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Is Alicia von Rittberg Pregnant?

Is Alicia von Rittberg pregnant? Alicia von Rittberg is best known to U.S. audiences as Emma in the movie Fury, and Natasha in Our Kind of Traitor. How did these rumors start, and who is the suspected father?

Oct 5, 2015 Twitter post reading "sorry I didn't tell you any earlier!"

Oct 5, 2015 Twitter post reading “sorry I didn’t tell you any earlier!”

Well, the rumors began soon after the U.S. release of Our Kind of Traitor. In that film, Alicia von Rittberg plays Natasha, the daughter of a Russian crime boss. Natasha is secretly pregnant, and is petrified of telling her violent father. That is why Natasha wears baggy clothing instead of the form fitting outfits a beautiful young woman would normally wear.

Alicia and friends squinting in the Sun

Alicia and friends squinting in the Sun. Is one of these handsome guys the baby’s father?

After the release of the film rumors started that this was not in the original script and that the writers had to put it in because Alicia von Rittberg was pregnant.  Of course, anyone who read the book Our Kind of Traitor, knows this is nonsense.  Natasha’s pregnancy is a major sub-plot in the book.

However, once the rumors of Alicia’s pregnancy began, fans began searching for pictures of her on the internet. They soon found a Twitter picture of Alicia von Rittnerg 7 months pregnant. Once that picture began to circulate fans were convinced that Alicia von Rittberg is about to have a baby.

What people failed to notice is that the pregnant picture originated from a Twitter picture Alicia von Rittberg posted in October 2015. In it she said, “Sorry I didn’t tell you any earlier!” If you look closely at the picture, you will see that she is clearly on a movie set and  that this is part of a costume! Alicia was joking to the fans, but some of them just did not get it!

Fans in the United States Really want to see Alicia von Rittberg in more American films. She is doing a lot of work in Germany, but we want her here. Come on Germany! Stop keeping Alicia von Rittnerg all to yourself.

Our Kind Of Traitor – movie review

Our Kind Of Traitor is a mediocre adaptation of a wonderful John LeCarre novel. It is about a high ranking Vory (Russian mob) member who has decided to reveal the details of how illegal money is being laundered through London banks. He is willing to risk his life to bring this crucial information to the authorities.

Ewin McGregor & Naomie Harris

Ewin McGregor & Naomie Harris

Ewin McGregor and Naomie Harris are a married British couple (Perry & Gail) who are  on holiday. They are befriended by the Russian mobster Dima (played by Stellan Skarsgard) and his large family. He comes to trust them and asks Perry to tell MI6 in London about his offer to exchange information in return for asylum  for his whole family.

Damian Lewis and Stellan Skarsgard in Our Kind of Triator

Damian Lewis and Stellan Skarsgard in Our Kind of Traitor

Perry and Gail are just ordinary people, but they realize that the lives of the entire family are at risk, so they agree to help.

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis

Damian Lewis is the Mi6 agent Hector, who sets up an off the books plan for the family to get to London.

Our Kind Of Traitor has lots of good points and action scenes, but it just does not hold up to the book.  The issue is that it has been “dumbed  down” too much for the movie audience. Much of the complexity of the characters has been left out.

Alicia von Rittberg ( far right) as Natasha in Our Kind of Traitor

Alicia von Rittberg ( far right) as Natasha in Our Kind of Traitor

The biggest disappointment in Our Kind Of Traitor is the way the movie failed to properly use the talents if Alicia von Rittberg in her role as Natasha. In the book,  Natasha is a major character with a complex and moving subplot of her own. She and Gail become close friends and she tells Gail the secrets she dare not mention to her own parents.  That’s why we were looking forward so much to seeing  Alicia von Rittberg playing this role.

Alicia von Rittberg

Alicia von Rittberg

However, in the movie version, Alicia von Rittberg’s Natasha hardly has any lines at all, and no meaningful interaction with Gail.  When Natasha does finally reveal one secret the audience does not care, since we don’t know anything else about her as a character. It is disappointing that the director chose to just leave out a major part of the book, when Alicia von Rittberg was the perfect actress to play Natasha as John Le Carre had intended.

The talents of the great actor Damian Lewis were also not used to their full capacity. He was much better in the American T.V. show Homeland, in which we were never sure if he was a hero or a villein.  In the movie Our Kind of Traitor, the director chose to have him play the classic action hero we have seen in countless other films.

Despite being a British film Our Kind Of Traitor chose to insert a “Hollywood ending”  that was not in John Le Carre’s novel. Lovers of John Le Carre’s novels know that he always has the lines between good and evil, right and wrong to be very blurry.  Not a single John LeCarre novel was ever meant to have a Hollywood Ending.

