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Revolutionary Road – Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio turn from Lovers to Haters

The 2008 movie Revolutionary Road is a shock to everyone who remembers Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio as the young lovers from the 1997 film Titanic. In Revolutionary Road Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are April and Frank Wheeler, a 1950’s suburban couple who hate each other.  Revolutionary Road is an incredibly well-made film where the tension and suspense slowly build towards a final explosive ending.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet as an unhappy 1950s couple in Revolutionary Road
Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet as an unhappy 1950s couple in Revolutionary Road

In a way, Revolutionary Road is a new version of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, but in some ways even more shocking. In Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, it is obvious from the beginning that the Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor characters loath each other. In Revolutionary Road, April and Frank Wheeler at first appear to have a perfect life, with the small exception that they are slightly bored.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"
Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”

But things start to spin out of control when April comes up with the wild idea that they should drop everything and begin a new life in Paris. The idea is absurd. Neither April nor Frank speak French, they have two small children and no job prospects other than April’s notion that she can work as a secretary for U.S. government agencies in Paris. Nevertheless, Frank jumps at the idea and looks forward to quitting his boring job and “discovering himself” in France.

Kathy Bates as a devious realtor in Revolutionary Road
Kathy Bates as a devious realtor in Revolutionary Road

Then reality and success start to split Frank and April apart. As soon as Frank knows he will been quitting his job, his performance improves. Since he is no longer afraid of being fired, he takes more chances and submits more creative ideas to senior management. This gets him noticed and promoted. There is also the added excitement of beginning an affair with a young secretary.  The more successful he becomes, the more he realizes how idiotic it would be to drop everything and move to Paris.

Zoe Kazan as a sexually harassed secretary in the 1950s in Revolutionary Road
Zoe Kazan as a sexually harassed secretary in the 1950s in Revolutionary Road

April, meanwhile is living more and more in a dream world and makes all the preparations to move, including putting the house up for sale and telling the kids they are moving. She starts to hate Frank when she understands that he no longer believes in the fantasy.

David Harbour & Kathryn Hahn in Revolutionary Road
David Harbour & Kathryn Hahn in Revolutionary Road

What makes Revolutionary Road so good is the extraordinarily powerful cast. Kathy Bates is Helen, a mild-mannered but devious realtor willing to say anything to make a sale. Michael Shannon is Helen’s grown son, who is a PhD in math but also very mentally disturbed.

Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road
Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road

He enjoys saying exactly the right things to help drive Frank and April apart. His superior intelligence means he knows precisely which wounds to prod to cause the maximum pain.

David Harbour and Kathryn Hahn are the next door neighbors, who are immensely jealous of Frank and April, but pretend to be their best friends.  Zoe Kazan is the secretary Frank has an affair with. Zoe Kazan perfectly portrays the emotions of a young woman in the 1950’s in a compromising position.

Why didn't Rose move over and let Jack climb onto the door?
Why didn’t Rose move over and let Jack climb onto the door?

One unexpected impact of seeing Revolutionary Road is that it makes us look at the movie Titanic in a whole new light. What would have happened to Jack Dawson and (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) if Jack had not drown in the cold Atlantic? Would they have lived happily ever after, or would they have become a miserable pair, slowly growing to hate the sight or each other? Would Rose have resented being married to an uneducated, unsuccessful artist? Would Jack have longed for all the other women he could have been with instead of Rose? (Or course, the most common question most people ask about Titanic, is “why didn’t Rose just move her fat butt over a little and let Jack climb up onto the floating door with her?”)

Leonardo DiCaprio jokingly addresses the Titanic controversy
Leonardo DiCaprio jokingly addresses the Titanic controversy

Titanic meanderings aside, Revolutionary Road is a powerful film and is well worth watching. Revolutionary Road has top actors at the top of their craft, with a riveting plot and an unexpected ending. We give it our highest rating.

The Thin Man movies – when drunks were funny

In 1934,  a “B” movie titled The Thin Man premiered. Audiences loved it so much, it spawned 5 Thin Man sequels which were given top  “A” billing. The Thin Man movies are still fun to watch, but the first thing modern viewers notice  is how much public attitudes towards alcohol changed, even during the course of the series.

William Powell & Myrna Loy in "The Thin Man"

William Powell & Myrna Loy in “The Thin Man”

William Powell stars as the heavy drinking private detective Nick Charles. He is helped in all his capers by his beautiful upper class wife Nora (Myrna Loy).  As The Thin Man series progresses, we learn that Nora fell in love with Nick partly because she found his world of crime and adventure so much more exciting than her sterile existence as a wealthy socialite.

The beautiful Myrna Loy

The beautiful Myrna Loy

Having people from different social classes fall in love was a popular theme in the 1930s. Most people today do not realize that Blondie was originally a showgirl (which is why she is so well-endowed). Dagwood came from a wealthy family, and it was considered shocking that he would actually marry such a “loose woman”. The Blondie comic strip first appeared in 1930 and Dagwood was disowned by his family when he married Blondie. He was forced to get a job for the first time in his life. That is why Dagwood is such an inept employee.

Blondie was a showgirl and Dagwood from a wealthy family.

Blondie was a showgirl and Dagwood from a wealthy family.

 In The Thin Man movies, Nora is beautiful, intelligent and madly in love with Nick. They were a very modern couple for the 1930s. They treated each other as equals, solved crimes together and were never jealous.

Then there was the drinking. Nick is shown drinking in almost every scene of the original The Thin Man. It is considered an amusing quirk of his personality.

Blondie in French 1931-1931. The mismatched couple was popular world wide

Blondie in French 1931-1931. The mismatched couple was popular world wide

The 6 Thin Man movies went from 1934-1947, with Nick drinking less alcohol in each film until he eventually gives up drinking completely. Being a drunk was no longer socially acceptable in American society.

Still, The Thin Man movies are fun to watch and are very cleverly written. The finale of every Thin Man Movie is when Nick and Nora gather all the murder suspects into a single room and reveal exactly who the murderer is. This format has been followed in countless movies and T.V. shows ever since.

So for for some fun, watch The Thin Man movies and see a modern lovely couple solve crimes 84 years ago. And what the heck, have a few drinks while you watch.



The Top 5 Wide-Eyed Women In The Movies

For some reason Hollywood loves actresses with giant eyes that are set far apart.  It must have to do with how they look during close up camera shots. However, sometimes when you start to notice their giant eyes, it is so distracting it becomes difficult to actually concentrate on their acting. Here is East Coast Stories list of the top 5 Wide-Eyed Women on the big screen;

  • # 5 Karen Allen, who was in Star Man with Jeff Bridges and who had Indiana Jones‘ child. Karen Allen was also a main character in Animal House.

Wide 1

  • #4 Mary Elizabeth Weinstead who recently gave an exciting  and dramatic performance in 10 Cloverfield Lane.   Mary Elizabeth Weinstead is not only beautiful, she is also an incredibly talented actor. In 10 Cloverfield Lane she gets the chance to demonstrate her full range of talents.

wide 4

  • # 3 Uma Thurman the deadly woman with a samurai sword in the Kill Bill films. Her eyes are set so far apart in her face, that some people believe that every picture has been Photo-shopped.

wide 3

  • # 2 Zooey Deschanel whose giant bangs cannot cover up her giant eyes.

Zooey Deschanel 07-07-2009Zooey Deschanel 2009-07-07

Wide 2

It isn’t just that the eyes of these actresses are huge. The eyes are actually further apart than they are in most people. How is this possible? The skulls of these women are not any larger than those of other people. How can their eyes be bigger and set further apart than those of other people? Every one of these women are excellent actors. It was their eyes that first got them noticed, but it was their talent which made them stars.

Nothing But A Smile – book Review

In the 1940s if someone saw a picture of a naked woman, the joke would be that she was “wearing nothing But A Smile“. Of course, in those days pictures of naked women were not easy to find. That was long before  the internet; and even Playboy magazine was decades away.

Nothing 1

This was during World War II, and the armed forces were very strict about what their “boys” were allowed to see. There were “pin-ups” of women like Betty Grable in every Army barracks. Then there were the hidden “girly  magazines” which were secretly passed around and sold.

Nothing But A Smile by Steve Amick is a novel about where those girly magazines came from. The hero of the story is Wink Dutton, an Army Illustrator who is wounded in his right hand and can no longer draw.  He is shipped home and is despondent that he can no longer make a living.

Nothing 3

He winds up teaming up with the wife of one of his Army buddies who owns a photography shop. She has been keeping secret from her husband the fact that the shop is losing money and may go out of business.  She (Sally)  and Wink decide to make money publishing their own erotic magazine, with Wink as the photographer and Sally as the model.

Nothing But A Smile is a well written and fun to read novel.  Steve Amick has kept  it historically accurate with the views of nudity and sex. Pictures that were considered naughty or  even illegal in 1942 would be mild by today’s standards.

The characters are interesting and the plot is great. Wink and Sally begin their adventure to make a few bucks without actually realizing what they are getting into. There are questions they forgot to ask when they started.  Isn’t  it wrong to take nude pictures of your friend’s wife while he is away fighting a war? Can you really stay emotionally detached from the model you are taking naked pictures of?

Nothing 2

They also forgot that the girly magazine business already existed and has some rules they are ignoring.  There are very rough and violent characters in that world. There are laws and the  moral standards of neighbors. In other words, a lot of people who don’t want a couple of amateurs just showing up unannounced.

We recommend Nothing But A Smile and hope you enjoy the book as much as we did.

The Winter Wife

Towards end of Life,

Once filled with Strife,

He misses most his Winter Wife.

The Devil raged inside his head

then Winter Wife came to his bed.

She warmed his soul,

chased Devil out.

With Winter lust their love screamed out.

Of Cold and Death they had no fear,

Pure love that could not last the year.

Springtime came and melted snow,

Winter Wife packed bags to go.

Another another man, another life,

Another love for Winter Wife


The Winter Goddess

The Winter Goddess stood in the snow and glanced in Eric’s direction. In his  delirious state, he knew she was the same  vision that Viking warriors must have seen hundreds of years ago just before they died of battle wounds.

Eric peered through the snow, but he just could not see her clearly. She was there, but somehow just out of focus – just out of reach. She looked directly at him and smiled. Her skin was incredibly pale and beautiful and her long golden hair moved slightly in the wind.  The Winter Goddess called out to him in in a soulful  soft voice, but he could not understand her. She was speaking some ancient dialect of long forgotten tribes of the far north.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of Eric’s mind was the vague realization that he was  in the final stages of hypothermia.  He had passed through the phases of shivering and dizziness and had entered the final  levels of confusion and rapid heart beat.

Eric’s heart was racing like a small engine about to explode. His heart was going at such a rate that he had stopped shivering. For the first time in many hours he felt comfortable. Then he actually began to feel warm and even hot.

As he walked towards the Winter Goddess Eric shed the clothing which was making him hot.  Off went the jacket, the sweater and shirt and finally the pants and underclothing. Eric strode confidently through the snow. He was warm and happy as he got closer to the Winter Goddess.

Miles away the searchers were looking in the wrong direction for Eric. The Norwegians were angry that they had to risk their own lives trying to find an American who was arrogant and foolish enough to go off alone in the Norwegian wilderness in Winter.

The American had left no note, no map of where he was going, not even a message with the innkeeper as to what direction he was headed. The searchers shook their heads in disgust at the lack of respect the American had shown for the wilderness.

But Eric knew nothing of the searchers anger or disgust. He had entered another realm; another level of existence.  He had finally reached the Goddess of Winter.  She smiled at him and took Eric into her arms. Her breasts felt warm against his chest.  Eric had expected her skin to be cold, but instead the Goddess of Winter’s skin was soft and warm as she gently caressed him.

Now that he had reached the Goddess, Eric could finally relax. He had been walking for so long and was so tired that it felt  wonderful to stop and relax.

The Winter Goddess whispered in Eric’s ear and gently stroked his hair.  Suddenly he could understand her language.  She was telling Eric that he was home now. That all his struggles were over and all his battles had been won. It was time to come in from the cold and feast at the long table with all the Gods and Goddesses.

Eric felt the peace and relaxation for which he had spent so many years searching. The Winter Goddess continued to hug him and keep him warm in the snow as his racing heart gradually slowed down and finally came to a smooth and wonderful stop.

The Gallaghers back and crazier than ever

America’s favorite White Trash family has returned in Season 6 of Showtime’s Shameless, and from the fist episode it is better than ever. While the Gallagher clan has many notorious members; the two driving forces of the plot have always been the lives of  Frank Gallagher (played by William H. Macy) and his daughter Fiona (played by Emmy Rossum).

