below is a photo of Peter Dinklage from high school

Dink 2

The Sunday March 13 live show was entitled “Music of the Movies” and featured  the Somerset  Hills Community Chorus, of which Diane Dinklage has been a long time member. Peter Dinklage was the narrator, and introduced the musical pieces with interesting and funny tidbits about Hollywood.  For example, the seldom played second verse of Hooray for Hollywood,  says, “Hooray for Hollywood, where you’re a Star if you’re only half good!”

Dink 5

This  was a real Dinklage family event. In addition to Peter;  Jonathan Dinklage was the Concertmaster/Music Coordinator. Peter Dinklage’s sister-in-law, Ta’Rea Campbell was the featured vocalist in a lively  rendition of Joyful, Joyful from Sister Act II.

Dink 7

Despite all this star  power, the concert was a truly local event. Instead of national advertising, people found out about it from fliers in the Basking Ridge library. There were no Hollywood reporters or T.V. cameras. Peter Dinklage went out of his way to make sure the event was about the Somerset Hills Chorus and the musicians, rather than about him.

dink 6

Stephen Sands was the Conductor and Musical Director and did a fantastic job, which was not easy considering the number of different types of music and songs presented.

This was a one time event so if you missed it we can only relate to you how great it was. However, the Somerset Hills Chorus performs throughout the year, and is always worth seeing.

Please support your local singers, musicians and artists even if they are not celebrities – Yet.

The Girl From Burnley and Her BMW Mini

Sharon is a petite, beautiful  28 year old, who lives in the Northern English town of Burnley. She is soft spoken and sort of shy. That is, until she gets behind the wheel of her BMW Mini, when she turns into the Burnley Road Warrior.

sharon 2

Despite her young age Sharon has a high level position with Akcros Chemicals in Eccles. Every day she makes the dive from Burnley to Eccles, and God help anyone in her way, as she weaves in an out of the massive lorries at top speed with her foot on the accelerator and her hand on the horn.

Sharon hates to waste any part of her day, so she has a speaker phone hooked up in the mini, and conducts business call while she drives.

I have been on the other end of those calls on multiple occasions, and it is an event you will never forget.

On one such occasion, the Board of Directors was meeting in the U.S. They were in a big conference room and Sharon was joining them via speaker phone. She was on the road between Eccles and Burnley calling in from her BMW Mini.

burnley 4

The Chairman of the Board was giving a very dull lecture about economic trends, when suddenly Sharon’s voice came through the speaker shouting, “You Stupid Sod! Speed it Up!”

A stunned silence fell on the Board Room and the Chairman of the Board said, “Excuse me?”

Sharon’s sweet soft voice came through the speaker saying, “Oh I’m sorry. Did people hear that? Someone just cut me off in traffic and I guess I over-reacted”

The Boards members, including  the Charmian all laughed, and the meeting continued.

About 6 months later I was in Eccles meeting with Sharon, and asked her about the time she yelled at the Chairman of the Board by mistake.

burnley 3

She looked at me with her blue eyes and said with a smile, “What’d you mean mistake? Haven’t you ever once wanted to to scream at the Chairman when he was giving one of his dull lectures? I had the opportunity and I just couldn’t pass it up. I bet that really got his Y-Fronts in a twist!”

Burnley 1

Then Sharon kissed me sweetly on the cheek and headed off to her Mini for the drive home. I hope no one got in her way.

Is Jannik Schumann Alicia von Rittberg’s Boyfriend?

Alicia von Rittberg fans are always upset that she has been very secretive about exactly who her boyfriend is.  Lately, Alicia von Rittberg has been linked with the incredibly handsome German actor Jannik Schumann.

Jannik 1ÜÜ

Alicia von Rittberg and Jannik Schumann worked together on the film Barbara, where it was obvious to all that they were more than just friends. By the way, notice that in the publicity picture above, Alicia is wearing a lovely pants suit, while Jannik decided a sweatshirt and sneakers were good enough. Despite Jannik Schumann wearing clothing that looks like he slept in them, he still comes across and one of the best looking young men on the planet.

Jannik 2

When reporters asked Alicia if she was once again back with Jannik, she did not say yes or no. She simple smiled and went back to the ski slopes.

In the past, Alicia von Rittberg has been linked to Samuel Schneider and Elyas M’Barek. Has she dumped them to move back to to her old pal Jannik Schumann? Alicia will never tell.

Alicia von Rittberg in 2016

Fans of Alicia von Rittberg are in a panic that they have not seen her in 2016. Not to worry. This German beauty will be starring in the movie Our Kind of Traitor which premiers May 6, 2016.  Photographers are already speculating as to whether or not Alicia will wear the kind of jaw dropping revealing outfit she had on for the premier of Fury.

2016 Alicia 5

In the meantime Alicia von Rittberg has been relaxing on the ski slopes, and managing to look gorgeous despite being bundled up from the bitter cold.

2016 Alicia 8

Articles about Alicia von Rittberg continue to be the most read items on our website. Surprisingly, she has a huge number of fans in Indonesia and Malaysia. However many of them search using the keywords, “Alicia von Rittberg bugil” which translates to  “Alicia von Rittberg naked”.

2016 Alicia 6

Once again, we will gave to say- sorry guys Alicia von Rittberg has never done a nude scene. There is speculation as to whether or not Alicia von Rittberg will appear nude on Game of Thrones when it returns on April 24, 2016.

2016 Alicia 7

Of course, Alicia von Rittberg’s management continues to negotiate to buy the rights to The Naked Swim, in which Alicia von Rittberg would play the starring role of Jeanne Sedola.

2016 Alicia

So fans of Alicia von Rittberg will be seeing a lot more of her in 2016. And remember to keep checking East Coast Stories for all the latest news on Alicia von Rittberg.

Alicia von Rittberg and her gorgeous smile

Alicia von Rittberg and her gorgeous smile

Free Books!

Libraries are doing something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. They are throwing out books. They are putting them on carts in front of the library and you can take as many as you want for free. If no one takes them, the library simply throws them out. Books are no longer needed in a modern library. They are being replaced by computers. No need to have stacks and stacks of books when they can be replaced by a few rows of computers that can access all the literature in the world instantly.

books 003

I know it will make me sound very old and out of touch to say, but I find it almost sacrilegious to throw out a book .

The Library in my  home town of Basking Ridge New Jersey has  been giving away books for months now, and I have been gathering them up as if they are gems thrown in the garbage.

It is incredible what was being thrown out.  The Complete Works of Shakespeare, A Dictionary of Classical Mythology, a book with beautiful photographs of all the buildings ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There were also mystery novels, books of poetry and erotic thrillers. All of these items are now proudly on my den shelves at home.  My wife thinks I am crazy, but I can not pass up an abandoned book any more than she can pass up an abandoned bunny.

But some of the books have sadder stories to tell than others. Many of the books have inscriptions in them. Some of the inscriptions show that the book was donated to the library in memory of a loved one. How could a library throw that out?

Other books have things inside them that people left as bookmarks and then forgot to take out when they returned the book to the library.  One was a letter in which a woman had written down all the phone numbers for support groups for Military Moms.  Her son was fighting in Iraq and she was worried sick about him.

She must have tried reading a book to take her mind off her worries. I don’t think it worked. The fact that the paper was still there as a bookmark meant that she had never finished the book. I pray that her son made it home safely.

I love physical books and old time libraries and dens filled with them. Throwing them out seems like when all the old Vinyl records were tossed. It was only after they were gone that people began to realize just how much them missed them.

When the last book from the last library is gone and there is nothing left but rows of computers; the libraries will be more efficient and cost effective.

But something will be gone forever.