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The Regular Show – cartoon review

The Regular Show on the Cartoon Network can be described as Wild, Strange,  Crazy or Retro. The one word which cannot describe it, however, is “Regular”. A quick description of the characters will show you what we mean.

The star of the show is a  Blue Jay named Mordecai. He works and lives at a park with his friend Rigby, who is a Raccoon.  Their boss is a living gumball machine named Benson. Mordecai’s girlfriend is a cloud who walks and talks. She turns into a thunderstorm when she gets angry.

Regular 3

These are great, imaginative cartoons, and are only 15 minutes each. Kids will like this show, but it also has a large following of adult viewers.  The reason for this is that many of the plots are actually geared toward older viewers. There is nothing inappropriate for kids. It is just that many of the jokes are actually funnier if you are old enough to get all the references.

Regular 4

For example,  one episode entitled Format Wars II, has an epic batter between monsters that represent all the different entertainment formats.  The monster Laser Disc battles DVD for supremacy.  Just when it seems DVD will win, Internet shows up with tremendous power to crush them both. However,  Laser Disc and DVD team up and find out that Internet can be easily defeated by simply interfering with its connection. There is even a reference to Format Wars I in which the hero 8-Track was killed.

Regular 2

The shows are cleverly written and well animated. There is one episode that spoofs the totally over-the-top action found in Japanese Anime and the animation for that 1 episode was changed to look exactly like the what is seen in Anime.

The show never talks down to the audience and is fun for both kids and adults. The creators of the show set up each episode with as strange a premise as possible and then run with it.  (For example, when an Alien from Party Horse Planet lands on Earth.)

The show has actually been around since 2010 and has quite a cult following. However, you don’t have to have seen the prior episodes to enjoy the show. So, the next time you want to have 15 minutes of weird fun, turn on The Regular Show.

We rate this Cartoon Four Stars ****