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Winter’s Bone -movie review

Greg Walk Dec 22 2013 004Now that Jennifer Lawrence is everywhere on the big screen, from the Hunger Game movies to American Hustle, you may want to rent the 2010 movie which first showed the world her superb acting skills. Winter’s Bone is the story of a desperately poor community in the Ozark Mountains. This is not a period piece about the Great Depression but takes place in modern times. People are supplementing their meager incomes by “cooking” and selling crystal meth. This leads to a level of violence and drug addiction which most Americans do not associate with rural areas.

Jennifer Lawrence plays 17 year old Ree Dolly, whose father has been arrested for drug dealing, and who has since disappeared. A bail bondsman shows up at the house and informs Ree that her father has pledged the house and all the property to secure his bail. If he does not appear in court within a week the farm will be confiscated.

Ree sets off in the dead of winter searching for her father, among people that you would not want to meet up with at any time of  year.  She is aided by her uncle “Teardrop”, who is a major drug dealer and so violent and unpredictable that the other drug dealers and even the police are afraid of him. He is played by veteran actor John Hawkes.

This is an excellent movie and has our highest rating. It is an exciting, tense and action packed film with a mystery and an unexpected ending. It shows a scary  but real world in which a young girl is trying so survive where everyone is poor, suspicious of outsiders and well armed. She has nothing to protect her but her wits and an uncle whose sanity is always in question.