Emily 2Fiona’s goal in life has always been to prove to everyone, especially herself, that she is completely different than her father. However, as her character has developed, it becomes increasingly obvious that  she and Frank, in fact, are much more alike than Fiona would ever admit.

Like Frank, Fiona struggles with drug and alcohol dependence. However, unlike Frank, she tries to fight these forces, while Frank embraces them willingly.

 Fiona Gallagher is beautiful, smart and sexy. However she is also reckless, wild and self-destructive.  She may no longer be addicted to drugs, but she is certainly an adrenaline junkie who craves crazy sex with crazy men in crazy places. Emma Rossum has appeared topless or naked in many many episodes.  Her fabulously beautiful body sometimes distracts critics from mentioning what an astoundingly superb actor she is.

emmy 7

It is impossible to imagine  anyone but Emmy Rossum in the role of Fiona Gallagher. Shameless without Emmy Rossum would be like trying to have The Sopranos without James Gandolfini.

We look forward to seeing how the character of Fiona continues to develop. We also look forward to following the career of Emmy Rossum in whatever acting challenges she takes on in the future.

They Live – a Socialist horror movie

If Bernie Sanders had become a movie director instead of a Senator, then They Live would have been his film. They Live is an incredibly bad 1988 horror movie with a strong  Socialist message.  However, like a lot bad horror films it is really fun to watch. In fact, over the years it has developed its own cult following.

They 1

The movie stars professional wrestler rowdy Roddy Piper as an unemployed construction worker just trying  to get by.  Times are hard, unemployment is massive and tent cities of homeless people are growing.

They 2

Then one day Roddy finds a pair of sunglasses and when he puts them on he sees the world as it really is. It turns out that aliens from another planet are living among us disguised as humans.  The aliens are controlling everything. They have chosen a small group of cooperating humans to make rich and powerful, while the rest of the humans suffer.

There is a resistance movement which is manufacturing the sunglasses so that people can see the truth. Roddy, being the hero of the film, ends up joining the resistance.

The movie has everything that makes bad horror films so great. There is a ridiculous plot, bizarre looking aliens, gory fight scenes , and  corny one-liners. Of course, being 1988 there is also  gratuitous nudity, with  Cibby Danyla having no purpose in the movie other that to show off her naked breasts.

They 3

Roddy’s love interest in the film is Meg Foster, who is known for her astoundingly beautiful  blue eyes. She has become quite a famous actress since They Live, but her start was as a sunglasses-wearing Alien killer.

They 5

The surprising part of the film is that Roddy Piper actually does a good job as an actor. However this is the only movie he ever did. Unfortunately Roddy died in July 2015 at the age of 61. He was know among all the wrestlers as a great guy who was always a lot of fun to work with.

So during this political season, you may want to have some fun watching a horror film that tries to beat the audience over the head with a political message.  According to They Live, we are not being paranoid. There really is a small group of rich people that control the whole world. There also really is an alien menace threatening our way of live. However, these aliens did not come from across the border, but from across the universe.

Alicia von Rittberg in The Naked Swim

Management for Alicia von Rittberg is in negotiations to purchase the rights for The Naked Swim and turn it into a movie starring Alicia von Rittberg.

The Naked Swim is an original East Coast Stories series about a young Canadian woman on vacation in the Caribbean. It is an erotic mystery that  includes sex and witchcraft.

Alicia von Rittberg is best known to American audiences for her role in Fury. In The Naked Swim, Alicia von Rittberg will stat as Jeanne, a beautiful girl from Vancouver Island Canada, who is running from accusations of murder and witchcraft.


The role is perfect for Alicia von Rittberg who has the rare ability to portray on-screen a combination of vulnerability and strength.

witch 1

We are very excited abut this new venture. Thanks for reading

Flesh and Bone – an addictive insult to ballet

According to the Straz network’s Flesh And Bone, all ballerinas are drug addicted, anorexic, neurotic nymphomaniacs who come from abusive childhoods. In real life, ballet dancers are among the most hard working and talented professional athletes on the planet. They take care of their bodies and undergo a training regime that most people would find amazing to witness.

A series about the real life of ballet dancers struggling to reach the top levels of this demanding performing art would have been fascinating. Instead, Flesh And Bone is a combination of a cheap rip-off of Black Swan, and Deep Throat.

The star of of the series is Claire Robbins (played by Sarah Hay). She comes from Pittsburgh to New York to escape the incestuous advances of  her brother. He is an Army veteran and is basically insane due to things he saw and did in Iraq.

This is another stereotype that T.V. shows and movies really need to end.  Please,  please stop portraying every soldier who ever served in Iraq or Afghanistan as some sort of psychologically damaged danger to society. Our soldiers deserve better than that.

Flesh 1

Claire seems completely psychotic herself. She does not like men touching her and ran away from her brother. However, she voluntarily spends all her free time performing in a Brooklyn strip club for fun.

One of the weirdest shows is the Thanksgiving episode. Clair feels guilty for leaving, and returns home to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving.  Once there, she does end up having sex with her bother. Not exactly a Hallmark Channel Thanksgiving special.

Like most Straz Network shows, Flesh And Bone tries to get the most female nudity on screen whenever possible. Apparently ballerinas love walking around naked back stage, and in their apartments, and basically anywhere they can.

Flesh 2

The one bright light of Flesh And Bones is the fantastic acting ability of Ben Daniels. He plays Paul Grayson, the gay Artistic Director of the Ballet company. Instead of being a stereotype weak homosexual, his character is a tough as nails leader. He runs with an iron fist the company he started, and God help anyone who crosses him.

Still, despite all the soft core porn and crazy characters, you may find yourself becoming addicted to this series. It is like junk food. You know  all the salt and preservatives and fat are awful – but they taste just so damn good. After a few episodes you may say, “I will not watch another episode of this crap.” But you know you will.

Golshifeth Farahani

Golshifeth Farahani is the Iranian actress who played Pharaoh’s wife in Exodus Gods and Kings.   While not well known in the United States, she is a celebrity in France and infamous in Iran


She has been told in no uncertain terms that she is no longer welcome in Iran, after posing nude for a French magazine.

Exactly why she chose to pose naked is still a matter of debate. Some women applaud her independence.  However, some struggling  Iranian actresses are furious at her. They say she has made it much harder for all serious actresses trying to make a living in Iran, where some men in power already feel that all actresses are no better than prostitutes.

Golshifeth Farahani certainly did not need to pose nude to get attention. She is an accomplished singer and has appeared in numerous films. She also has one of the most strikingly beautiful faces on the silver screen.

Gold 12

Even in traditional conservative Iranian clothing and headscafr Goldshifeth Farahani stands out. She did not need to get naked to prove her beauty to the world.

However, Golshifeth Farahani is not just another pretty actress looking for attention. She is using her celebrity as a way to expose the daily injustices and abuses that take place against women in Iran. She points out how women in the Islamic world are forced to constantly hide not only their bodies, but the very essence of who they are.

Gold 5

Golshifeth Farahani says that , “I lied a million times from the times. From the time I first went to school I was forces to lie to survive.” Perhaps it is no coincidence that this photo of Goldshiefth makes her look very much like an Iranian Kainess Everdeen


In her own very feminine way, Golshifeth Farahani is a true freedom fighter. She is what the Islamic dictators fear every bit as much as a team of Navy Seals. She is a strong free woman, not afraid to show the world exactly who she is.

James Bond Marries Miss Moneypenny

Three weeks after he retired from MI6, James Bond married Eve Moneypenny. Eve moved into James’ London flat and the two were fabulously happy.  Most people had assumed that James would marry a supermodel, or an exceedingly rich and beautiful woman.

However, James Bond had always been in love with Miss Moneypenny, and she with him. Moneypenny was the woman who was always there for Bond. She was the only real friend, male or female, that Bond had ever  had.

Bond 1

Of course, Bond had made love with countless woman over the years, but he had never really been in love with them. All those women were seduced by 007, the fearless man with nerves of steel and no doubts.

Unlike the other women, Moneypenny had seen the real Bond. The one he hid from the world. When “M” was away, James and Eve spent hours in the office talking about all the demons that tormented Bond.  He confided his guilt about the many people he had killed, the destruction he had caused; even the many women he had seduced and then left behind.  He questioned whether or not it was really for a good cause. Eve Moneypenny was always there to reassure Bond. She was there to pull him up when he was at his lowest.

Bond 2

Unlike Bond, Moneypenny did not retire. She had started in MI6 as a secretary, but eventually rose to become Director of All European Secret Operations. Moneypenny often worked late into the night, directing her spies throughout the world.

James loved his new role. He was a gourmet chef and always had a romantic dinner waiting for Eve whatever hour she returned home.

One day a new agent at MI6 made  a pass at Eve Moneypenny. She laughed it off, and explained that she was a happily married woman.

“Well, your husband, Mister Moneypenny, is a lucky man.”

“Yes he is”, answered Eve with a smile. “And by the way, his name is not Moneypenny. His name is Bond, James Bond.”

Attack of the Naked Women

The stock market has crashed. The crime rate is rising. Racial tensions are high and police morale is low. The mass transit system is falling apart. So New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio  has decided that the top priority of his administration should be to protect us all from the “threat” poised by beautiful young women who pose semi-nude for the Tourists in Times Square.

Exactly why this is a police matter, de Blasio is having a tough time explaining. The tourists love the girls. This is exactly the sort of decadence they hoped to see when they boarded planes in the Midwest to come to the Big Apple.

No one who lives or works in New York is upset. That is because anyone who actually lives or works in New York City avoids Times Square at all costs.

The New York Supreme Court is not even concerned about the young women. It ruled more than a year ago that it is perfectly legal for women to be topless anywhere in New York at any time.

The Mayor’s brilliant plan is to arrest the women for illegally conducting a “business” since they take tips from tourists who take their pictures. When told that this might not fly legally, his next idea is that we should re-open the streets to traffic in Times Square. He would rather have the pollution, noise and danger of the extra cars, than risk seeing a female nipple.

The Mayor seems to be missing the point that Freedom of Expression is what this country is all about. After all, if a beautiful young woman cannot show her patriotism by painting her breasts Red, White and Blue and displaying them to the World, then the terrorists really have won.

WiFi and Naked Coffee

“Usually I’m naked when I drink coffee,” the girl whispered into her iPhone. ” I sleep in the nude, and I guess I am too lazy to put any clothing on before I have that first cup of coffee. Every morning I stand there in my apartment naked with the coffee cup in my hand. There is something amazingly sensual about the feel of the warm liquid going down my throat.

There are times I wish I could just stay nude all day.”

Joseph sat mesmerized, trying to pretend he was not listening to every word the young woman on the couch next to him was saying. Joseph was at a  coffee shop he had never been to before in Soho . It prided itself in its laid-back atmosphere. There were no tables or regular chairs; just soft couches and big easy chairs. The regulars got their extra large cappuccinos and then spent hours sipping their drinks and using the free WiFi. The coffee shop was packed to capacity day and night and you had to squeeze onto the tiny couches and sit next to strangers.

Of course, Joseph had immediately noticed the girl when she sat next to him. She was gorgeous and sensual, dressed in black jeans and a tight black top. Her brown hair cascaded over her shoulders in a very natural style.

Now that he overheard her speaking about walking around her apartment naked, Joseph looked up from his laptop computer and sneaked another glance at the girl.  She was speaking  on her iPhone, while at the same time typing furiously on her own laptop computer.  She was expertly juggling both devices, plus her cup of coffee and paying no attention whatsoever to Joseph, who was sitting so close that their thighs almost touched.

“No, I’ve never spilled hot coffee on my nipples. What a thing to say. You are just terrible,” whispered the girl into the phone giggling slightly.  Her tone of voice was in a teasing, laughing manner, and Joseph was dying to know exactly what her relationship was with whoever was on the other end of the phone. More than anything in the world Joseph wanted to be the person on the other end of the phone.

“Well, I’ve got to go,” said the girl suddenly as she hung up the phone, and closed her laptop. Joseph sighed slightly as he watched her walk away in her skintight Jeans.

Joseph decided it was time to try to get some work done on his own laptop, but when he looked at it all he saw was the dreaded” Blue Screen of Death”. He tried re-booting. He tried Ctrl-Alt-Delete. He tried physically removing the battery and re-installing it. Nothing worked. No matter what he did the computer screen stayed just a solid blue page. His computer was now nothing more than a large paperweight.

Then his cell phone dinged and a text message appeared.  It read, “Joseph – type CVd77@31Y into your computer and all will be well – your couch girlfriend.”

At this point, Joseph was desperate and he followed the instructions and typed the code into his laptop. The second he hit “Enter” a picture appeared with a message under it.