Alicia von Rittberg off Game of Thrones

Rumors are that  Alicia von Rittberg  pulled out of Game of Thrones after repeated tensions between her and Emilia Clarke.  Alicia von Rittberg had been scheduled to play a recurring role as a witch with the ability to become invisible.  This role would have required nude scenes for Alicia von Rittberg, which would have been her first.

Alicia von Rittberg

Alicia von Rittberg

Apparently, Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen was not at all happy with the idea of a competing naked magical beauty on the set. Unconfirmed reports are that a screaming match between Emilia Clarke and the writers resulted in Alicia von Ritterg’s role being eliminated.

Emilia Clarke upset on Game of Thrones

Emilia Clarke upset on Game of Thrones

We do not know if these rumors are true However, we are sure that fans of Alicia von Rittberg will not be seeing her on Game of Thrones this season.

Is Jannik Schumann Alicia von Rittberg’s Boyfriend?

Alicia von Rittberg fans are always upset that she has been very secretive about exactly who her boyfriend is.  Lately, Alicia von Rittberg has been linked with the incredibly handsome German actor Jannik Schumann.

Jannik 1ÜÜ

Alicia von Rittberg and Jannik Schumann worked together on the film Barbara, where it was obvious to all that they were more than just friends. By the way, notice that in the publicity picture above, Alicia is wearing a lovely pants suit, while Jannik decided a sweatshirt and sneakers were good enough. Despite Jannik Schumann wearing clothing that looks like he slept in them, he still comes across and one of the best looking young men on the planet.

Jannik 2

When reporters asked Alicia if she was once again back with Jannik, she did not say yes or no. She simple smiled and went back to the ski slopes.

In the past, Alicia von Rittberg has been linked to Samuel Schneider and Elyas M’Barek. Has she dumped them to move back to to her old pal Jannik Schumann? Alicia will never tell.

Alicia von Rittberg in 2016

Fans of Alicia von Rittberg are in a panic that they have not seen her in 2016. Not to worry. This German beauty will be starring in the movie Our Kind of Traitor which premiers May 6, 2016.  Photographers are already speculating as to whether or not Alicia will wear the kind of jaw dropping revealing outfit she had on for the premier of Fury.

2016 Alicia 5

In the meantime Alicia von Rittberg has been relaxing on the ski slopes, and managing to look gorgeous despite being bundled up from the bitter cold.

2016 Alicia 8

Articles about Alicia von Rittberg continue to be the most read items on our website. Surprisingly, she has a huge number of fans in Indonesia and Malaysia. However many of them search using the keywords, “Alicia von Rittberg bugil” which translates to  “Alicia von Rittberg naked”.

2016 Alicia 6

Once again, we will gave to say- sorry guys Alicia von Rittberg has never done a nude scene. There is speculation as to whether or not Alicia von Rittberg will appear nude on Game of Thrones when it returns on April 24, 2016.

2016 Alicia 7

Of course, Alicia von Rittberg’s management continues to negotiate to buy the rights to The Naked Swim, in which Alicia von Rittberg would play the starring role of Jeanne Sedola.

2016 Alicia

So fans of Alicia von Rittberg will be seeing a lot more of her in 2016. And remember to keep checking East Coast Stories for all the latest news on Alicia von Rittberg.

Alicia von Rittberg and her gorgeous smile

Alicia von Rittberg and her gorgeous smile

Alicia von Rittberg Helps Refugees

People have been asking where Alicia von Rittberg has been. Well, Alicia von Rittberg has been quietly working behind the scenes helping with the flood of refugees pouring into the EU and Germany.

Ref 1

Alicia von Rittberg has been using her celebrity status to collect food, clothing and money to help the destitute masses coming into Germany.

Ref 2

Alicia von Rittberg was quoted as saying, “my work on the movie Fury made realize that not so long ago we Germans were also cold and hungry and homeless. Now that times are good in Germany, we cannot just sit by and ignore others in need.”

ref 3

This remarkable young woman could have been partying in Berlin or Paris. Instead, Alicia von Rittberg had been handing out food and water to strangers from another land. We like her more each day.

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Alicia von Rittberg’s Boyfriend

So who is Alicia von Rittberg’s boyfriend? The beautiful young actress from Fury  has been linked to Samuel Schneider and Elyas M’Barek. Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

Alicia von Rittberg & Christian Kurtz

Alicia von Rittberg & Christian Kurtz. Is that a ring he gave her?

Of course, Alicia von Rittberg has also be seen around with Christian Kurtz.

boyfriend 4

She looks happy no matter who she is with.

boyfriend 5

It seems to us that she is still playing the field.

boyfriend 7

Of course, that means there is still a chance for some lucky guy.

Boyfriend 1

Be sure to read about Alcia von Rittberg’s upcoming movie, Our Kind of Traitor.

Alicia has also shown interest in starring in the film version of The Naked Swim;

boyfriend 3

Will Alicia von Rittberg  really appear nude on Game of Thrones next season?

