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Bunny Stories

Three Cats and a Rabbit – A poem of life at my house

The small cats are crazy, the big one is lazy,

The Rabbit, he rules the House.

Luna - the tiny troublemaker
Luna – the tiny troublemaker

When the Big Cat was younger,

in a fit of mad hunger,

He once ate a whole giant mouse.

Lubby - 16 years old and 13 pounds, taking a nap
Lubby – 16 years old and 13 pounds, taking a nap

The house we can’t sell,

since the rugs sort of smell,

and the woodwork is really a sight.

Sunshine chewing on the furniture
Sunshine chewing on the furniture

The moldings miss chunks and the rugs have some lumps,

where the Rabbit has taken bite.

The Big cat he purrs, while the small ones shed fur,

and race full speed through the night.

Miko - Luna's sister
Miko – Luna’s sister

I still love them all, though I do trip and fall

when the cats grab my feet on the stairs.

Lubby in a contemplative moment
Lubby in a contemplative moment

I may insane, but at least life’s not plain

In a house ruled by 4 tiny beasts.

Sunshine rules the house
Sunshine rules the house

I will end this weird poem, since the beasts start to moan,

And remind me it’s time for their treats.

Now I must go; the cats think I’m too slow,

and are starting their ear-splitting meows.

We’ll get new pets next time, whose dispositions are fine

Maybe nice goats or some cows.

Bunny enjoying an October Salad

Five and one half year old Sunshine enjoys a huge salad on a warm October afternoon.

Five year old Sunshine enjoying his salad on a warm October afternoon

Five year old Sunshine enjoying his salad on a warm October afternoon

A  4 pound domestic mixed-breed, he eats many times his weight each week. He came to our home 4 years ago as a rescue rabbit.  Someone had tossed him out the window of a car, but a passerby took him to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

Sunshine seems to have gotten over the traumatic events of his past.

Little Bunny Blogger

Little Bunny Blogger is a wonderful  website for Bunny  lovers. It features terrific pictures of rabbits and has useful facts about the care and feeding of these gentle creatures.  It is authored by Carlee, who  has always loved rabbits. One of her earliest memories  as a little girl  is that of hopping around the house pretending to be a rabbit.

Pup, Luna & Carlee from Bunny Bloggers

Pup, Luna & Carlee from Bunny Bloggers

Little Bunny Blogger includes a section on random rabbit facts. We never knew before that rabbits can run 35 miles per hour or that they have 28 teeth and 18 toes.  It also emphasizes that rabbits are not toys, but a “member of the family” that need to be treated with love and care.

Pup enjoying some Timothy Hay

Pup enjoying some Timothy Hay

Little Bunny Blogger is especially useful for those who are first-time rabbit owners, or who are thinking of adopting a rabbit. It has a whole section of “dos and don’ts” explaining useful items like what foods are good and which can be dangerous.

Piper who was found wandering in Arkansas

Piper who was found wandering in Arkansas

Carlee’s love of animals extends to dogs and cats as well. There is an adorable picture of Piper, a Labrador/hound/Beagle mix who was found wandering streets in Arkansas when only 3 weeks old.

It is great to meet another blogger who loves bunnies and other animals as much as we do. We wish Carlee and Little Bunny Blogger great success.

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue Bun-Nanza Returns!

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue’s annual Bun-nanza returns on Sunday October 9th. This  year it will be held at:

Bunny snuggles with the bear

Sunshine snuggles with the  Teddy the bear

  • the Clinton Community Center
  •  Halstead Street
  • Clinton, NJ 08890
  • 11am- 4pm

If you love domestic rabbits, or are just curious about them, this is a great event for the whole family. You can even bring your own bunny, to get a nail trim and grooming.

On a hot day, Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace

On a hot day, Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace

Rabbit expert  Darrin Fournier has come all the way from the Bunny Whisperer in  California to be a guest speaker.  There will be  maze set up for bunnies to explore. Anyone who owns a rabbit knows that scrunching in and out of small places is one of the adventures that bunnies enjoy the most.

children 2

Joyce Wang of Elvis Parsley Products will the there with organic edible wreaths and brooms. Artist Susan Bromirski will be offering her unique digital paintings. We will also meet Alice Shope of Country Pet Specialties. Don’t forget that bunnies like to play so be sure to check out the bunny toys from Busy Bunny.

Bunny Contest 004

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue is a wonderful organization which we have written about many times. It takes care of abandoned and abused rabbits and finds them good homes. My wife and I have a wonderful bunny named Sunshine, who we got from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue. Sunshine was brought to Safe Haven Rabbit rescue after someone threw him out of a car window at a traffic light.

Bun Day Oct 5 022

Unfortunately, there are many people who treat domestic rabbits as “disposable pets.” They get rabbits thinking they are simple and easy like a stuffed animal. Once they realize this is a living creature that has needs to be cared for and nurtured they just “throw out” the rabbit.

sleepy dog

Many people take domestic rabbits to vacant lots or parks and just “free” them.  But these little guys cannot survive in the wild. They are not wild rabbits any more than dogs are wolves. Just leaving a domestic rabbit in a park or woods is the same as condemning it to a cruel death.