The picture was of the girl who minutes ago had been sitting on the couch next to be him.  However, instead of wearing jeans and a top she was wearing nothing at all.  She was naked and drinking a large cup of steaming coffee. The message under the picture read,

“Joseph – your computer systems need better protection. I was able to use a simple trick and steal all your passwords and get into your systems while you were listening  to my phone call.”  The message went on to explain that her name was April Massey and that she was a computer security expert. She had her own company that set up security on computers. There was a link to the website for her company, and a list of prices for different security packages offered.

Joseph spent the next 45 minutes checking every part of his computer to make sure he had not lost any data. Then he spent the next half hour changing every password on  every link he could remember.

As he was doing this, however, he kept toggling back to the naked picture of April. Finally he decided to make it his screen saver. He was so intent on looking at her breasts that it was a long time before he noticed the little  ♥ heart shaped character at the bottom of the picture. When he clicked on it a new message appeared,

“Joseph – you are the only one who actually got the naked coffee picture. Everyone else just gets the Blue Screen of Death and the security system message.  I think you are kind of cute. Next time a beautiful woman sits one inch from you on a couch how about actually talking to her? By the way, I don’t really drink coffee nude in my apartment in the morning. Every morning I am right here at 6am on that same couch.”

Joseph re-read that message 10 times. He could not decide it it was for real or if April was playing him for an idiot  for the second time in one day. There was only one thing he did know for sure. At 6 am tomorrow morning he was going to be right here on this same couch – waiting.

Naked and Afraid – The Stupid show everyone watches

The sheer stupidity of Naked And Afraid on the Discovery Channel is what makes the show so much fun to watch.  If you have never seen this show, the basic concept is that a man and a woman are placed naked in a jungle or an island and must survive for almost 3 weeks. They are complete strangers, and the first time they ever see each other they are naked.

Afraid 1

There is not enough space to list all the ridiculous items in this series, so we will just touch on some of the most hilarious;

  • The show takes itself SO seriously.  As viewers, we are somehow supposed to believe that these people are really in danger. This; despite the fact that the “survivalists” are at all times surrounded by a Camera Crew, a Sound Technician, a Director, and all the laborers who carry the food,  equipment and set-up camps for these crews.
  • We are supposed to pretend that nakedness is part of a normal survival scenario.
    Through the years, there have been many true stories of people suddenly being thrust into desperate survival situations.  Planes have crashed in a jungle. There are shipwrecks. Storms have destroyed homes.  In any of these real situations, the people were afraid, but they were certainly not naked.  The naked component is there for the sole purpose of increasing ratings.

afraid 2

  • The naked people are pixelated.  Since the Discovery Channel is on basic cable, it cannot show naked genitalia or naked female breasts. However, they do  get around this as much as possible by blurring only the absolute minimum. Viewers can get a very good idea of exactly what the naked people look like. There is also the titillating feature that the people move around a lot and the blurring does not always keep up with the movement. There is no doubt that many of the viewers watch the show hoping to get a glance of something forbidden. If this seems cynical, just take a look at the comments on the internet. The most common question people ask about Naked and Afraid is “Where can I see a version of the show without anything  blurred out?” The disappointing answer is “Nowhere.” However,  we all  know that eventually someone is going to steal an uncensored print and release a truly naked version of the show on the internet.

Afraid 4

  • The contestants are good-looking exhibitionists. Take a look at the contestants in the picture shown above. Do their bodies look like those of the “average” American who might get caught in a survival situation? Of course not. They have great bodies, and love showing them to people. If your plane crashed on a remote island chances are you would be with a bunch of middle aged fat people rather than the very  sexy Jane & Tarzan types we see here.
  • Many of the contestants don’t make clothing.
    Despite the fact that it is easy to make some basic coverings from palm leaves or other items, most of the contestants do not.  In particular, the men seem to especially enjoy leaving their penises to swing free.  There is no doubt that most men would place a top priority on covering up this sensitive part of the anatomy to protect it from sun and scrapes. However, the men on this show, want very much  to share their little friend with the world.

Despite all of its flaws, or maybe because of them,  the show is actually fun to watch.  It does teach you something about human nature.  The contestants  come to the show with various level of survival skills and we see which skills are useful and which are not.  It turns out that the most important skill is a positive attitude and the ability to encourage others. The people who get along and work together do well regardless of their basic skills.  Those who argue with each other end up miserable.

Of course, if you are ever really find yourself in a situation like this, here are  are the  3 easy to follow steps which will keep you and your partner alive.

  • Step 1 – Make weapons from the sticks and rocks all around you. Spears are easy to make and are very effective.
  • Step 2 – Use your weapons to attack the Director, Camera & Sound Crews. Take their food, clothing and water which they have been selfishly not sharing with you.
  • Step 3 – Put some damn clothing on!

We rate this show Two stars **

The Land of Lost Girls – the Anorexia Escape

Leah looked at her naked body in the full length mirror and smiled. For the first time in months Leah felt at peace. She had gone from “fat” to “chubby” to “svelte.” All her friends had noticed. Finally she was in control. The way she had mastered her own body had given her something to be in charge of. Something that she controlled. Not her parents, not her teachers, not the boys who tried to paw her at school functions.  Leah was finally in control of her life.

anorexia is an epidemic in America

anorexia is an epidemic in America

Leah’s greatest joy came when she stopped menstruating.   She felt pure. It was proof that she was superior to those sluts at school who were always taking about the disgusting acts they had performed over the weekend. She was above all that now. Her sacrifices had moved her to a new level of existence.

Anorexia symptoms

Anorexia symptoms

Of course,  the old people were tying to take all that away from her. Mrs. Ryan, the Phys Ed teacher had been the first to meddle. Leah had been forced to listen to a lecture by Mrs. Ryan about Anorexia Nervosa. Why couldn’t that fat old cow just leave her alone

Lilith in the Land of Lost Girls

Lilith in the Land of Lost Girls

Then Mrs. Ryan had done something even worse. She had called Leah’s parents to discuss the “situation.” That’s how Leah ended up at Overlook Hospital sitting here discussing intimate details of her body with Dr. Telesco. The only good part was that Dr. Telesco was really hot. He was tall and thin with a gorgeous face and a  body like a marathon runner.  He also had a really soothing voice.

“So Leah,” began Dr. Telesco. “Now that the examination is done, would you like your parents to come in while we discuss the case?”

“God no!” said Leah in a shocked tone. “Besides, Mom is in California on a big case for at least a month. The only reason Dad is here is that the stock market is closed today.”

“O.K.,” said Dr. Telesco with a smile. “Your rapid weight loss is not good for your health. You have gone far below what is normal for your height. The X-Rays show that this is causing a loss of bone mass. In addition, your body has trouble simply maintaining normal temperature.  I notice you are wearing a sweater even though it is quite warm out today.”

“I just like the way this outfit looks,” answered Leah defensively.

Dr. Telesco leaned forward and said gently, “Leah you are putting your life at risk. You are literally starving yourself to death. I would like to put you on a program to help you get back to a normal weight. You should be seeing a Psychiatrist to help you through this. Your parents will need to be involved.”

Leah began to shake and cry. This is exactly what she was afraid of.  They were going to try to control her. They were going to force her to become fat and ugly. She would develop big cow breasts like the other sluts. That disgusting monthly “thing” would return.

In the end, however, Leah had no choice. She either had to agree to see a psychiatrist  as an outpatient, or her parents could have her involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital for treatment.

So one week later Leah was back at Overlook taking to a psychiatrist named Dr. Grundy. He looked like he had not shaved in a few days, and his suit was very wrinkled. In her own mind,  Leah immediately made up the nickname “The Grunge” for him.

The first thing The Grunge did was to hand Leah a picture of a naked woman sitting on a rock by a rushing river.

“Leah, describe to me in as much detail as possible, exactly what you think is happening in this picture.”

This was a standard test Dr. Grundy had used for several years, with varying degrees of success. It was designed to explore the patient’s attitude toward, body-image, sex and life in general. Although he had been a psychiatrist for 15 years, he had never encountered a response as remarkable or as detailed as Leah’s.

Leah held the picture in her hands and stared it it intently for several minutes. Then she began to describe what she saw in the photo.

“Her name is Lilith. She is trying to get the courage to jump into the water. She wants to jump, but the water looks dangerous and she is afraid. She has ripped off all her clothing so that it will not drag her down when she jumps into the water, but now she is too scared to jump.”

“What do you think of Lilith’s body?” asked Dr. Grundy. “Do you think she is pretty?”

“She’s fat,” answered Leah. “She is upset about being so fat.”

“Most men would call her beautiful.”

“Most men are pigs,” responded Leah. “Look at the size of her ass. That’s all men want. Big tits and a big ass. Something to grab on to while they do disgusting things.”

“Have any men done disgusting things to you?” asked Dr. Grundy gently.

“NO WAY!” shouted Leah. “My tits are too small and I have no ass at all! I like it that way! I am not like those sluts at school!”

Dr. Grundy was concerned that Leah was getting agitated and he was afraid she might storm out of the session. He decided to switch the topic slightly. “Let’s get back to the picture,” he said soothingly. “What will happen to Lilith if she does jump into the water?”

Leah immediately calmed down. She looked up the picture and smiled. “When Lilith jumps into the water, the current will rush her down and over a high waterfall.  She is scared when she goes over the falls, but she does not get smashed on  the rocks.  After the waterfall, the river becomes calm and she floats gently downstream for a very very long time. Finally she comes to the shores of the Land Of Lost Girls.  Other girls come to the riverside and greet her with smiles. They dry her off and give her a long beautiful pure white robe to wear.  They brush her hair and give her fruit to eat and wine to drink.”

“What happens in the Land of Lost Girls?” asked Dr. Grundy.

“Nothing. That’s the point,” answered Leah. “It’s like in Peter Pan, but for girls. They stay there forever and don’t age. It’s actually better than Peter Pan, since there are no pirates, or alligators or weapons.”

“Or males?” asked Dr. Grundy.

“Of course not,” said Leah. “No annoying little boys. No dirty old men. No aggressive over-sexed young men.  Just the beautiful girls.”

The time for the session was over, although Dr. Grundy knew they were only scratching the surface.

As Leah got up to leave she picked up the picture of the naked woman and asked, “Can I take this with me?”

“Of course you can take the picture Leah.”

“May I have an envelope to put it in? I don’t want my dad to get the wrong idea.”

Dr. Grundy found a large manila envelope in his desk and gave it Leah. She slipped the photo of the naked woman into the envelope, and then clutched onto it, like the envelope contained a bar of gold. Then Leah meekly said goodby and left the office.

Dr. Grundy spent the next 45 minutes writing notes about the session. He was very worried about Leah. He looked down at his notes:

Leah’s identification of a healthy young woman as “fat” is a part of Leah’s distorted image of the female body. Leah has possibly been sexually abused, perhaps at an age so early she does not consciously remember it. The desire to jump into the water and go over the waterfall may indicate potential suicidal tendencies. The Land Of Lost Girls fantasy is an obvious desire to avoid sexual maturation”

That night Dr. Grundy and his wife celebrated their 17th anniversary at La Papillon. The food was exquisite  but he hardly spoke at all. “What’s wrong John?” asked Celeste.

“I’m sorry. I was just thinking about all the young lives that have gone over the waterfall through the decades and ended up in the Land of Lost Girls.  Maybe this time I can catch one before she goes over the waterfall.  Maybe I can pull her back.”

Celeste smiled at her husband and did not ask what he meant. She had been married to John for long enough to know  that it had something confidential  to do with a patient. She wished that people who complained about how much psychiatrists earned could see the toll that the work took on them.

Just 10 miles away, Leah was at home alone, also having dinner. Her mother was still on the case in California.  Her father was working late in the City. He had called and said something about the Greek Euro crisis and how he had to work up a strategy for how it would impact his firm’s portfolio.  Leah pretended she understood what he was talking about.

“Have a good dinner honey.”

“I will Daddy,” said Leah as she hung up the phone.

Leah loved having dinner alone. No one to criticize or monitor her.  She looked at her dinner plate and was very satisfied with it. On the plate were a small wedge of Water Mellon, a tiny cube of cheese, three cashews and a stick of celery.  There was also a very large glass of expensive Chardonnay.

As Leah slowly ate her dinner and drank the wine, she looked at the picture of Lilith naked by the water. Leah had placed the picture on the table next to her dinner plate.

“Make the jump Lilith”, whispered Leah. “Make the jump and I will join you soon. Very soon.”

Naked In the Woods

Michelle slipped into the pond and felt the tingle of the cool water on her naked body. It had taken three hours of rough hiking for  Michelle to get to her secret place in the woods.