Alicia von Rittberg’s New Movie

Alicia von Rittberg will be starring in Our Kind of Traitor which is scheduled to be released soon. This is a thriller based on the best selling novel by John le Carre. She will play the daughter of a powerful Russian mobster. Alicia, of course, is the beautiful German actress who had such a key part in the movie Fury.

July Alicia 3

Alicia von Rittberg will also be beginning work on the film adaptation of the controversial book A Woman in Berlin. This book is a true story of the mass rapes committed by Soviet soldiers when they took over Berlin in World War II. When this book appeared after the war, it was so shocking and so shameful to both Germany and the Soviet Union, that the woman who wrote it had to publish it anonymously.

July Alicia 4

In this movie, Alicia von Rittberg will have the lead role as a young German woman whose only thought is how to survive each day. In one of the most memorable lines, the main character looks back and states that ,” It is hard to believe that there was a time in my life when all I thought about every second of every day was how to stay warm and how to get food.”

July Alicia 2

It is rumored that Alicia von Rittberg has been starving herself for this role to look more realistic for the part. Th movie studio wanted to use special effects, but Alicia insisted on the harder method, to prove to the world that she is indeed a serious actress.

Alicia von Rittberg on Game of Thrones

The press agent for actress Alicia von Rittberg confirmed to East Coast Stories today that she will be playing a major role on the new season of Game of Thrones. Fans were disappointed that she was not in last season.  He also confirmed rumors that Alicia von Rittberg will appear nude in some of the episodes.

This will be the first time Alicia von Rittberg has ever done a nude scene, a fact that some of her fans find hard to believe.

Much more Alicia 2

Alicia von Rittberg played the young German Girl Emma in the World War II movie Fury. 

Exactly what role Alicia von Rittberg will play on Game of Thrones has not been announced, however her agent hinted that she will play a major  character who has extraordinary magical powers.

Of course Game of Thrones is no stranger to female nudity.

The beautiful Emilia Clarke has appeared nude many times times in the series. She is better known as Dany Daenerys, or “The Mother of Dragons”. She will be in for some competition from Alicia von Rittberg.

More Alicia von Rittberg

Alicia von Rittberg, the German actress  who played Emma in the movie Fury, continues to be the most searched item on our blog. People want to know more about her.  Exactly what is it that makes the readers so interested in her?  Well, of course, there is the obvious appeal of her physical beauty. However, we think it is more than just that.  She created a sensation at the London Premier of Fury with her  astoundingly  low cut gown.


The press loved her for that, but that also loved her for the fact that she was wiling to give long and cheerful interviews to whoever asked, despite the fact that English is not her first language.


In the interviews, Alicia comes across as charming and unassuming. She  walked down the line of reporters and photographers and, as she did so, she shook hands and introduced herself. She always said, “Hi. I’m Alicia.” She does not think of herself as a “Star”, and therefore thinks she still needs to tell the reporters who she is.


Her natural innocence is why she was so good at portraying Emma in Fury. The movie’s director got a lot of criticism for including that character in such a brutal war film.  However, his obvious intention was to show the juxtaposition of innocence and beauty against the brutal realities of war. Alicia was able to bring that character to life perfectly, despite not saying a word of English in the film.


In the German film Barbara, she has a very small part in which she plays the girlfriend of a boy who has attempted suicide by jumping off a roof.  Although the doctors say his injuries have healed completely, she insists that there is some sort of brain damage since his personality has changed.

New Alicia 3


Alicia’s American fans will be surprised to see her playing a character that is more tough and less innocent than the Emma character in Fury.


We look forward to seeing her in many more films in the next few years.


From the interest she had generated on this blog,  we can tell that she has many fans eagerly searching to see what she will be in next.


She has been around on German T.V. for quite some time, and now the rest of the world is waiting to see what  comes next.



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Barbara – movie review

Barbara is an excellent German movie about the life of a doctor in rural East Germany in 1980. Nina Hoss plays Barbara, a doctor who is under suspicion by the Secret Police, since she has applied for permission to move out of East Germany.  In retaliation, the government transferred her from a top hospital in East Berlin, to a rural hospital. In addition to surveillance by the Secret Police, she has to deal with suspicions that the local rural hospital staff have for a big city outsider.


The movie is in German with English subtitles, but this does not take away from the film. It is much better than dubbing, since you get to hear the real actors voices.


Ronald Zehrfeld is Andre, another doctor in the hospital.  He openly admits that in addition to his medical duties, part of his job is to send a regular report about her to the Secret Police. Barbara takes this as no more than a minor annoyance, since this sort of thing was common practice in East Germany.  She finds that in addition to being a government informant Andre is also a good and caring doctor.


Jasna Fritzi Bauer plays Stella, a young woman who is repeatedly brought to the hospital for injuries sustained when trying to escape from East Germany. It is left to the audience to decide if Stella is a brave young woman, or simply an insane person.