Kind people who find these abandoned domestic bunnies bring them to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, for a second chance at life. Please come to the Bun-nanza on October 9 and help rescue these fun little creatures.

Bunny & The Stuffed Bear

We bought a giant stuffed bear at a garage sale for only $5. It turns out that the that Sunshine the bunny thought we got it just for him.

Sunshine explores the giant stuffed bear

Sunshine explores the giant stuffed bear

He seems to consider it a combination friend and pillow.

Bunny snuggles with the bear

Bunny snuggles with the bear

The cat, on the other hand was very unimpressed, and preferred his usual spot on the couch.

Kitty relaxing on the couch

Kitty relaxing on the couch

At the end of the day, both Kitty and Bunny decided it was time to relax after all the excitement.

Kitty & bunny relaxing

Kitty & bunny relaxing

Cool Cat and Bunny On A Hot day

There is an old Arab expression that, “The heat of the day can be told by the length of the cat.”  In Winter, cats curl up into tight heat-saving balls. However, now that sweltering Summer is here, cats stretch to their full Length.


This is Lubby, a 14 year-old Ragdoll stretched out on the couch. In the background you can make out his bunny friend, Sunshine, also stretched out.

On a hot day Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace.

On a hot day Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace.

About two years ago Sunshine the Bunny was tossed out of a car window at a busy intersection in New Jersey.  He was rescued and now lives happily with the Gentle Woman.  Like his friend the cat, he has learned to stretch out on a hot day.

Lubby the ragdoll cat relaxes on a warm day

Lubby the ragdoll cat relaxes on a warm day

Sunshine who was found abandoned, has been in his new how now for 2 years

Sunshine who was found abandoned, has been in his new how now for 2 years

Jackson and the Magic Bunny

Once Upon A Time, there was a little boy named Jackson with bright red hair. He lived deep in the King’s Forest in house that was built inside a huge oak  tree. His mother Joanna made potions for King Kronan, who lived far away in  Grey Stone Castle next to  The Lazy River.

Joanna and Jackson would walk through the forest gathering herbs and plants and honey for the magic potions Joanna made for the king. They were never afraid in the forest since the giant wolf Oakley always came with them.

Oakley the Good Wolf

Oakley the Good Wolf

Oakley was a good wolf but he was too jumpy  to be part of a pack. The other wolves had thrown Oakley out and told him he had to live with humans until he learned to calm down. So Oakley came to live with Jackson and Joanna. He loved being with them, but he never did learn to calm down. Whenever Joanna and Jackson walked  through the forest, Oakley would run full speed in through the forest, jumping and  wagging his tail.

Sunshine the magic bunny tries to wake up Jackson

Sunshine the magic
bunny tries to wake up Jackson

Now in the King’s Forest lived a Magic Bunny named Sunshine. He wanted so much to play with Jackson and Joanna and to taste all the good plants they were gathering. But Sunshine was afraid of being eaten by the Wolf Oakley, so he stayed hidden under bushes whenever Joanna and Jackson and Oakley would pass by.

Although Joanna made potions for the King, she almost never went to the castle. She would mix up her potions in the big oak house and then wrap them in a small leather bag. Joanna would tie the bag to Oakley and the wolf would run full speed all the way to  Grey Stone Castle to deliver the potions to the king. Oakley  loved running to the castle, but even with his great speed, it would take him one day to get there and another full day to get back.

So Jackson, Joanna and Oakley lived happily in the King’s forest until one day something terrible happened.  A witch had poisoned good King King Kronan and it looked as if he might die. Soldiers came to Joanna’s oak house in the forest and told her that she was the only one with the knowledge to save the king.

Joanna did not want to leave Jackson, but the soldiers promised they would guard the house and take care of him. So Joanna packed her bag of potions and rode off on the back of the giant Wolf Oakley to rush to the castle to save the king.

The evil witch places a sleep spell on the oak tree house

The evil witch places a sleep spell on the oak tree house

But the evil witch was hiding outside the oak tree house and she put a sleeping spell on everyone inside.  The King’s soldiers and Jackson fell into a deep sleep. The witch cackled as she lit the tree on fire.

Jackson Escapes in his Fire-proof suit

Jackson Escapes in his Fire-proof suit

The only one who saw this was Sunshine the Magic Bunny. Sunshine is magic since he can jump higher than any other bunny in the world.

Sunshine jumped over the witch and all the way in through the second story window of the oak tree house. Then he tugged and jumped on Jackson and the soldiers until they woke up. Sunshine got Jackson into a fire-proof  suit and rushed him outside.

Barry the one-antler deer watches Jackson and the magic Bunny Escape

Barry the one-antler deer watches Jackson and the magic Bunny Escape

The soldiers piled snow on the fire to put it out, but they did not know that  that the fire had been caused by a witch. Only Sunshine had seen that.  The witch came out of the forest to try and capture Jackson, but Sunshine saw her and jumped all the way up to her head and bit her ugly nose.  Then, out of the woods came  Barry, the one-antler deer who  was a friend of Sunshine the Magic Bunny . Barry saw what was happening and charged to stab the witch with his one antler.

