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A Million Ways to Die in the West – movie review

There is no type of movie worse than a bad comedy. Unfortunately A Million Ways to Die in the West, falls into that category. A bad drama is still watchable. A bad horror movie can actually end up being fun. But a bad comedy is unwatchable.

It is especially disappointing since the movie has real potential. It stars and was written and directed by Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy. 

The basic story could be  interesting. Seth’s character, Albert Stark, is a very likable and intelligent  reasonable man who is a sheep farmer in the old west.  However, the old west is no place for intelligent reasonable people.  It is a very good premise for a comedy and the movie starts off well.

There are two main problems. The first is that the movie trailer, (which was repeated endlessly in theaters and commercials)  showed every good joke in the entire film. By the time you see the movie all the good jokes have already been given away. It would be as if the commercials for Jaws had shown the shark over and over until it was not the lest bit scary anymore.

The second problem is that the humor is crude to the maximum. Of course, you know  that anything from the creator of Family Guy and Ted is going to use crude humor. However, crude is not always the same thing as funny.  For example there is a five minute scene of one of the characters having diarrhea in the middle of the street.

It is unfortunate that McFarlane chose to go crude to the max, since the movie did not need it. The cast is made up of excellent characters. The love interest is the beautiful Charlize Theron.  There is real on-screen chemistry between Theron and McFarlane and in off-screen interviews the two seem to genuinely like each other very much


Charlize plays the wife of the bad guy Liam Neeson. He finds out that someone has been seeing his wife and of course wants kill the man. Neeson plays a great bad guy and this time did it with his full blown North Ireland accent.


The set up was great, the characters are interesting and it could have been an excellent comedy. If McFarlane had just toned down the crudeness and let the comedy come naturally to the story it would have worked. Instead the laughs are forced and the movie comes across more like a series of comedy skits than a feature-length film.

It was good try for Mcfarlane and we hope that he will take a lesson from the problems of this movie and go on to make the great work of which we are sure he is capable.

Unfortunately we can only this movie 1 Star, which is our lowest rating.

The Gentle Woman to visit Adoption Day at Community Animal Hospital July 20th

Readers keep asking about how the Gentle Woman’s new bunny (Sunshine) is doing.  So here is his latest picture.

ANIMALS 002 Sunshine and Lubby are fascinated with whatever is outside the screen door. Most people think that rabbits and cats cannot co-exist in the same house, but the Gentle Woman has found that as long as you show the cat that the bunny is also a member of the family, they can get along just fine.

ANIMALS 003Sunshine is always fascinated with whatever the cat is doing.

The Gentle Woman is so good with animals that people in the neighborhood often ask her to watch over other creatures while they are away.

ANIMALS 007This is Oakley, a very young Golder Retriever who lives in the neighborhood. In case you are wondering; don’t worry. Oakley is never allowed near the rabbit or the cat.

ANIMALS 017Oakley relaxing on a hot afternoon. Golden Retrievers are one of the friendliest breeds of dog.   However if you are going to get one, don’t forget that they are big and extremely strong and need lots of room to run and exercise. Also, if you have a pool or live anywhere near one, you will find that they are true “water dogs.” They will dive into any body of water they can find. That includes pools, lakes and  mud puddles. If you get a Golden Retriever make sure you also buy  a leash and a big towel.

ANIMALS 013This is Hailey Girl an 11 year old Mountain Cur. This breed of dogs were originally guard dogs. They are friendly to the people who own them, but are very distrustful of others. They are about 2/3 the size of a Golden Retriever.  The one drawback to this breed is that Mountain Curs love to bark. It seems to be their main joy in life.

If you love animals, then come to Adoption Day at Community Animal Hospital in Morris Plains NJ on July 20th. Our friends from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue will be there, as well as the Gentle Woman herself.

There will be food and fun and lots of animals in need of a good loving home. East Coast Stories will be covering the event and posting pictures of it. See you there!

Details are:

  • Sunday July 20th 11am-3pm
  • 921 Rt 53 Morris Plains, NJ
  • Info: Telephone (973)-267-4220