Michelle had found it by accident at the beginning of the summer, when she had gone off-trail in search of rare plants. The hikes were part of the research for her PhD dissertation in Botany. Her dissertation had the unexciting title “The encroachment of invasive species on the natural ecosystem of upstate New York and the negative impact on the water supply  to New York City”

marriage 1Michelle had been very proud of the first draft and was devastated at the criticism leveled by her PhD adviser Dr. Paul Coelho.

“It’s a little dry Michelle,” Dr. Coelho had said. “You have statistics and graphs, but you need to really feel the subject. To be a real botanist you have to understand that these plants are alive and vulnerable. You have to be in touch with them and love them. You have to be willing to be naked and vulnerable in the woods like they are.”

Michelle was both  insulted and alarmed. She did not like Dr. Coelho’s talk about being naked. Was this the stodgy old Professor’s attempt to seduce his young student?  Yuck!

The day after Dr. Coelho’s lecture, Michelle went further upstate and further into the woods than she had ever been before. She had her thick jeans and heavy hiking boots on. Strapped to her was the large and heavy backpack with the vials for the plant and water samples she would take.

By the time Michelle happened upon the pond, she was exhausted, hot and sweaty.  She put down her backpack and lay on the warm dirt next to the pond. She let her hand dangle in the water, and the pond  felt cool and tempting.

Looking around to see that she was entirely alone, Michelle made an impulsive decision.

“Well, if he wants me naked that’s what he is going to get, “she said out loud

Michelle took off her dusty boots and socks;  her jeans her flannel shirt and stood there wearing nothing but her bra and panties.  She was about to dive in wearing those, but then decided she did not want to be hiking home in a soggy bra and panties. She slipped them off, hung them on a tree branch and stood in the woods completely nude.

As she stood there naked, she was suddenly afraid at how vulnerable she was.  Michelle was not large or muscular and had no weapons. She was small and soft and had no real way to defend herself against anything that choose to attack her. “Like the plants,” she thought.

Naked in the Woods

Naked in the Woods

Michelle almost put her clothing back on, but the cool water looked too inviting for her to chicken out now.  She slipped into the pond and felt  the wonderful sensation of it enveloping her.  It was as if she was the only person in the world.

She stood naked in the water and rested her hands on a tree branch that was just above her head.  Her breasts peaked out of the water and the Sun felt warm on them while the cool water played around her thighs and between her legs.

Michelle stayed that way for a long time, in an almost trance-like meditative state.

After that first time, Michelle came back to her secret spot every week. Her PhD dissertation progressed throughout the Summer, and Dr. Coelho was very pleased with the results. She never told him about her naked visits to the pond. She never told anyone. Somehow that would spoil it.

Finally,  Fall came and it got too cold to go into the water. Winter came, and Michelle continued to visit the pond each week. The pond froze, some plants died and the trees went into their long nap.

But Michelle knew that when Summer returned she would be back. Naked and soft and vulnerable, yet somehow unafraid of the harsh World beyond the woods.

The Beautiful Dead Girl – part 4 – Conclusion – The Bird Woman

One the final day of his trial for murder, Derek Manning was feeling very confident. Against the advice of his lawyer, he was going to take the witness stand. He knew that he could charm the jury into forgetting all about the finger print evidence against him.

Derek was not at all afraid of the prosecutor. She was a small timid-looking woman named Elvira Evans. Who the hell would name a kid Elvira anyway? Elvira reminded Derek of an underfed little bird nervously scuttling around the courtroom.  She has a squeaky voice and an annoying thick Bronx accent. The Jury would hate her and love Derek.

It never occurred to Derek that a tiny unattractive woman with an annoying speaking voice did not get to become a top prosecutor in New York City without being pretty damn good at her job.  That’s why he was taken completely by surprise at the Prosecution’s first question.

“Mr. Manning. Are your testicles misshapen?”

“What the Fuck?” replied Derek before his lawyer even had a chance to object.

“Objection Your Honor!”, said the Defense attorney. “This obscenely personal line of questioning has nothing to do with the case at hand.”

“It is completely relevant,” stated Elvira calmly. ” We have heard previous testimony that steroids were being stolen from the hospital where the murder victim worked as a nurse.  It is obviously to anyone looking at Mr. Manning that he is an Extreme Body Builder.  We believe that the stolen steroids were for the use of Mr. Manning. One of the sides effects of extended steroid use is misshapen testicles. ”

Judge Hewett thought about this for a full minute before saying, “Objection Overruled. The witness will answer the question.”

“Mr. Manning. Would you like me to repeat the question?” asked Elvira.

“No lady, “answered Derek in an annoyed tone. “My balls are just fine.”

Elvira went to the Prosecution’s table and retrieved a thick document and handed it to Derek. “Mr. Manning this is the report of the physician who was assigned to examine you after your arrest. Please read the fifth paragraph on page seven. I have marked it with a highlighter.”

Derek rummaged through the report for a couple of minutes before he found the right spot.  The in a subdued tone he read out loud, “The subject’s testicles are smaller than normal for his body size, and are not of normal shape. This condition is most frequently associated with the extended use of steroids by athletes; especially body-builders.”

Elvira took the report back from Derek and handed it to the Bailiff. “Your Honor we would like to make this as Prosecution exhibit J-73.”

Then Elvira turned back to Derek and continued the attack. “Mr. Manning. How do you explain that report.? Would you like to revise your testimony? Perjury is a crime Mr. Manning.”

This was not going at all the way Derek had planned. The Defense attorney, Mr. Cromwell was trying not to look worried, but was not succeeding.

“MY BALLS ARE JUST FINE! I DON ‘T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT SOME QUACK DOCTOR SAYS! ” shouted Derek. He shouted it so loudly that the police in the courtroom instinctively moved forward in case they had to restrain Derek.

But the Prosecution was just beginning, “Mr. Manning two minutes ago   you appeared to be a calm,  rational individual. Then you instantly became a very scary person. Is this an example of what is known as ‘roid  rage’? Do you often have uncontrollable outbursts like this?”

Derek struggled to get himself under control. “I do not have roid-rage. Any man would be angry if he was accused of having small funny looking balls.  Any man would react the way I did, at what you said.”

“Is that what happened? Did Kira make fun of your small testicles? Or was it the fact that she refused to continue stealing drugs for you? Is that why you snapped and killed her?”

“Objection!” called out the Defense Attorney. “Prosecution is simply speculating and making a summation.”

“Sustained.” answered the Judge. “The Jury will ignore the Prosecution’s last remark.”

But of course the Jury could not ignore it. They no longer regarded Derek as the handsome young man whose lover had tragically committed suicide. They suddenly saw him as a pumped up dangerous steroid freak who could at any time turn violent.

The Prosecution kept Derek on the stand for another three hours. Elvira systematically went through every piece of evidence all over again. By the time Derek left the witness stand he was shaking and sweating profusely.

The Defense Attorney, Mr. Cromwell gave a brilliant closing argument. He stated  that there  was no real physical evidence that Kira had actual been murdered. He tried to cast doubt on the finger print evidence on the computer keyboard.

Of course the closing arguments did not really matter any more. The Jury has seen Derek for the monster he really was.  It took the Jury only 25 minutes to come back with a guilty verdict. Reporters on scene thought this might be a record for New York City.

As the police were leading Derek out of the courtroom, he made a lunge for the Prosecutor Elvira Evans. Derek was so strong it took four very large policemen to wrestle him to the ground.

However, what people remembered most was not Derek’s lunge, but Elvira’s reaction to the attack. She stood there totally  unafraid and unflinching. She did not even take a step back.

The conclusion to the murder trial dominated the media for the next week. There must have been hundreds of stories on T.V. in the newspapers and on the internet about it. However, what everyone remembered the most was the banner headline in the New York Post  which read:

Elvira Grabs Killer by the Balls!”

Three years  later Derek was in prison while his attorney periodically  filed motions for appeal. The media had long since moved on from the story.

The big story in the news was the New York Mayoral election and the strong possibility of the election of the City’s first woman mayor.  All the polls showed that Elvira Evans would win the election, largely due to the overwhelming support of women voters.

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The Beautiful Dead Girl – Part 3 – The Trial

For Derek, the most difficult part of his murder trial was remembering not to smile. He was supposed to be the distraught boyfriend of the beautiful naked girl who had committed suicide by jumping out a window. In reality, he was the guy who had fucked her, snapped her neck, then dropped her out the window.

The fact that he was going to get away with it made him want to laugh out loud. Of course, he knew how to play his part in front of the jury. Every day in court he sat next to his attorney and looked so sad about the death of his “one true love.” When the prosecution displayed pictures  of Kira’s naked smashed corpse, he had even managed to get real tears to role down his cheeks.

Derek knew the jury was on his side. It was a great jury for him. Nine women and only three men. With his looks and natural charm his whole life he had been able to get women to do anything he wanted. In truth, he despised women as nothing  more than stupid dolls that existed to be used then thrown away.  He had an inner anger towards them all.

Except for his mother, the woman he hated the most was Kira. It would have been so much better for Derek if she really had committed suicide.  Still, it was her own fault Kira was dead. If she had just continued stealing drugs for him from the hospital like he told her, she would still be alive today. If she hadn’t decided to argue with him about it and freak out, things would never have gotten out of control.

Derek’s lawyer, Roger Cromwell,  told him not to worry. “The Prosecution’s case is all built on what is Not there, and jury’s hate that,” said Roger.

Over the weeks of the trial, the Prosecution had built its case on all the things that were not present in Kira’s apartment. In a real suicide she would have opened her fourth story window and jumped, but only Derek’s Fingerprints were on the window, not Kira’s. Also, to get out the window, she would have  to step up onto the windowsill. There were no footprints on the windowsill. The Prosecution said that this all pointed to Kira’s having been killed in the apartment then dropped out the window.

The Defense attorney told the jury this was all nonsense. He said that Derek had opened the window before he went out for breakfast. That’s why Kira didn’t have to open it. As for the no footprints, maybe the girl took a running start and dove through the window, missing the sill completely. The Defense does not have to prove anything. It simply has to cast a “reasonable doubt” on the Prosecution’s case.

The only thing that really worried the Defense was the suicide note. It was not a signed note at all.  It was just something typed on her computer screen. And the evidence pointed to Derek’s having typed it. Being a nurse, Kira had been a fanatic about keeping things clean and germ-free. She was obsessive about keeping her laptop computer clean. Every night before she went to bed, Kira wiped down every part of her computer.

The police forensics team had found a complete set of Derek’s fingerprints on the laptop where the so-called “suicide note” was on the screen. No fingerprints from Kira; just Derek’s. How did the dead girl type a suicide note without leaving any fingerprints?

Of course,  Mr. Cromwell was too good a defense attorney to let  himself dwell on the fact that maybe his client really had murdered a beautiful young woman and was lying to him about being innocent. One of the first things you learn as a Defense lawyer is that most of your clients lie to you most of the time.

Cromwell did his best to try and throw doubt in the jury’s mind about Derek’s fingerprints on the computer keyboard. He talked about the possibility of the police mishandling the “chain of evidence”. Still, the jury did not look so benignly on Derek after the fingerprint evidence was presented.

That evening, Cromwell met with Derek and told him things still looked good. “I think there is about an 80% chance that you will be found Not Guilty.”

Derek was stunned. “What the fuck! You’re telling me there is a 20% chance I might go to jail for murder?”

“Even if that did happen, Derek, there are a number of points of law on which I could bring an appeal. Some of my objections which the judge overruled were very valid. I would definitely appeal any conviction.”

“Fuck that! I’m not going to prison and waiting years for appeals to maybe get me off. Put me on the stand tomorrow. I will tell my side and the jury will love me again.”

“That’s a really bad idea Derek. Any attorney will tell you it is a mistake to testify if you are being tried for murder.”

“God Damn it Roger! Put me on the stand tomorrow, or I am firing you as my lawyer. If I can’t find a lawyer who will  put me on, then  I’ll be my own lawyer.”

“All right Derek. I’ll put you on the stand. Just remember that after I question you, the Prosecutor gets her turn to grill you.  Just be polite to her and answer her questions with as few words as possible.”

“Don’t worry,” answered Derek. “I know how to handle women.”

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The Beautiful Dead Girl – part 2 – Lunch

Homicide Detective  Laura Lippman and Assistant City Coroner Dr. Robert Chaucer sat having sandwiches at a conference table near Laura’s desk.  Dr. Chandler dropped by several times a week with lunch for the two of them.   His lab was in a different part of the city , but he somehow he continually found excuses to bring paperwork to her building at just around lunch time. Laura always acted very professional around Dr. Chaucer, but the truth was she enjoyed the attention he gave her. He was a real gentleman compared to  the cops she worked with.

However, this time, they actually did have a professional reason to meet.  They were discussing  the death of Kira Casey. All indications pointed to suicide and the Chief of Detectives was pressing Laura to close the case.