Like all good stories this one has a happy ending.

Joanna saved the king from poison and rode home on the giant  wolf Oakley. Joanna was very upset and cried when she found out what had happened. Then she cried more when she found out that Jackson was fine.

Sunshine the magic bunny now lives inside with Joanna and Jackson. The evil witch ran off into the forest. Oakley was accepted back into the wolf pack and every day they search all through the King’s Forest to try to find and eat the evil witch.

Each night dinner time, Sunshine, Joanna and Jackson eat together at the dinner table. Then Jackson lies down on the couch and falls asleep while petting the soft soft fur on Sunshine the Magic Bunny.

Bike For The Buns Charity Event

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue’s  annual Bike For The Buns will be held on Saturday June 18th at the Bulls Island Recreation Area in Stockton, NJ.

Bunny Contest 004

This is a fun, family event with all proceeds going to charity. Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue provides shelter for abandoned, abused and neglected domestic rabbits. It also has educational seminars and events to teach people how to properly care for these misunderstood little creatures.

Right now is the most dangerous time of the year for domestic business.  Lots of people get rabbits at Easter, thinking they will be a simple pet to take care of. Once they discover that bunnies are more work than they thought, some people simply” throw out” the rabbits.

The little rabbit pictured above (named Sunshine) had been tossed out of a car window at a stop light. Luckily, a passing motorist found him wandering in the street and brought him to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

The Bike For the Buns is a non-competitive bicycle ride along the beautiful river towpaths of the Bulls Island Recreational Area.

Please join us to have fun and help this worthy cause.

Misunderstood Bunnies – 3 Common Misconceptions

Domestic Rabbits are probably the most misunderstood creatures on the planet.  Here is a list of common misconceptions about these gentle souls:

Bunny Contest 004

1. Bunnies are an easy pet to take care of. Nothing could be further from the truth. Domestic rabbits have a very delicate digestive system and take a lot of specialized feeding and care. Many people make the mistake of giving a rabbit to a small child thinking it will be an easy pet. Bunnies make much better pets for adults, who have the patience and understanding to care for them.

Bunny Contest 006

2. Bunnies like to be alone. This is also wrong.  Domestic Rabbits are very affectionate and love to be petted. They will even play games with you once they trust you. It takes a very special person to earn the trust of a bunny. After all, they cannot protect themselves from cruel humans the way dogs or cats can. They love to be near you and enjoy hearing the sound of a gentle voice.

Bunny Contest 007

3. They won’t mingle with your other pets. The truth is that  Rabbits can live in a house with a cat or even a dog, if the two pets are introduced to each other slowly. They can even become friends. Here is a picture of Sunshine the bunny playing with a Ragdoll cat that is twice the size and three times the weight of the bunny.

So enjoy your new friend, and your love will be returned many times over.

Gentle Woman Jumping Bunny Video

Our Gentle Woman Bunny  stories have been some of our most popular posts. We have tried adding videos to the blog , but the problem is that the technical limitations of Word Press means that we can only load a video a few seconds long directly to the blog.

However, we can upload our videos to You Tube and then link the blog to that.

Therefor, for the enjoyment of our blog readers, (and now watchers) that is what we have done.

So, to see East Coast Stories’ first You Tube Video entitles Bunny Jump, just click this link.

Please realize that this is a very rough cut as we are still learning the technical aspects. Going forward, we will hopefully improve our skills.

Let us know if it works, and what types of videos you would like to see.

The Gentle Woman Visits Bun-nanza!

The Gentle Woman was at Bun-nanza today in Martinsville New Jersey. This an annual teaching and participation event held by Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

Bun Day Oct 5 023

The public came to learn the proper ways to care for rabbits, and many brought their long-eared friends to get a nail clipping.

Bun Day Oct 5 003

The fellow comfortably resting in the hut is Joey who Rabbit Rescue has up for adoption.

Bun Day Oct 5 007This large male Lop is Mistletoe who was brought in by his owners for a nail trim.

Bun Day Oct 5 019

Michelle was the resident nail trimmer, who has a very soft touch with all the bunnies.

Bun Day Oct 5 022We did not get this little grey rabbit’s name. He was too busy enjoying his parsley to tell us.

Bun Day Oct 5 012

Pictured above are Sherry and Peggy, two of the volunteers. Peggy grew up on a farm and is currently writing a children’s book entitled “Chatham Hill”  based on the experience. The book has 3 bunnies as the main characters with a cat as the protagonist.

Bun Day Oct 5 015

This Young lady brought in her two rabbits Bella and Buttons to say hello.

Bun Day Oct 5 013

In addition to seeing rabbits, visitors to the event learned many useful facts all rabbit owners should know.

Bun Day Oct 5 016

Karen, the founder of Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue holds a very curious young bunny.

Bun Day Oct 5 014

Nina helped raise money by selling bunny logo T-Shirts and sweatshirts.

