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Dumb and Dumber To – movie review

Most movie Reviewers are afraid to give Dumber and Dumber To a favorable review. Probably most highbrow reviewers feel it will hurt their own intellectual reputations to admit  that they thought this kind of movie is funny.

Well we liked it. In fact we thought it was great.

Dumb 1

Sure the characters are idiots, the jokes are crude or gross and there are a lot of slapstick gags. But you know that going in. Criticizing the movie for those things would be like criticizing a  Three Stooges  short for not having enough character development.

In fact, Dumb and Dumber To actually does have a plot.  It takes place 20 years  after the first movie, and Harry (Jeff Daniels) discovers he has a grown daughter he never knew existed. He decided to track her down to re-connect but also because he needs a kidney transplant and she would be the best match. His friend Lloyd (Jim Carrey) comes along, mainly because he has seen a picture of the beautiful daughter Penny (Rachel Melvin)

In fact this is the old time comedy “road trip” movie, where the duo has an actual destination and a deadline, but bad guys and bizarre events conspire to stop them  all   along the way.

dumb 3

Rob Riggle plays 2 of the bad guys (twin brothers) who are big and tough, but only slightly smarter than Lloyd and Harry. One of the twins is a Special Forces soldier who is an expert in camouflage.  However, since there is no jungle to blend into he paints his body to blend into backgrounds in a more suburban environment like a hotel snack machine. One interesting note is that these gags were not computer generated. The makeup artists actually spent hours painting Rob Riggle’s body for these scenes.

Dumb 4

Rachel Melvin does a fantastic job  as Penny who is every bit as intellectually challenged as LLoyd or Harry. Her step father is  a world famous scientist but he is too sick to attend a scientific conference so Penny must attend instead. Harry finds out that is where she will be and he and Lloyd travel there to meet her.

Some of the funniest scenes in the movie take place when Harry shows up and since he is Penny ‘s father he is mistaken for the reclusive scientific genius. The intellectuals at the conference keep mistaking his idiotic ramblings for deep philosophical pearls of wisdom.

This movie is a lot of fun. It does not take itself seriously and does not pretend to have message or some hidden meaning. However, you should be warned that it may not be appropriate for kids.  It is a silly comedy, but a lot of the humor is crude and some is of a sexual nature. When we saw it there were some children in the audience who were way too young to be there.  Many parents mistakenly assume that if a movie is a comedy it must be OK for kids.

We give this movie 4 stars ****