“She didn’t kill herself, ” said Dr. Chaucer.

“Bob, not everything is a big mystery. She died from injuries of jumping out a window. She left a suicide note. There were drugs missing from the hospital where she was a nurse, and the evidence points to her stealing them.  There is no evidence of anything but suicide.”

“What about the boyfriend?”

“I interviewed him personally. He was totally distraught. He was out buying her breakfast and a rose when she jumped.  He even voluntarily took a lie detector test and passed it.”

“A true sociopath can easily fool a lie detector machine,” said Dr. Chaucer. “Sociopaths don’t have real emotions, they simply pretend to have them as a survival mechanism.”

” Bob”, said Laura with a smile. “Tell me some valid reasons why you think this is not a suicide.”

“O.K. She was in the nude and her body was all smashed up from the four story fall. Unlike men, women are very concerned about how they will look when their body is found.  Women who commit suicide get all dressed up, clean the apartment and then use pills or some other method so that the corpse will look good. Even in death, women want to be seen as beautiful.”

“That’s sexist!”

“That’s a medical fact. Check the statistics.”

“What about the suicide note?” asked Laura.

“Now now detective,” teased Bob, “You know as well as I do that most suicides don’t leave a note.  And the few who do leave notes want them to be permanent. They don’t just put them on a computer screen where they can be accidentally erased.”

“What about the motive. The fact that she was stealing drugs and was about to get caught?” asked Laura.

“What type of drugs?”

Laura walked over to her desk and looked at the file. She read off a list of the missing drugs, “Oxycotin, HGH, various types of steroids. All drugs that are real easy to sell.”

“And who buys them?” asked Dr. Chaucer.

Laura paused for a minute and then said. “Body builders. People who want a perfect body.”

“Just like the one her beautiful boyfriend Derek has?” asked Bob.  “Steroids and Human Growth Hormone to build the muscles,  and Oxycotin to ease the pain of lifting all those weights. If she was stealing, he was in on it.”

“That doesn’t mean anything Bob.  She was a nurse about to get caught for stealing drugs. It doesn’t matter if she was taking them for Mr. Universe. She was still going to lose here nurses license, and possibly even end up in jail. Sounds like a good motive for suicide to me.”

“Could be” , said Bob. Then he said shyly. “You know Laura, there is a medical dinner at the Waldorf next Friday night. We all get very dressed up and the food is really good. They have an actual orchestra and dancing, and I wondered if maybe you were not too busy…”

“I’d love to Bob, interrupted Laura, thinking that it had sure taken him long enough to ask her out.

After Bob left , Laura spent the rest of the afternoon and well into the night re-reading through all the forensic evidence. All she had to do to get the case off her desk was to check a little box and rule it a suicide, but she could just not bring herself to do it.  Laura kept going back to the picture of Kira Casey when she graduated from Nursing School. She was so beautiful and full of life, with a bright future ahead of her.  There was no family left and only one overworked Detective to care about what had really happened to her.

Laura went through all the files until her eyesight got blurry and she could look at the screen no longer. It was well after dark when she switched off her computer and went home. She thought of calling Bob  and suggesting they out for a quick drink, but then she decided to stay in her apartment and go to bed early instead.

Laura wanted to be fresh and alert  in the morning . First thing tomorrow, she was going to present her evidence to the Chief of Detectives, and get his permission to ask the D.A.  for an arrest warrant.  If all went well, by tomorrow afternoon, Derek Manning would be charged with murder.

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The Beautiful Dead Girl – Part 1 – The window

Derek sat on the bed and  cradled Kira’s body in his arms.   Even in death she was astoundingly beautiful. She had long  brown hair, a lovely face and a sensual figure. She  had  tan skin that had become  white with death. She was perfect in every way except for her neck which was  turned at an odd angle. Her body was still warm, as if it still retained the heat from their love-making session.

“It wasn’t my fault,” Derek said out loud, although he was alone in the apartment. “Why couldn’t we just have had sex and then gone back to bed?”

But then he remembered what had actually happened. The argument. The way she had attacked  him like a crazy woman. He had tried to grab onto her shoulders to stop her and she had kneed him in the groin. It was so painful that he doubled over forward, and  as he did so he had  grabbed  her head.

Kira was  barely five feet tall and weighed less an a hundred pounds, while Derek was six foot three and a very muscular two hundred pounds. When his massive hands grabbed her head, it took only a slight twist to snap Kira’s neck like a twig.

“I wasn’t trying to kill you Baby. I was just trying to balance myself. I just lost my balance.” But in his own mind, Derek knew this wasn’t true. When Kira had kneed him in his exposed testicles his body had been filled with pain and rage. A flash of pure animal fear and rage took hold of him. He instinctively lashed out to protect his manhood. He had grabbed Kira’s head and twisted it with the full force of his weight-lifter’s arms.

Derek reached over to the night stand and picked up  his cell phone. He would call the police and explain what had happened. It was a simple case of self defense. He stood up and lay Kira’s body gently on the bed.  Derek stated to dial 911, then he glanced himself in the full length mirror and realized the police would never believe him.  Derek worked out at the health club every day, and his body showed it.  No one was going to believe he ever had to defend himself from a tiny 100 pound woman.

Derek knew the police would arrest him for murder. He would be convicted and his life would be ruined. All because that bitch Kira could not control herself.

“I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve it.”

For the next half hour, Derek paced the apartment thinking of what to do. He could just leave and go uptown to his own apartment. No, that wouldn’t work.  When a woman is killed, the boyfriend is the first person the police look for. Besides,  his semen was still inside Kira.

Derek then rummaged in the closet and found a couple of suitcases and a duffel bag. He lay the duffel bag next to Kira’s body and  thought that maybe he could fit her into it.

“No. That’s crazy, ” Derek mumbled to himself. “Then  would would I do? Where could I dump a body in the middle of Manhattan? That’s crazy.”

Derek walked over to the window and peaked out through the curtains. It was still pitch black outside. He glanced at the clock and saw it was only 4:45am. Then suddenly he knew what to do.

Derek turned off the bedside light, then opened the curtains.  He reached down and slowly opened the window wide, being sure it did not make any noise . Kira’s apartment was in one of the old New York buildings that still had windows you can open. Her apartment was only four stories up, but that should be enough.

Derek carefully looked out the window to make sure there were no witnesses. There were many apartment windows facing his way, but none had a light on. He knew he had to be fast, since people would be getting up soon.

Then he turned to the bed, and picked up Kira’s naked body. With Derek’s muscular build, he lifted her as easily as most people could lift a cat. He carried Kira over to the open window, took one more look for witnesses, and dropped her out.

Derek moved back to the interior of the apartment so he could not be seen from the outside. He waited for the noise, but none came. There were no screams, no sirens . There was not even the sound of a body hitting the cement courtyard below. There was just the silence of a city that had not yet woken up.

Derek knew that he had to move fast now in order for his plan to work. He quickly got dressed, then turned on Kira’s computer. He sat down and typed on the screen.

“Derek my love. I am sorry I failed you. You were right. I should have stopped. Goodbye.”

Then he grabbed his wallet, took the apartment keys and left. It was now 5:00 am and he wanted to get out of the building before anyone saw him. He made sure to use the front entrance for the street, not the back entrance where the courtyard and the body would be.

Ten blocks from Kira’s apartment Epstein’s Deli was already open and serving  customers, despite the fact that the sun was just starting to come up. Derek realized now that his plan was going to work. He would have breakfast at the deli.  Then he would walk back to Kira’s apartment, “discover” the suicide note, and dial 911. Derek  thought about it some more and realized it would be better if someone else called the police.  He remembered reading once that police are always very suspicions of whoever first calls them to report a death.

So Derek got himself a coffee, a  bagel with cream cheese, and a New York Times.  He sat at one of the sidewalk tables in front of the Deli, and casually read the paper as the Sun got brighter and people rushed to get to work.

Derek was in the middle or reading an editorial about corruption at The Port Authority, when he saw an ambulance and two police card racing in the direction of Kira’s building with their sirens blaring.  He looked at his watch and decided to wait another half hour before he went back to the apartment.

Exactly 30 minutes later he went back into the Deli, and bought a Chai Tea and a blueberry muffin- Kira’s favorite breakfast. On the way back to the apartment he bought a single red rose from a flower stand.

Derek then slowly walked back to Kira’s apartment.  As he walked, he practiced his look of shock and grief for when the police would tell him about Kira’s suicide.  He allowed himself one last smile, as he realized that everything was going to be OK.  He knew the police would  believe him, and even feel sorry for him.  Derek had always had that gift. With his incredible good looks, his charm and his athletic build, people just automatically liked him – especially women.

Derek turned the corner and saw the flashing lights of the police cars parked in front of Kira’s building. He took the smile off his face and changed it to the worried expression of a concerned boyfriend. “It wasn’t my fault,” Derek muttered to himself one last time, as he walked  towards the building.

The Original Naked Swim – Tarzan & Jane in 1934

In 1934, Maureen O’Sullivan shocked  movie audiences by appearing completely naked on the Big Screen. This was no quick flash where you were not certain what you had seen. She was swimming naked for almost 4 minutes in Tarzan and His Mate.

Tarzan 3

It turns out that there are stories withing stories surrounding this scene.  For one thing, the woman swimming naked was not actually Maureen O’Sullivan.

Tarzan 21It turns out that it was actually an Olympic swimmer by the name of Josephine McKim.

Tarzan 1

Audiences should  have been tipped off by the incredible  amount of time the couple spends underwater and how well they both swim. Johny Weismuller (Tarzan) was also an Olympic swimmer. Of course, the audience was probably too stunned by the nudity to be paying attention to the couple’s  swimming skills.

1934 audiences were astounded that Jane was obviously completely nude

1934 audiences were astounded that Jane was obviously completely nude

But Maureen O’Sullivan herself is no prude in the film. She spends a good deal of time wearing a very revealing loincloth that would have been considered obscene if not for the prior nude swimming episode.

Tarzan 10

It is not clear exactly how individual audience members felt, but it is clear how the “moral authorities” of the day reacted. The Catholic Legion Of Decency condemned the film and

Tarzan 5

various State agencies spoke of pulling it from the theaters.  What finally happened is that there ended up being 3 versions of the film in circulation simultaneously.  In what were considered the most conservative parts of the country, the film had Jane swimming fully clothed. In most parts of the country, she was topless. In a few select theaters (mostly in New York City) the totally naked swimming scene was left in the film in its entirety.

Maureen O'Sullivan in Tarzan and His Mate

Maureen O’Sullivan in Tarzan and His Mate

Somehow, with all the focus on the swimming scene, the parts of the movie with Jane running around in her loincloth got left in all the versions.

Tarzan and His Mate perform an underwater ballet with Jane naked

Tarzan and His Mate perform an underwater ballet with Jane naked

However, the Moral Authorities were not satisfied. This film lead to increased censorship of movies in the U.S. and it was decades before audiences saw this much flesh on screen again.

Tarzan and Jane in a romantic moment in Tarzan and His Mate

Tarzan and Jane in a romantic moment in Tarzan and His Mate

Viewing the movie from a modern perspective, the naked swimming scene still holds up as being  beautiful and artistic. The only unrealistic part of the scene, in fact, is that Tarzan himself is not naked.  It makes no sense that in the middle of the jungle Tarzan would swim with a loincloth on, while his mate cavorted nude. However, male nudity was completely taboo in 1934. Even today there remains a double standard about male versus female nudity, which many actresses have complained about.

Jane and Tarzan in 1934

Jane and Tarzan in 1934

So if you want to see what was the talk of the country in 1934, take a look at Tarzan and His Mate. Most of the movie is silly, but the swimming scene is still great.

Alicia von Rittberg on Game of Thrones

The press agent for actress Alicia von Rittberg confirmed to East Coast Stories today that she will be playing a major role on the new season of Game of Thrones. Fans were disappointed that she was not in last season.  He also confirmed rumors that Alicia von Rittberg will appear nude in some of the episodes.

This will be the first time Alicia von Rittberg has ever done a nude scene, a fact that some of her fans find hard to believe.

Much more Alicia 2

Alicia von Rittberg played the young German Girl Emma in the World War II movie Fury. 

Exactly what role Alicia von Rittberg will play on Game of Thrones has not been announced, however her agent hinted that she will play a major  character who has extraordinary magical powers.

Of course Game of Thrones is no stranger to female nudity.

The beautiful Emilia Clarke has appeared nude many times times in the series. She is better known as Dany Daenerys, or “The Mother of Dragons”. She will be in for some competition from Alicia von Rittberg.

The Erotic Train Ride

The following is a true story.