Bun Day Oct 5 024

A contest was held to announce the winners of the Photo Contest.

Old Mom Photos 004The Gentle Woman’s bunny Sunshine actually won a prize!  His picture won the “bunny loafing” category.

Bun Day Oct 5 030As you can see, Sunshine was thrilled with the gift basket prize when it came home.

This was a wonderful event at which we learned much and had a lot of fun.

The Gentle Woman Will visit Bun-nanza on October 5!

If you love bunnies as much as the Gentle Woman, be sure to come to Bun-nanza. The address is:

  • Martinsville Community Center
  • 1961 Washington Valley Road
  • Martinsville, NJ 08836
  • 11am -4pm

There will be seminars about the care of rabbits, gift items and of course Bunnies!

For more information click on the link to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

The East Coast Stories Photographer will be there too. There will be a story and pictures on the East Coast Stories website that night right after the event. Come to Bun-nanza, and you might even see you picture on this website that night!

Sunshine 003

See you there!

The Gentle Woman Presents “All My Bunnies”

This title,  of course,  is a spoof of the famous soap opera All My Children. In a way, rabbit owners do think of these lovely creatures as children. They are totally innocent and completely dependent on their owners for everything they need to stay alive.  Like children; by complete chance they can be brought into a good  loving home or a terrible environment.

The Gentle Woman has been caring for rabbits since she was a little girl. When she was just 8 yeas old her parents got her a New Zealand Albino, which she named “Alvin” after the popular cartoon chipmunk.

Children 1

She was so excited about Alvin that she put him in a little green wheelbarrow and she and her brother took him around the neighborhood to meet everyone. They spent a summer afternoon pushing the wheelbarrow from house to house. Looking back on it she realizes that Alvin must have been a very patient fellow not to jump out along the way.

Years later when she was in Junior High she performed her first bunny rescue.  Her friend Stanley was moving to Texas and his parents would not allow him to bring his rabbit, which was a lovely Blue Dutch

children 2

She named him Illya. This was after the Russian spy  Illya Kuryakin from The Man From Uncle T.V. show.


Why the name of a T.V. spy was a good fit for a rabbit is not really clear, but the junior high girl had a real crush on David McCallum, so she was eager to name anything after him.

When the Gentle Woman entered high school she rescued another bunny from a local shelter. Her father made a two dollar donation to the shelter and took home a brown domestic mix.

children 3

This was a female bunny and got the name “Jackie” after Jackie Kennedy. Jackie was a lot more adventurous than Illya or Alvin had been and used to run around the house. One afternoon it seemed that Jackie had run away for good. It turned out she was just relaxing quietly under the bed.

Years went by and with the rush of college and then marriage  and careen there were no bunnies in the Gentle Woman’s life for a long time.

Then came Summer.  When he came into her life she suddenly remembered what she had been missing.


Summer was a New Zealand Albino Dwarf and had not had a happy life until that point. This was the first time The Gentle Woman had owned a bunny as an adult. Summer was not well and was much more work than any rabbit she had owned before, but he touched her life like no other. She cared for him when he was sick and he loved her for it.

When Summer died she never wanted  to get another rabbit. But every time she went on the internet she could not help looking at pictures of rabbits. Then she came on a link for Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

Bunny and Cat 004

She ended up adopting “Thomas” who she renamed Sunshine. She named him that in memory of that warm day from long ago when she took her first rabbit from house to house to meet the neighbors. Sunshine is a domestic mix and was hard to place since most people considered him too lively.

Sunshine is now a pert of the Gentle Woman’s home and she knows that whatever she does in the future and wherever she lives, there will always be a rabbit with her.

The Gentle Woman’s Bunny Settles in

So many people have asked how the Gentle Woman’s bunny is doing that we decided to post some new pictures.

Old Mom Photos 013Before we had Sunshine we never realized that some types of rabbits can jump up onto furniture as easily as a cat can.

Old Mom Photos 015Here he is contemplating his next move.

Old Mom Photos 007This picture captures an actual “Binky” with Sunshine jumping and turning mid-air.

Old Mom Photos 004Not at all camera shy.

Old Mom Photos 016Aaah!

Old Mom Photos 008Trying to figure out how to climb an iron table leg.

Old Mom Photos 002The stairs are always fun.

Old Mom Photos 017Chewing on a pajama.

Old Mom Photos 005Taking a break.

Answers to the Gentle Woman’s Anniversary Quiz

We had a big response to the Anniversary quiz. Thank you for all the comments and good wishes from the readers. Below are the answers to the quiz.

  • Question # 1- Answer is # 2 -. Ronald Regan was the the President when the Gentle woman got married.


  • Question # 2 -Answer is # -2 – The Gentle Woman has a daughter named Robin.


  • Question # 3 – Answer is # 3-  Bob Hope said that the key to a good marriage is separate bank accounts.


  • Question # 4 – Answer is # 3. – The Gentle Woman has spent her  career as a public school teacher.