Alicia von Rittberg is Anna, the girlfriend of a young man recovering from a suicide attempt. She is the one who notices that he somehow seems like a different person now and wonders if there is a medical explanation.

barbara 7

The movie has an excellent plot and wonderful acting. It intertwines political intrigue with medical drama and daily life. It shows that people’s lives do not take place in  a vacuum. Barbara wants to get out of East Germany, but at the same time does not want to abandon her patients.  The Communist Party officials have given her the official party line that, “the workers and farmers have paid for your education and now it is time to give something back.”  When she tells this to Andre he notes in a matter of fact tone, “that is not entirely incorrect.”

The film shows that political and personal decisions are always intertwined and that choices in life are never simple.

We give this movie Five Stars *****

Alicia von Rittberg

Alicia von Rittberg is a beautiful young German actress who we predict will be a major star. We make this prediction due to a simple matter of statistics. In one of our movie reviews we mentioned Alicia’s role as Emma in Fury. That one mention caused our Fury review to get more hits than all our other posts combined.

Alicia 3

This made us very curious to see what all the excitement was about.

New Alicia 10

The first thing we found was that Alicia had caused a sensation at the premier of the film by wearing a dress with what can only be described as a very daring neckline.

barbara 7

Turns out that she is an amazingly accomplished and versatile 21 year old.   Alicia speaks German, Italian and English. She also plays the piano and dances ballet. While not yet that well known in the U.S. she has been in a huge number of German films and TV shows. We recently reviewed on this blog Barbara, in which Alicia von Rittberg plays a key part. We gave Barbara our highest rating of five stars,

Her next major film is going to be Our Kind Of Traitor which will be released in 2015. This movie is based on the John le Carre novel of the same name. We are looking forward to this release since this is one of our favorite books. It is about a powerful Russian mafia figure who decides to tell the British government  everything he knows about international money laundering in return for protection for his family.

Much more Alicia 2

His main concern is for his beautiful young daughter (who  will be played by Alicia von Rittberg). It is a role perfect for her.

Alicia 2

Let’s face it, so far most of the people who are searching on for  Alicia von Rittberg right now are young men just interested in the way she looks.

New Alicia 4

We  predict that very soon, American audiences will discover that there is an extremely accomplished actor behind that beautiful smile.


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MUch more Alicia

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Fury – movie Review

Fury is the new World War II action movie Starring Brad Pitt  as a tank commander with the nickname Sergeant War Daddy.  He and his crew are a combat hardened team in a Sherman tank that has seen war from North Africa all the way through to Germany itself in a tank they have named “Fury”.

Fury 2

One of the crew was recently killed and the tank gets a young recruit (Norman) who has only been in the Army for eight weeks and was trained as a clerk-typist.  The rest of the tank crew hates Norman immediately since one inept crew member can get everyone in the tank killed. Norman is excellently played by Logan Lerman.

The war is supposed to be almost over. The Germans are obviously defeated. Germany itself is being destroyed, but the German government will just not surrender. So the killing continues. For tank crews it is especially dangerous since the German Tiger tank is a far superior machine to the American Shermans.

The battle scenes are exciting, and much of the movie is filmed from the inside of the tank itself.  Brad Pitt is great.

The one problem is that the plot goes in too much for very old Hollywood cliches.  The tank crew is appropriately diverse. There is a Latino, a southern religious guy, a tough crude guy, the rookie and the tough but paternalistic commander. All of these men are stock characters right out of a hundred other World War II movies. The only reason the director did not add an African-American to the crew is because it is well known that the American Army was completely segregated during World War II

The scene that seems the most contrived is the one where Norman meets a young and beautiful German woman (Emma). She is played by   Alicia von Rittberg.  She is lovely with  sparkling clean and brushed hair, a bright new dress and is healthy and well feed.

Fury 1

She looks great, but for a movie that is supposed to be showing what war really looks like it just seems silly. There was no civilian in all of Germany  who still  looked that beautiful or that clean or that well fed in 1945. A more realistic portrayal of civilian life in Germany at that time is in the autobiographical book A Woman In Berlin, which we have previously  reviewed. In that book the woman stated that all she thought about every second of every day was how to get food and how to stay warm.


Still, despite its flaws this movie is worth seeing. It is action packed and the tank battles themselves show what it was like to be inside one of those “steel coffins”. They may be stock Hollywood characters, but you do care about what happens to all of them and you do admire them despite their flaws.

Because, after all, some cliches are actually true. Lest we ever forget, there really was a time when very brave men were willing to work together despite their differences and fight or even die for the things they believed in.


For  a true historic story see Gamal and the Jews- A First Hand Account of When President Nasser Expelled the Jews from Egypt.

New Alicia 2

We give this movie Four Stars ****

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