There was no sound inside the 6:04 am train to New York as it passed through the the suburbs on this frigid February morning.  Inside the train, commuters either slept or checked the messages in their iPhones. No one spoke to each other and no one looked out through the train windows.

There is no reason to look outside. It is still mostly dark, and whatever can be seen is covered with snow. It is also exactly the same route that each of the commuters has traveled a thousand times before.

Winter Snow 007

That is; no one looked out the widows except for me. I was feeling sort of melancholy and did not want to check the hundreds of emails that my bosses in Europe had sent me while I was asleep last night. I missed the days when the morning commute was a chance to read a book, and was not just an extension of the workday.

So I gazed out the train window as  house after house whizzed past, and a few brave souls walked their dogs in the snow.

Then the train began to slow and came to a halt between stations. The conductor announced on the loudspeaker  that due to the weather there was congestion up ahead on the line, and that we would be here for a few minutes.

As the train stopped, I noticed that I was looking directly into the second floor of a small split level house. It was the type of house that realtors refer to as a “starter home.” There was a large picture window on the second floor and it opened to the master bedroom. The house had no curtains on any of the windows. Using some detective work I figured out that the owners must have moved in recently and had not yet had time to get curtains.

The lights were on in the bedroom, and because it was still dark outside, the entire room was clearly visible.  There was a young man sitting on the edge of the bed. He was wearing pajama bottoms and no top. He was just an average looking fellow, and he was looking at another door in the room and appeared to be saying something.

Then the other door opened and a young woman, about twenty four years old,   appeared.  She was wearing a kimono-type bathrobe and her long dark hair was wet.  She had obviously just taken a shower. She smiled when she saw the man was watching her, and she said something.

The man stayed sitting on the bed and she slowly walked over. He leaned forward and reached for the belt on her  robe, but she just  laughed and jumped back just out of reach.  She took two more steps backward then undid the belt and let the robe slide to the floor.

She was amazing beautiful as she stood there naked. Her hair was still wet and water from the ends dripped down in droplets onto her breasts, and flowed down onto her flat stomach. She held her arms to the man as she walked forward to be with him on the bed.

Then she disappeared.

The train lurched forward, and suddenly the house, the man and the beautiful woman were gone. The train continued to move and soon the view out the window was of gas stations and auto body shops. The train picked up speed and was soon once again rushing towards New York.

I looked around the train car and noticed that no one else had glimpsed the erotic episode in the little house. I knew that I should not have been a voyeur. But it was such a beautiful love scene on a bleak and dreary day that it drew me into it.

The train never stopped in that exact spot again and I never again saw the young lovers. I sometimes wonder how such an average looking young man was able to attract that stunningly  beautiful woman.  From her smile it was obvious that she was totally in love.

As I take the boring commute these days, I sometimes smile to myself when I remember that somewhere outside the train window there are two people who have much better things to do in the morning than answer emails.

The Naked Swim – Chapter 4

“She performs naked Satanic rituals at night and  believes herself to be a witch? She told you that directly?” asked Dr. Eli  Epstein

“No Eli. Not directly. In fact, she states that people started rumors about her when she was a kid. She denies having anything to do with witchcraft. But what about the dead child and the evidence against her? It’s all very damning; wouldn’t you say?”, answered Spencer.

Dr. Eli Epstein and Dr. Spencer Casey were in deep conversation in Dr. Epstein’s  office.  It was exactly what you thought a psychiatrist’s office would look like. There were very comfortable chairs and sofas in soothing colors.  There were paintings on the walls of vast open landscapes in the spring. In the background there was soft classical music playing at a volume so low that your ears barely even registered that it was there. The entire room was carefully designed to make nervous patients feel at ease.

Eli leaned back in his big chair and stroked his grey beard thoughtfully. “It is very interesting that you used the religious term ‘damning’. The witch, especially the female witch is a very powerful symbol in Western Religion. The mere accusation used to get women killed.  Now, of course, the accusation that someone thinks she is witch is enough to label the woman as crazy. Remember that woman from Delaware who was running for Senate? She got labeled as crazy because in high school she once dated a guy who was interested in witchcraft. She even had to have a T.V. commercial that said, “I am not a witch.”

“Let’s stay focused on Jeanne here Eli. What about all the evidence against her in the death of her child?”

“What evidence Spencer? The toddler wandered out of the house on a very cold day while the mother-Jeanne- was asleep. He got lost in the woods and wandered further and further away until he died of exposure. That was the official cause of death after all. The mother is overwhelmed by grief and has never been the same since.”

“You’re forgetting about how the child was found. He has laying down on a tree stump surrounded by little sticks arranged in weird little symbols. What about that?”, said Spencer.

“I have been thinking a lot about that,” responded Eli. “Do you know that when people die of exposure the bodies always look very peaceful?  They get more and more tired as their body loses heat, until finally they just lay down and fall asleep and never wake up.  That is what the child did. He was curled up in a fetal position on a large flat tree stump. He was sucking his thumb.”

“Wow. You have really been looking into this Eli,” responded Spencer in a very surprised tone.  “But what about the sticks?”

“OK Spencer. Let’s suppose that Jeanne really did practice witchcraft. By the way, witchcraft and Satan worship are two completely  different things. She would have taught her son all sorts of ways to protect himself from danger, including arranging sticks in way to ward off the evil spirits. You told me that Jeanne said her child loved going into the woods and gathering sticks. You asked for my professional opinion and here it is. You can accept it or not. It’s just my opinion. I don’t think anyone killed little Jason. I think he wandered off outside on a February day to play in the woods and ended up getting lost and died.”

“But what about all the footprints in the snow?” answered Spencer. “If the boy just got lost and died why didn’t Jeanne just tell that to the police instead of a story about his being kidnapped by a Satanic cult?”

“Because she believes the story Jason. In her mind she believes it one hundred percent. As you know my practice specializes in grief. Grief and guilt do strange things to the human mind.  Your girlfriend Jeanne made a tragic mistake that ended up killing her only child. She fell asleep without shutting the door completely. Her child woke up and got out of the house while she was still asleep. Jeanne’s mind can’t accept that mistake. As a protective mechanism her mind has made up the story of a kidnapping cult so that she does not have to face her own tragic error.”

“Where do you think the footprints in the snow came from?” asked Spencer.

“From Jeanne, of course. It probably did not snow until after the child wandered off. When Jeanne woke up she frantically realized the boy was gone. She went outside to look for him and saw the snow. In her panic she probably couldn’t find her own boots so she put on a pair of her husband’s. She ran around frantically for a long time searching. That’s why there were so many prints.”

“And she doesn’t even remember doing this?” asked Spencer.

” Their is no grief in the world more devastating than that which comes from having  made a mistake that killed your own child.  And it happens all the time, in an instant. Parents back the SUV out of the garage and don’t see the child playing  behind it. People leave a window open and the baby crawls out of it. Toddlers stick a butter knife into an uncovered electrical outlet. It happens all the time Spencer.”

Spencer and Eli sat in silence for a long time. Finally Spencer stood up and they shook hands. “Thanks Eli. What can I do to help her?”

“Just be there Spencer. That’s all you can do. Her mind will tell her the truth eventually, but not until she has healed enough to be ready. Don’t try to force it on her.”

Spencer left the building and slowly walked back to his apartment. That morning Jeanne had packed her bag and said she was going back to Canada. His little apartment was somehow going to seem way too big with Jeanne gone.

He opened the door and there was Jeanne. He went over and sat next to her.

They sat there in the dark apartment not touching and not looking at each other for a full ten minutes without saying a word.

Finally, Jeanne said softly. “I’ve lied to you alot.”

“I know.”

“No. I mean I lie all the time about everything. Who I was, what I’ve done, even who I can be. It’s mostly lies with maybe some truth mixed in. Sometimes I don’t even remember what’s a lie and what isn’t. Sometimes I am not really sure what’s actually happened in my life and what hasn’t. ”

Spencer turned and looked at her and said, “I will help you find out Jeanne. I love you. The real you. You’re not crazy and you’re not a killer. The truth is that I’m your lover and you are mine.  When you are ready to find the truth, I will be there with you.”

Jeanne turned her head and looked at Spencer like she was seeing him for the first time. “I trapped you. Do you know that?  I knew you were a doctor and I wanted that and I set up the whole naked swim to trap you. I wanted to get away from my life and get a whole new one with a rich doctor. Do you still love me now?”

“Yes.  I still love you. Don’t you think I wanted to be trapped?”, said Spencer as he stroked her hair.

“I want to talk about the rest. I want to talk about the cold and little Jason. I will. I will. But not now. Right now I am just so tired.” Jeanne put her head on Spencer’s shoulder and closed her eyes. Just then she said, “Remember when I told you about how strong my ex-husband Billy was?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“You’re stronger. In everything that matters, you’re so much stronger.” Then Jeanne fell into a deep sleep, as Spencer watched over her.

The Naked Swim – Chapter 3

Jeanne was completely naked, sitting cross-legged on the hardwood floor surrounded by a circle of lit candles.  The apartment was completely dark except for the light from the candles. The beautiful blue dress Jeanne had worn to the disastrous dinner with Karen was hung neatly in the closet. It looked like she had drawn on the wooden floor  with chalk. It was too dark to see what exactly what she had drawn.

“What are you doing?” asked Spencer gently.

“Praying. I am praying for my murdered little boy, ” answered Jeanne without looking up, She continued to rock gently back and forth and she seemed to be either chanting or praying softly.

witch 1

“Let me help you though this Jeanne. I am a doctor. We study extreme grief in medical school.”

“Yea. Well studying  grief is not exactly the same thing as having grief, is it doctor? You can tell your sister she won. She found my weakest point and she stuck the knife right into it. You can tell her the crazy Canadian chick will be leaving tomorrow.”

Spencer stepped over the candles and sat down on the floor next to Jeanne. He put his arms around her and said. “That’s not what I want. I love you and I want you here with me. I told my sister that if she can’t accept that then I don’t want her in my life until she does.”

Jeanne smiled slightly and looked into Spencer’s eyes. “She told you all of the shit they say about me on the internet didn’t she?”

“Karen said a lot of strange nonsense. I told her I was not going to believe it and walked out of the restaurant. By the way, I stuck her with the whole dinner bill.”

Jeanne stood up and stretched. Then she walked over the the bed and lay down. She patted the mattress and said. “Come next to me Spencer. Lay back and let me tell you everything there is to know about Jeanne Sedola. Just lay back, close your eyes and listen without interrupting”

Spencer lay down and Jeanne started her story. She talked in a gently soothing voice, as if she were telling a bedtime story to a child.

“I was never smart. Not like you and your sister. You probably got straight As to be able to get into a good college and then medical school. I was lucky if I could get a C. But even though I was struggling, the other girls in the school were jealous  of me. You see, I was pretty, very pretty and that made them hate me. Of course, the boys all were nice since they wanted to fuck me. They were nice until they found out I wouldn’t do anything with them. Then they hated me too.

It was very rural where I grew up. Vancouver Island  is as different from Manhattan as you can imagine. I used to go hiking in the woods alone alot. I had no friends, my mother was not married, and she was basically an alcoholic. So I went into the woods alone whenever I could. I loved seeing the animals. Once I even saw a wolf. I wasn’t scared of him. I just thought he was beautiful.

I even went into the woods at night. I would bring a lantern and a book to read. I just wanted to get out of our little house where my mother would drink and  watch T.V. until she passed out.

Then the rumors started at school. Kids had seen me going into the woods at night and they started a rumor that I was a witch.”

Spencer could not help interrupting. “A witch? Come on Jeanne, this isn’t 1600. No one believes crap like that.”

“That’s what I thought, ” said Jeanne. “But you can’t believe how cruel kids in a small rural town can be.  No one actually believed I was a witch. What they did believe was that I was a crazy chick who thought she was a witch. People started taping pictures of witches to my locker. The Assistant Principal even called me in to ask if I would like to see a psychologist. You see, even the adults believed the rumor that I was crazy and thought myself to be a witch. Then it all stopped.”

“How?” asked Spencer. “How did it all stop?

“I met Billy. He was a commercial fisherman. He was older than me, and I met him down on the dock one day. He was real nice to me. He was big, real big and incredibly strong.”

Jeanne saw a frown on Spencer’s face, so Jeanne said. “Don’t get jealous Spencer. You are very strong for a doctor. But Billy hauls nets and traps and ropes in the freezing cold all day every day year after year. It’s like his body is made out of steel. Even the other fishermen are a little afraid of him.

So anyway, Billy and I started dating and people stopped saying bad things about me. I think he went around town and warned people to shut up, but I can’t be sure. All I know is that as soon as I became his girl, I was suddenly safe. I was with him as often as I could be. He would put his huge arm around me as we walked, and my head barely made it up to his shoulders. I wasn’t the crazy Witch Girl anymore. I was Billy’s girl and everyone treated me with respect.”