  • Questions # 5 – Answer is #1 –  The favorite drink is Kendal Jackson Chardonnay. However she also likes Louis Jardot. If you are a Baby Boomer from the New York & Connecticut area you will get the joke about  Boone’s Farm Strawberry wine. 
    At the time the Gentle Woman was in high school, the drinking age in New York State was only 18 and very loosely enforced.  It was easy for a 15 or 16 year old to buy wine in a liquor store.  Boone’s Farm was an awful tasting wine but an entire bottle only cost one dollar. It came in ridiculous flavors like apple and strawberry to cater to the younger crowd.  The drinking age in Connecticut was 21. However, there were many many liquor stores literally a few feet over the border in New York State. All of them had cases of  Boone’s Farm stacked floor to ceiling waiting for high school kids from Connecticut. The heyday of Boone’s Farm ended when New York raised the drinking age to 21 and decided to actually enforce it. The Gentle Woman wants to point out that she was never a Boone’s farm drinker.


  • Question # 6 – Answer is # 5. – Summer is the Gentle Woman’s favorite time of year.  The hotter the better. That is probably why she named one of her Rabbits Summer.


  • Question # 7 – Answer is # 3 – However, we had an error in the story. The name was supposed to be Tom Carvel. We had mistakenly put down the name as Lou.  Later in life the Gentle Woman did live near Whitney Houston. However, when she was a little girl Tom Carvel was the nearest celebrity.


  • Question #8 – Answer is #5 – Although the Gentle Woman has been married to the same man for  33 years, she has changed her last name many times. She started the marriage using her husband’s last name. After a few years she legally changed her name so that it was her  maiden name hyphenated with her husband’s. The problem with that was that people kept leaving out the part prior to the hyphen and kept calling her by her husband’s last name.  Therefore she legally changed her name again so that it is now a combination of both names with no hyphen. These changes continue to confuse computers for every tax filing and job application .  She is currently thinking of changing her name again back to her original maiden name.


The Gentle Woman’s Annversary Quiz

On August 8, 2014 the Gentle Woman and her husband celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary. Below is a little quiz related to it.

wedding cake

Question # 1 – Who was President of the U.S. when the Gentle Woman got married?

  1. Bush (senior)
  2. Regan
  3. Ford
  4. Lincoln

zzz rabbit

Question # 2 – The Gentle Woman loves animals so much she named one of her children after an animal. Is the name:

  1. Fawn
  2. Robin
  3. Bambie
  4. Squidward

Bob Hope

Question # 3 – Bob Hope was also married for a long time. He said the key to a long and successful marriage is:

  1. Separate Careers.
  2. Separate houses.
  3. Separate bedrooms.
  4. Separate bank accounts.

Question # 4 –
The Gentle Woman has spent her career as a successful:

  1. Writer.
  2. Architect.
  3. Teacher.
  4. Reality star( before the Kardashians ruined the business for everyone else.)


Question # 5 – The Gentle Woman’s favorite drink is.

  1. Kendal Jackson Chardonnay.
  2. A good Pinot Grigio
  3. Louis Jardot  Pouilly Fuise.
  4. Boon’s Farm strawberry.

Question # 6 – The Gentle Woman’s favorite season is:

  1. Winter.
  2. Spring.
  3. Summer.
  4. Fall.

Question # 7 – The Gentle Woman grew up close to which following celebrity?

  1. Walt Disney.
  2. Whitney Houston.
  3. Lou Carvel.
  4. Roy Rogers.

Question # 8 – While married to the same man for the last 33 years, the Gentle Woman’s last name:

  1. Is the same as before she was married.
  2. She took her husband’s last name.
  3. She used a hyphenated name of hers and her husband’s
  4. She combined her name and her husband’s with no hyphen.
  5. Numbers 2, 3, & 4 combined.

Answers to the Gentle Woman’s Second Quiz

The Answers to the Gentle Woman’s Second Quiz are below. Be honest with yourself on how many you really got without looking them up on the internet first.

  • Answer to Question #1 is #4. – It was a trick question. Rabbits cannot vomit. This sounds like it is great, but actually  can be a real health problem. If a dog or a cat eats something which turns out to be bad or dangerous, they can quickly throw it up and remove it from their system. Rabbits, on the other hand have to wait for the item to pass all the way through their digestive systems. This is one reason why you have to be so careful about what you feed your rabbit friend.


  • Answer to Question #3 is #2 – The Gentle Woman’s first rabbit was named Alvin. The T.V. show Alvin and the Chipmunks had just had its premier on T.V.


  • Answer to Question #4 is #2. – It was a Mark Twain quote.

Mark Twain

If you liked that quote you may want to read the poem by Walt Whitman which begins,
“I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self contained. I stand and look at them long and long.”

  • Answer to Question # 5 is #4 –  The rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is only ever identified as “The White Rabbit.”  Over the years, the term “following a white rabbit” has come to mean many things encompassing everything from chasing an impossible dream to tuning into a drugged out zombie.

We hope you enjoyed the quiz.

