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Body Heat – movie review

With the temperature shooting up, now is the perfect time to see the 1981 thriller Body Heat, which takes place in a small town in southern Florida in the middle of a sourcing hot Summer.  In fact, the heat  is almost like a character itself. J.A. Preston plays detective Oscar Grace, who notes that the heat makes people do crazy things. He says “it makes them feel like the old rules don’t apply.”

Body Heat 6

William Hurt plays Ned Racine, a not very talented lawyer with a sleazy clientele.  Ned is too lazy to do well in his profession. His main goal in life is to try to sleep with every good looking woman he meets. Due to his own natural charm and good looks, Ned does very well with that goal.

Ned’s total life is changed by Matty Walker (played by Kathleen Turner). She is the sexy wife of a rich older man who is away on business most of the time. Ned and Matty begin a passionate affair with very erotic love scenes in the sweltering Florida nights.

Body Heat 5

The two lovers decide that a quick fling is not enough. They want it all. They want a life together, and all the money as well. Since Matty had signed a prenuptial agreement there is only one way to get what they want – murder her husband.

We will not give away any more of the plot other than to say that it is very complex with a totally unexpected ending.  It is a terrific movie with great performances.

Body heat 3

Mickey Rourke plays a career arsonist who tries to talk Ned out of his criminal  plans.  He warns Ned that, “in any crime you’ve got 50 ways to fuck up. If you can think of 25 of them you’re a genius. And you ain’t no genius.”

Body heat 4

Ted Danson is the county prosecutor who keeps Ned as a friend, mainly because Ned’s life is so much more interesting than his own.  Of course, having a prosecutor as a friend is tempting fate if you happen to be planning a murder.

This is an erotic, well written and exciting movie which is fun to watch on a hot summer night.

We give this movie Four Stars ****