Jeanne lay back in the bed, and closed her eyes. Spencer though she was asleep, and put a blanket on her. Then, still with her eyes closed she continued her story.

“I graduated from high school- just barely.  I got a job at the fish factory and continued to see Billy, whenever he was not out on his boat. I bet for a heart surgeon like you that sounds like a pretty boring life, eh?”

“No,” replied Spencer gently. “It sounds like a nice life. What happened to it?”

“Well, I got careless, an so I got pregnant.  I was just 18. Billy insisted we get married, so we did and I became Jeanne Sedola.”

For the fist time it occurred to Spencer that he did not know Jeanne’s maiden name.

“What were you before you were Mrs. Sedola?”

“Eastman, Jeanne Eastman. I should have kept that name. I like it better. I guess I should  change it back, but there’s a lot of paperwork. Anyway, Billy and I got married and 9 months later Baby Jason was born.”

Jeanne’s eyes started to fill up with tears at the mention of the baby. She lay quietly for a long time and then she continued.

“I moved into Billy’s place which was a tiny little house by the woods, way out of town. He never had a big place since he spent so much time on his boat. I quit my job at the factory. I wasn’t earning much and it would have cost me more to pay someone to watch the baby than I could make at work.

Billy was out on the boat fishing more than ever. He wanted to make as much money as possible now that he was a father. It was a solid boat and he could stay out at sea for a long time if he had to. So I was alone with Jason most of the time. Totally alone. ”

“That must have been rough on you,” said Spencer.

“No. I liked it. It was even more fun when Jason became a toddler.  I would take him for trips into the woods and he loved it. He would watch the birds, and pick up little sticks. He was a real outdoors-man.  He was strong and healthy too-like his father Billy.

Then one cold day in February, Jason had I were both indoors. It was too cold to go for a walk. Billy was down at the docks working on his boat’s engine. I played little games with Jason in the house, then put him down for a nap. He fell asleep quickly, so I took a nap too.

JAN 2015 WINTER 007

I woke up about an hour later because I was shivering with the cold. The door to the house was wide open and Jason was not in his bed. I thought that somehow he must have woken up, gotten the door open and wandered outside.

I panicked. It was so cold, and the ground was covered in deep snow. There were footprints in the snow, but they were from adults not a child’s.”

“Adults? Like more than one?” asked Spencer.

“The police said it was four or possibly five people. I called the police, I called Billy, I even called my Mom. They had search parties going before it even got dark. The RCMP even brought in dogs and a helicopter.”

“The RCMP?” asked Spencer.

“Royal Canadian M outed Police. They never gave up never.” Jeanne suddenly sat up in bed and had a frightened look in her eyes, like she was back there on that day. Then she looked down and realized that her breasts were still exposed. Suddenly embarrassed, she got up and pulled on a T-Shirt.  She paced the apartment room for almost five minutes, working up the courage to say what came next.

“They found his body deep in the woods. He was laid out on a tree stump. The RCMP said there were symbols  and  markings all around. Little Jason had been killed in some sort of Satanic ritual.  I never went to see the place. I never even looked at the pictures.” Then Jeanne just stood in the middle of the room sobbing.

Spencer walked over and enveloped her in a hug. “That’s the most horrible thing I ever heard.” He knew as a doctor that he should be able to say something more comforting, but he just could not think of what it could be. What could he possibly say or do to help sooth that sort of anguish? So Spencer just stood there for a long time holding Jeanne in his arms. Finally he lead her over the to bed. Jeanne was exhausted from telling the story and she fell into a deep sleep.


The next day at  the hospital, Jason’s sister Karen insisted on having lunch with Jason as always, even though he was still furious with her. Jason told the who story of the little boy’s murder. “So big sister. I hope you are really proud of yourself for making Jeanne re-live the worst period of her life.”

Karen was afraid she may lose her brother forever, but she knew she had to ask, “Did Jeanne tell you the rest of it?”

“The rest?” asked Spencer. “Jeanne did tell me at breakfast this morning, that  they never found the murders. It is still an open case That must make it even worse for her.”

Karen looked Spencer in the eyes and gently rested her hand on his. “Did she tell you that she is still the main suspect for the murder?”

“What? That’s absurd! There were multiple people. Multiple footprints. The body was miles away.”

“Spencer. Listen to me. The were multiple footprints but they were all the same boots.  Like someone had walked back and forth many times to make it look like there was more than one person. The police also said there was something odd about the footprints. Like a small light person wearing boots too big. The police think maybe Jeanne was wearing her husband’s boots to confuse the police.”

“It sounds to me like the police were just too damn lazy to do their job,” said Spencer angrily.  “And what about all the Satanic stuff?”

“Did she tell you she is a witch? asked Karen”

“She’s not a witch God Damn it!” said Spencer so loudly that some of the other people in the hospital cafeteria looked over. Then he lowered his voice. “Kids made up that rumor when she was in high school, and it stuck.”

“It’s not a rumor Spence. The police said her house was crammed full of books on witchcraft. She had books on spells and potions and ritual sacrifices.  Even her husband finally admitted that Jeanne practiced witchcraft daily and took the child into the woods to teach the boy spells. Her husband said she used to gather plants from the woods and cook up some sort of potion. She would rub it all over the baby’s body each night. She said it would make him invincible to pain of sickness. It would even keep him warm in a freezing Canadian forest.”

“Where are you getting this shit!”, yelled Spencer. “From anonymous posts on the internet?”

“From the Canadian police Spence. I called and spoke to the Inspector on the case.  He was real interested to find out that Jeanne had left the country. We spoke for a long time.”

“That’s it!” said Spencer. “I and leaving.” He stormed out of the cafeteria, and down the halls of the hospital. He was so upset at his sister he could not think straight.

Spencer paced the halls and kept going over and over in his mind the horrible things Karen had said. But what upset Spencer even more was what he remembered from the night before. He remembered coming into his apartment and finding Jeanne naked in a circle of candles chanting. The burned down candles and the symbols on the floor were still there the next morning. Spencer had taken a a picture of it all and had then looked up on the internet what it meant.  Jeanne had said she was praying, but that was only a sort of half truth. The chants, symbol writing  and  candles were something else.

Something only a witch would do.

The Naked Swim Chapter 2

Jeanne was completely naked; doing exercises on  a pink Yoga mat. Spencer always hated waking up early but this morning he was glad he did. When he sat up in bed and looked across his small apartment the first thing he saw was Jeanne.

Spencer thought about saying something clever, but he did not want to do anything that might make her stop. It was  an incredibly erotic scene. By the time Jeanne was finished her toned body was glistening with sweat.

Jeanne stood up and walked over to the bed. Spencer reached out to her naked breasts but she step back just far enough to be slightly out of reach, and laughed.

“Don’t you have an early shift at the hospital today, doctor Casey? teased Jeanne.

“We have time.” pleased Spencer.

“No we do not. No quickies for this girl.”

Jeanne stayed out of reach but showed no signs of putting any clothing on. Finally she said. “Well-  we both do have to take showers and it would be a shame to waste all that water by taking them separately.”

“What happened to that shy Canadian girl I met on vacation?” teased Spencer.

“Oh she’s still here. She just happens to be going into the shower right now. Care to join me?”

Spencer jumped out of bed, and stumbled on the clothing scattered across  the apartment floor, as he chased Jeanne into the shower.


Later that day, Spencer was in the cafeteria of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital having lunch with his sister Karen.

Karen had been the Financial Administrator at the hospital for a long time. She was the type of no-nonsense woman that even the top doctors were afraid to cross.

“I can’t believe you brought her back from vacation. That is the one thing I specifically warned you not to do.”

“What do you have against her Karen? You haven’t even met her yet. You don’t know anything about her.”

“Either do you! That’s my point. A pretty girl flashed a little flesh and you believe anything she says. You guys all think below the waist.” Then Karen stood up an kissed him on the cheek. Well, thanks for lunch little brother.  I have to get back to working on next year’s budget. The government is cutting our funding again.”


Spencer sighed as Karen walked away. He was still certain that Jeanne would win Karen over the moment they met.

Karen Casey went back to her office, sat down at her large desk and pushed all the budget papers aside. She decided to work on a more important project. Karen turned on her computer and started typing furiously on the keyboard. She was going to find out exactly who this Jeanne Sedola of Vancouver Island Canada really was.


Nine hours later Karen and Spencer were once again  sharing a meal. However, this time it was  in a very fancy French restaurant and Jeanne was with them. Karen had invited them both, saying she wanted to “get to know” Jeanne.

Karen’s real plan, however, was to expose Jeanne for the little gold-digging tramp she really was in front of Spencer. With any luck, the little slut would be back on a plane to the Great White North by the end of the week.

Karen had a detailed plan of which the expensive restaurant was  just  a part. Karen would show Spencer that Jeanne was just  an uneducated hick. She would not know how to dress or act or order in a four star New York restaurant. Spencer would see how inappropriate Jeanne would be as a doctor’s wife.

Then Karen would hammer home the fact that it was totally impractical for Jeanne to remain in New York. She could not legally get a job, and it takes years for anyone to get a green card. She would be a drag on Spencer’s already limited income.  Also, as Spencer started doing more surgery, he would be at the hospital more and more. Jeanne would have nothing to do but hang around a cramped apartment all day every day. By the end of the dinner, Karen knew that both Jeanne and Spencer would see it was time to end this vacation romance. If none of those tactics worked, Karen was prepared to use the “nuclear option.”

The dinner was not working out as Karen had planned. Karen had arrived first and was seated at the table having her second glass of wine when Jeanne and Spencer arrived. Spencer was wearing a baggy grey suit that was so wrinkled it looked like he had stored wrapped in a ball inside a plastic bag.

Jeanne, on the other hand, was wearing a brand new, gorgeous blue dress, and spiked black heels.  Her luxurious brown hair flowed halfway down her back. As she appeared, every male head in the restaurant turned to look at her. When she and Spencer walked towards the table, the way Jeanne moved made it  obvious she she was not wearing a bra.

Karen stood up and she and Jeanne did the obligatory “air kisses”.

“Jeanne, how nice to finally meet you. What a beautiful dress. Did you have it with you on vacation?”

“Oh no. I got it today in Soho while Spencer was on call at the hospital.”

Karen knew she had her opening. Jeanne was already spending a lot of money that neither she nor Spence could afford.  This is perfect.  Karen knew from personal experience that most relationships break up because of money problems.

“Soho. Really?”, said Karen. “That must have cost a fortune.”

“Oh no, it was free,” answered Jeanne sweetly. “There’s a new place called Charline’ s that was looking for what they called a combination of salesgirls and models. We get the clothing to wear and then try to push it on the tourists. I get a salary and commission. We are supposed to wear the clothing off-hours too and then tell people all about the store when they ask about the outfits.

“UN-fucking believable”. Thought Karen. “But-but what about work permits and visas?” stammered Karen.

“The store is paying me under the table for now, and is also working on getting me all the work papers.”

Karen was thinking about possibly getting rid of Jeanne by calling the IRS.  Then the waiter arrived at the table.  This was the part of the plan where Jeanne was supposed to make a fool of herself ordering. After all, Canadians think High Cuisine  is when you put brown gravy on Fries.  Then Jeanne started speaking to the waiter in fluent French.

Karen was furious at herself for forgetting about Canadian’s and French.  She knew that Jeanne was probably speaking French with some absurd accent, but since Karen only spoke English there was no way to know.

“Isn’t she great?”, said Spencer, with a broad smile.

The dinner progressed, and the food was excellent. Karen was on her fourth glass of wine by the time the main course arrive, and her speech was starting to slur slightly. Spencer and Jeanne sat very close to each other, and kept whispering cute little secrets to each other and giggling.

But Karen knew, she just knew that Jeanne was bad news for her little brother. Karen realized it was time to stop pussyfooting around and bring out the nuclear weapons.  Karen leaned in towards  Jeanne and sweetly said,

“So Jeanne; Spence tells me you are recently divorced. That must be rough for you.”

Jeanne was not fooled for a minute. She had sized up Karen an an enemy within five minutes of meeting her.  She was not fooled by the fake smile. All through the salad course, Karen had been peppering her with supposedly innocent questions. Jeanne remembered from High School being taught about the Spanish Inquisition.  She felt like this must have been what it was like. “Where did you go to school? Are your parents still alive? Have you thought about going on to college?” Karen’s questions went on and on. With the divorce question, Jeanne decided it was time to strike back.