The Gentle Woman’s Second Quiz

People enjoyed the first Gentle Woman’s Quiz so much that we have followed it up with a second:


Question # 1:    Your rabbit throws up a mixture of Timothy Hay and pellets. This is a sign that:

  1. You have been feeding the rabbit too much hay and need to cut back.
  2. He may be developing Katz disease and needs to be checked by the vet.
  3. He just finished watching an episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians
  4. It is a trick question. Rabbits cannot vomit.

rabbit temparatures

Question # 2 :  What is a rabbit’s normal body temperature?

  1. 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit the same as humans.
  2. 82.7 degrees Fahrenheit. Their fur coat insulated their core/
  3. Between 101-103 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Bunnies average 107 degrees Fahrenheit. This drops to 100 when they mature to full grown rabbits.


Question # 3: What was the name of the Gentle Woman’s First bunny?

  1. Sally
  2. Alvin
  3. Mr. Binky
  4. Fluffy


Question # 4: Who said, “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”

  1. George Carlin
  2. Mark Twain
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. George Bernard Shaw


Question # 5: What was the name of the rabbit Alice followed in “Alice in Wonderland”?

  1. Timothy Hay.
  2. The Timekeeper.
  3. Mister Blue Coat.
  4. Known only as The White Rabbit.

We will publish the answers in a few days.


The Gentle Woman Visits Adoption Day

Today the Gentle Woman visited Adoption Day at the Community Animal Hospital in Morris Plains NJ. There were rabbits, dogs and cats all up for adoption.


Our friends from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue were there with some adorable rabbits.



This fellow is a very friendly Mini-Lop named Taco, who has had a lot of bad luck. Taco has been adopted twice and returned twice. One couple returned him since they did not want his fur getting into their air-conditioning. Another woman returned Taco after she got pregnant.  She had the odd notion that the rabbit would somehow interfere with the health of her unborn child.


This is Kelly, a Lionhead born on March 12, 2013. Her fur is unbelievably soft.


There were also dogs galore. This is Ozzie, a 4 year old Bulldog/Boxer mix. Despite his fierce looks, is is very gentle. He is available for adoption through the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter.

There were also adorable cats and kittens.



There were many types of dogs available.


This is Peanut, a happy little Chihuahua ready to go home with a lucky family.

Some people brought dogs just to visit.

There was a Labradoodle.


And a very excited Irish Setter. He was so excited to see the other animals that this was the most clear shot we could get since he did not want to hold still.


Two Shelties came in to say hello.


So, whatever type  you like, there is sure to be a rescue animal just waiting for you to bring it home.



Answers to the Gentle Woman’s Bunny Quiz

Dear Readers;

Below are the answers to the Gentle Woman’s Bunny Quiz.

  • Question # 2 – The Answer is # 3. Pancakes lives in Florida.
  • Question # 3 – The Answer is #2. Beatrix Potter wrote the Peter Rabbit stories.
  • Question # 4 – The Answer is #3. The bunny pictured is a Lionhead.
  • Question # 5. – The Answer is #1. The bunny is a Mini-Lop
  • Question # 6 – The Answer is # 3. Judge Doom framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Question # 7 – The answer is # 2. The jump is called a Binky

We hope you enjoyed the quiz.  Keep reading the website and look for more quizzes in the future.

The Gentle Woman to visit Adoption Day at Community Animal Hospital July 20th

Readers keep asking about how the Gentle Woman’s new bunny (Sunshine) is doing.  So here is his latest picture.

ANIMALS 002 Sunshine and Lubby are fascinated with whatever is outside the screen door. Most people think that rabbits and cats cannot co-exist in the same house, but the Gentle Woman has found that as long as you show the cat that the bunny is also a member of the family, they can get along just fine.

ANIMALS 003Sunshine is always fascinated with whatever the cat is doing.

The Gentle Woman is so good with animals that people in the neighborhood often ask her to watch over other creatures while they are away.

ANIMALS 007This is Oakley, a very young Golder Retriever who lives in the neighborhood. In case you are wondering; don’t worry. Oakley is never allowed near the rabbit or the cat.

ANIMALS 017Oakley relaxing on a hot afternoon. Golden Retrievers are one of the friendliest breeds of dog.   However if you are going to get one, don’t forget that they are big and extremely strong and need lots of room to run and exercise. Also, if you have a pool or live anywhere near one, you will find that they are true “water dogs.” They will dive into any body of water they can find. That includes pools, lakes and  mud puddles. If you get a Golden Retriever make sure you also buy  a leash and a big towel.

ANIMALS 013This is Hailey Girl an 11 year old Mountain Cur. This breed of dogs were originally guard dogs. They are friendly to the people who own them, but are very distrustful of others. They are about 2/3 the size of a Golden Retriever.  The one drawback to this breed is that Mountain Curs love to bark. It seems to be their main joy in life.

If you love animals, then come to Adoption Day at Community Animal Hospital in Morris Plains NJ on July 20th. Our friends from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue will be there, as well as the Gentle Woman herself.

There will be food and fun and lots of animals in need of a good loving home. East Coast Stories will be covering the event and posting pictures of it. See you there!

Details are:

  • Sunday July 20th 11am-3pm
  • 921 Rt 53 Morris Plains, NJ
  • Info: Telephone (973)-267-4220

The Gentle Woman Presents 5 Famous Bunnies

As the Gentle Woman was watching her new bunny romping the house this morning, she realized how much rabbits are a part of our culture and have been  for a very long time. Here is a list of 5 famous bunnies in American culture.


#5 The Hare from Aesop’s Fables – “The Tortoise and the Hare”

This poor fellow does not even get a name. The Tortoise is the hero of the story. We do not know exactly when this story was first told, but we do know that Aesop was born around 620 B.C.  The story is about a race between a hare and a tortoise. The moral is all about persistence and hard work versus natural talent. The Hare should easily win, but instead runs all around exploring and having a great time then takes a relaxing nap. The Tortoise, on the other hand plods along and eventually wins the race.

The moral, of course, is that we are all supposed to be more like the Tortoise  and this story is still told to American children today.  But who wants to be a tortoise? The Gentle Woman takes a different view of this story. The race is life itself, and it is the Tortoise who is losing. The Hare has a great time exploring everything around him, plays until he is tired and then plops down for a quick nap. Anyone who has a pet bunny knows that is exactly how they behave. Maybe the real moral is that we should be more like the Hare and less like the plodding Tortoise. After all the Tortoise did not even get a prize for his “win” while the Hare got a lot of fun and a good nap.

Peter Rabbit

#4 Peter Rabbit

Many people who have bunnies as pets today do so because they first fell in love with these animals after reading the stories of Beatrix Potter. Peter first appeared in “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” in 1902 along with his siblings Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-Tail. This family of rabbits lived in Victorian England, wore human clothing and were always getting into trouble and adventures. Beatrix Potter wrote a beautiful series of children stories that are still loved by modern readers.



#3 Roger Rabbit

Roger Rabbit is a silly and not very bright cartoon bunny, introduced to us in the 1988 film “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”. Roger is accused of murdering Mr. Acme in a rage over Roger’s beautiful wife Jessica. As silly as Roger is however, we like him because he is basically a very good individual. He is totally in love with his wife and she is totally in love with him. As a side note it turns out that Mr. Acme was the owner of Acme Products, the company that Wile E. Coyote used to buy all the contraptions he used to try to catch the Road Runner. Considering the fact that Acme’s products never work it seems like the coyote should be the prime suspect rather than Roger Rabbit.

easter bunny

#2 The Easter Bunny

The tradition of the Easter Bunny goes back much further than most people think. It is actually a centuries old tradition. Bunnies are associated with Spring and re-birth, since wild rabbits seem to magically  re-appear after each long Winter. However, there is one downside to the tradition, and that is a lot of people still get their kids rabbits as pets on Easter. Many families do this without realizing responsibility and commitment adopting a rabbit requires. The number of rabbits found abandoned or dropped off at shelters spikes  a few months after Easter. For this reason, most good breeders will not sell rabbits just before Easter.

bugs bunny

 #1 Bugs Bunny

Bugs appeared as early as 1938, but he first appeared drawn as we know him today in 1940. Sure, some of the other rabbits on the list have a more ancient or glorified heritage, but Bugs is an American original. With his brash attitude and Brooklyn accent, he became world famous. As an audience we always root for him against the hunter Elmer Fudd.

Well, that’s the Gentle Woman’s list. Let us know if you think we missed any.  So if you have a pet rabbit or just love them, maybe its because rabbits have been an integral part of our culture for a very long time.

The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny’s Cousin

398641_10151327105324885_141327247_nIt turns out that the Gentle Woman’s Bunny has a cousin. Well, he is not a real cousin, but he is a floppy eared black rabbit named Pancakes who lives with the Gentle Woman’s sister. He is five years old and lives in an air-conditioned house in Florida.


He is a very affectionate little fellow with soft luxurious fur who would be very hot without the air conditioning.

Here he is celebrating his 5th birthday.


For those of you who know something about rabbits, don’t worry. The Gentle Woman’s sister did not actually let him eat any of the cake.

The funny thing is that the Gentle Woman did not even know that her sister had a rabbit. The Gentle Woman and Sunshine live in New Jersey and had never seen Pancakes.

It turns out there is a whole community of friendly rabbit lovers out there we never knew existed, until we started running the Gentle Woman series.


Most people still don’t realize how much fun an indoor rabbit can be as a pet.

The Gentle Woman stories have been some of our most popular posts. If you would like us to publish a story or pictures of your rabbit or any other type of pet just e-mail the pictures to us at   We will not publish your e-mail address and will only use your name if you give us permission.


Pancakes relaxing on a Christmas stocking. (As we all know Santa spends the off-season in Florida).


The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny Explores

Sunshine the bunny has now settled in to his new home and has taken to exploring the house. He is fascinated with the cat, who is not really sure what this little creature is.

Bunny and Cat 004Sunshine hiding by the fireplace.

Bunny and Cat 015Sunshine playing with the cat’s tail.

Bunny and Cat 013Sunshine scoots off after tweaking the cat’s tail

Bunny and Cat 017Tuckered out after running around the house, Sunshine  takes a rest while Lubby the cat watches over him

Bunny and Cat 003Don’t forget to pay attention to me too.

Bunny and Cat 011The Gentle Woman joins Sunshine in his enclosure for a salad.

The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny Part 2

We have received overwhelming response to the stories of The Gentle Woman’s Bunny and The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny. Many people have asked for an update on how Sunshine is doing.

Well, he has settled in very nicely to his new home. He is still not too sure about the other animal in the house, a 10 year old Ragdoll cat named Lubby.


Sunshine is out of his cage and exploring the living room, where he loves to jump effortlessly on an off the couch.


If you click on the link above to  this Moving Bunny video you can see Sunshine just as he is about to leap.


Despite the looks of the picture, the cat is very accepting of Sunshine, but is a little startled about how much energy this young bunny has.


The Gentle Woman asked us to pass along her thanks for all the kind comments people have posted.

The video clips below show Sunshine jumping out of and into his enclosure.




The Gentle Woman’s Bunny


Once upon a time there was a sad little bunny. He lived in a small cage in a cold dark garage.  He was a beautiful little guy. A family had bought him for their little girl. He was what was called a  Dwarf Albino New Zealand.  At first the little girl played with the bunny a lot. But soon she became bored with him, ans his cage was moved to the garage.

He got food and water but no attention. He got a half a bowl of rabbit pellets and some straw every day and there was a bowl of water in the cage. One day the door to the cage was left open and the bunny hopped out. He hid in a dark corner of the garage.

When the family saw the bunny was gone they searched and called for him but he stayed hidden in the dark corner. The family put up signs in the neighborhood and asked people if they had seen him.

That’s when they spoke to Susan who lived next door. Susan found out that the family did not really want the bunny any more, and she said she would be happy to take care of him if they found him. Two days later the family found the bunny in his dark corner and gave him to Susan.

That’s when the bunny’s whole world changed. Susan is a kind and gentle woman who loves all animals. She was sad to see the condition of the poor little bunny. He was cold and dirty and even had little flies around him. He only weighed two pounds.

Susan gave the little fellow a warm bath and trimmed his nails. He did not like this very much, but after he was dry, the flies were gone and he felt better then he had in a long time. Then the gentle woman gave him something he had never had before – all kinds of new food. There was broccoli and apple slices and his favorite of all- Carrots!.

Susan threw out the little cage and got the bunny a whole new place to live. She brought him inside the house where it was warm and she let him hop around on the rug. After a big meal of broccoli, he stretched out in a warm patch of sunlight and took a nap.

That’s when Susan decided he needed a name. He loved the sunlight so much that she named him Summer.


When springtime came Susan took Summer outside to play. He had never felt grass before and at first he was not sure about it. Then he figured out that not only was it soft to hop on, but he could eat it.

Susan took a little beach chair and sat on the lawn, while Summer hopped all around her. He no longer tried to run away. He loved Susan very much. He would hop to her when she whistled for him. He liked the top of his head rubbed and wanted Susan to pet him all the time.

But Susan had to be very careful with Summer outside. He was not a wild rabbit, so he did not know he was supposed to be afraid of some things. One day the large dog from next door came running over at full speed and Susan had to scoop up Summer to save him from the dog. The dog was really a very friendly fellow and only wanted to play. But he was so big and played so rough that it was not safe for Summer to be around him.

With all the hopping and eating, Summer grew stronger and got up to two and one half pounds. That does not sound like much but for a Dwarf Bunny that was good.

Summer lived with the gentle woman for a long time. But the sad fact is that little bunnies do not live as long as people and Summer began go grow old. He hopped less and less and sometimes even had trouble standing up. But he always liked to eat. Susan took him to the bunny doctor and got him all sorts of medicines. Summer did not like the taste, but Susan would hide the medicine in little pieces of banana. Sometimes she would grind  up the pills and sprinkle them onto broccoli in a little powder.

The medicines helped Summer but still be got old. One of his legs was very bad, so he would hop under a chair and keep his balance by leaning against the leg of the chair. It was actually a very clever thing to do. He stay there while Susan brought him food and water. Susan would sit on the rug by the chair and pet Summer for as long as he liked.

As Summer got older he found it harder and harder to stand. Susan would have to hold him while he ate.

Winter Snow 005

He still loved his food and would eat like he was a big wolf instead of a tiny bunny. Susan would hold him and pet him while he ate, and then let him down for a nap. Every morning Susan would get up and hold bunny while he ate a big breakfast. Susan would lean against the wall so her back would not hurt.

Then one February morning, Susan went to see Summer, but there was something wrong. He was awake but he did not want to eat . Even when his favorite foods were put right up to his mouth he paid no attention. Susan just held him in her arms while he breathe slowly.

A short time later, Summer gave a little squeak and died. Outside it was a cold winter’s day. But inside the little bunny died in the warm arms of the gentle woman he loved.

Winter Snow 001