“Yes, going through the divorce has been rough,” answered Jeanne cheerfully.  “But it must have been so much rougher for you. Spencer tells me that your husband ran off to Europe with some young nurse from your hospital, and that he even stole money from the company where he worked. That must have been devastating for you. It’s like something you would see on a T.V. soap opera. I feel so badly for you. You are such a nice person.”

Jeanne gave a sparking sympathetic smile as the said this. Karen looked down at her own steak knife and for a fraction of a second seriously considered stabbing Jeanne in the chest.

“This is so great,” beamed Spencer. “I just knew the two of you would become friends”. He was genuinely happy, and completely oblivious to the War which was taking place in front of his eyes between the two women he loved.

Over dessert and coffee Spencer finally took over the conversation. He spoke in detail about the fact that he had been allowed to assist in a heart valve replacement surgery that day. It was a delicate procedure and the Chief Surgeon had praised his performance.

Karen had been quiet while Spencer described the surgery in detail. When he was done with his story she quietly said,


“What was that?” asked Spencer.

“Kids!” repeated Karen louder than was necessary. “I was asking Jeanne if she has any kids. She was married for five years. It’s a normal friendly question from one female to another.” Karen realized that she was drunk and that she was appearing to be a little aggressive.  But Karen was not going to miss asking the one question to which she already knew the answer.  Karen had spent three hours on the computer researching Jeanne and now was the time to spring the trap.

“One,” answered Jeanne, looking very pale as she said it. “Little Jason. Such a sweet boy. Strong and  happy with a big smile and a cute laugh.”

After a minute’s silence, Spencer said. “That’s wonderful Jeanne. When do I get to meet him?”

Tears rolled down Jeanne’s cheeks as she answered, “I wish you could honey. He is gone. Almost a year now. Buried on a beautiful  hill. You can see the water in the distance from his grave.”

Karen almost felt sorry for Jeanne but it was too late to stop now. Time to move in for the kill.  “What were the circumstances of his death?” asked Karen.

Jeanne flashed Karen a look of pure hatred. Jeanne knew that Karen must have read all those witch stories about Jeanne the internet. All these thousands of mile way and there was no escape. There never would be.

“Circumstances?”, said Jeanne. “Sitting here in a warm restaurant in the middle of a large city, you could not possibly understand the circumstances of a boy’s death in the  frigid woods on an isolated Island. ‘Bizarre, sadistic and ritualistic.’ Those were the words the reporters used most often to describe the circumstances of my little boy’s death.”

Spencer was too stunned to talk, and even Karen was silent. Jeanne got up from the table and walked quickly out of the restaurant. Every man in the room watched her leave. If anything, the tears rolling down her face made her even more beautiful.

Spencer was about to follow her, but Karen placer her hand on his arm and said. “Sit down Spence. You need to know the truth. I spent the afternoon researching Jeanne. Let me tell you what the people in Vancouver Island call her, and what they say really happened to  her little boy.

Spencer wanted to follow Jeanne, but a part of him needed to know what Karen had to say. He knew how people could say hurtful things and he wanted to be prepared for what people might say about his new lover. So Spencer sat down and decided he was prepared to hear the worst.

He was not prepared. Nothing could have prepared him.

The Naked Swim

“I went topless on the beach this morning,” whispered Jeanne shyly  at breakfast. With her Canadian accent she pronounced “top” like “tope”.

The way she said it in such a timid way it  made Spencer smile. It also made him picture what she must have looked like on the beach. Jeanne was 23 years old and beautiful. She had long brown hair, green eyes and a figure that was athletic yet voluptuous.  He had met her on his first  day at the Caribbean resort and had made a point of timing his breakfasts so that he would “just happen” to be in the buffet line when she was.

Jeanne on the Beach topless

Jeanne on the Beach topless

A lot of guys at the resort had been trying to pick up Jeanne. She always smiled politely and explained that she had just been through a nasty divorce and really needed some time alone.

Unlike the other guys Spencer took it very slow and as a result the two of them ended up sitting and talking at breakfast each morning. Then Jeanne went off to a secluded part of the beach to sit under an umbrella  and read.  Spencer never tried to follow her and join her under the umbrella. So far every guy that had done this had been quickly rebuked.

“Jeanne, you surprise me, ” teased Spencer. “You have been rejecting men all week and then you paraded around in front of them topless. What a tease.”

“I did not parade,” answered Jeanne. “I got up very early and went out on the beach just as the sun was coming up and it was still empty. I could never go topless when anyone was out there, but I wanted to feel what it was like.”

“And what was it like?”

“It felt nice,” answered Jeanne, with her cheeks blushing red. “Can I tell you a secret?”

“Of course.”

“Tomorrow, if I have the nerve, I am going to do the same thing at the same time. Except this time I am going to get totally naked and go for a swim. Let’s face it. When I am back on Vancouver Island I will never do it. Well; have a nice day Spencer.”

With that, Jeanne picked up her bag, and headed to the beach. Spencer just sat there for a long time sipping his coffee. He had never been very good at figuring out what women wanted, and he was very unsure why Jeanne had mentioned naked swimming tomorrow morning. Was she just making casual conversation or was she somehow subtly  inviting him to join her tomorrow? Then he thought of a worse possibility. Maybe she thought of him as such a friend that it would never even occur to her that he might be interested in her sexually. Like the way groups of really good looking girls always seemed to have one gay guy they included in their conversations.  Maybe he had been taking it so slowly that she thought he was gay?

After breakfast Spencer realized there was only one thing to to. He did not want to but he was going to have to call his sister Karen and ask her to interpret Jeanne’s actions. Karen was 8 years older and his whole life Spencer had depended on her to explain all the social cues that Spencer missed.

“You’re an idiot Spencer,” said Karen over the phone. This girl is totally trying to hook you. Telling you when she is going to be naked on the beach. What a crock! Girls don’t say things like that by accident. She planned it out exactly. Like the way a woman “just happens”  to have a towel slip off when she comes out of a shower. She is planning on going home with the rich Doctor Spencer Casey. She didn’t go to the Caribbean to get a tan. She went there to become a doctor’s wife.”

“First of all,” said Spencer “as you very well know I am not rich. I am still a Resident and I took every penny out of savings just to take this one week vacation. Secondly, she does not even know I’m a doctor.  I don’t like telling people I’m a  doctor when I’m on vacation. Everybody treats you differently and then they start telling you about all their aches and pains.”

“All right. Calm down Spence. Tell me what you really know about this girl besides how great she would look with no clothing on.”

“Well, she got married at 18 and apparently her husband was a real jerk. She stuck with him for 5 years and came down here on vacation after a terrible divorce. She took what little money she got from the divorce and used it for this the vacation. She just needed to get away. She lives in a little factory town on Vancouver Island. Just about everyone  in the town works for the fish processing plant.”

“OK,” said Karen, “So she has a high school education at best and a 5 year old kid. Have fun with her, but make sure you leave her behind when the vacation is over.”

“She never said anything about a kid. Where are you getting that?”

“Spence. Men are such idiots. The only reason a girl gets married at 18 is that she is pregnant. What does she do for a living?”

“I don’t know. She said she plays piano. Maybe she teaches it.”

“OK Little brother. Have fun on vacation, but watch out for this Canadian hick. ”

“Wait! Don’t hang up yet. Was she hinting for me to join her for her naked swim tomorrow morning?”

“Of course she was Spence! What does she have to do; write you a letter? See you when you get back.”

After the phone call Spencer was more confused than ever. He was annoyed at how suspicions Karen always was of everything and how she thought she still needed to protect him like when he was little.  Spencer decided to forget about Jeanne for the rest of the day. He went down to the dock and signed up for a sailing lesson, hoping that would take his mind off Jeanne.

An hour later, Spencer was out on the water attempting to sail a Sunfish, while Jeanne was high up on the beach laying on a lounge chair under a palm tree.  In her hand was not a book, but her iPhone. Jeanne did not have much formal education, but she had mastered how to use the internet well enough to quickly check out every guy who had approached her this week. A short chat with any man gave her more than enough information to look up all his important details. On her first day at the resort Jeanne realized she had hit the jackpot with Doctor Spencer Casey.

She liked that he was shy and did not flaunt that he was a doctor. But in their casual breakfast conversations she had been able to get out of him his full name, his age, where he had gone to college and where he lived. Once she had that, finding the rest on line had been easy. His profile was very impressive. Harvard medical school and a cardiac surgical Resident at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York.  Jeanne figured that he probably had a ton of student loans and almost no money right now, but she  had the patience to wait. A New York heart surgeon would eventually  be making a lot of money. More than anyone in the smelly fish factory on Vancouver Island could ever imagine.

“Mrs. Jeanne Casey,” she said out loud. Then she tired out, “Doctor and Mrs. Casey.” Jeanne lay back on the lounge chair and smiled.

Jeanne had not lied much  to Spencer. Most of what  she told him was true. She had been married at 18 and had just been divorced at the age of 23. The only thing she lied about was when she told Spencer her ex-husband  Billy was a jerk. Billy  was actually a real nice guy. He could not understand why she wanted a divorce. He kept asking what had changed.

Over and over she tried to explain to Billy that the problem was that nothing had changed and nothing ever would. The same town with  same job in the fish factory, and seeing  the same people they had seen every day of their lives. All he had to do to keep her was change, but he just couldn’t.

The final straw was when Nancy Kavanaugh came home from college for a visit. Jeanne was so jealous she wanted to scream. “Nerdy  Nancy” that everyone used to make fun of in high school was now a pre-med student at the University of Toronto, and Jeanne was entering Accounts Payable invoices at the fish factory.

Jeanne lay back in her lounge chair and realized that she was getting angry just thinking about Nancy. Then she thought about Spencer and relaxed.  There were only three more days left on the vacation  so she had pick up the pace. Tomorrow would be the day she would allow Spencer to successfully make his move. He would show up on the beach tomorrow morning and she would “just happen” to come out of the water from her naked swim as he walked by. Jeanne hoped the water would not be too cold.

That night Spencer could barely sleep. He set an alarm to make  sure he got up early. He knew that by pure chance on this vacation he had met the woman he was meant to spend his life with.  She was the one. Beautiful, soft spoken and so very shy. He realized that she wanted him too, but could not just come out and say it. Her hints about the naked morning swim were  her way of saying it.

Tomorrow morning he was going to meet her on the beach and they would swim nude in the beautiful Caribbean and make love on the beach before another soul on the resort was even awake. Then he was going to convince her to change her flight and come back with him to New York. They would live in his little cramped apartment and be madly in love. Of course, when he finished his Residency and became a full-fledged heart surgeon they would be able to afford more.

Spencer fell asleep happier than he had even been before. Things were going to be wonderful. He was in love with Jeanne and he knew his sister Karen was going to love her too. Spencer slept and dreamed about the clear beautiful Caribbean water.

The First Witch – Lilith and her origins

This is the story  of the First Witch, as has been passed down for centuries.  When people first began to read the Bible they were fascinated with the story of Genesis and how all things were created. People read Genesis over and over and soon they realized there was something missing.Genesis 1.27 says”

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him male and female he created them.”

But ancient people noticed that in  Genesis 2.18 the statement is made that “Then the Lord God said, “it is not good that man should be alone. I will make him a helper fit for him.” Why was man alone? What happened to the First Woman who had been created?

Genesis goes into great detail about how the Second Woman (who we all call Eve) was created. Genesis 2.21 states, “So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one of his ribs and closed up the place with flesh; and the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man.”

witch 2

Scholars and peasants alike debated the two great questions. What had happened to the First Woman and why did God make the Second Woman from a part of Adam himself?

They finally agreed that the answer lay in the phrase where God says “I will make him a helper fit for him. ”  It was obvious that the First Woman was somehow unfit. But how?  What had she done?

Again, the ancient peoples came to a consensus. It was not what the First Woman had done. It was what she had not done. She had refused to be a helper.  She wanted to be herself. She wanted to be equal;  and because Adam could not accept that she had run away. And all of those characteristics in the eyes of the ancient world branded such a woman as a Witch.

 Eve was then made out of a part of Adam himself (his rib) so that she would be a piece of him and subservient to him.  The Witch had not been created from man. She was completely independent of him.

witch 1

The”Witch story” is never mentioned in the Bible. It is something people in the Middle Ages labeled the first woman as.

In modern times, we portray witches as old an ugly, but that is not how the people of the Middle Ages saw them. To them the Witch was a beautiful and sexual young woman. She had left the Garden of Eden long before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit and then covered themselves with fig leaves to hide their nakedness.  That means that The Witch was naked when she left, and remained proud of her nakedness.

The stories of the Middle Ages do not end there. There are many tales of the Witch periodically luring Adam away from Even and tempting him with her open naked sexuality.  These tales became so lurid over the centuries that the Catholic Church itself put great effort into changing common picture of a witch into an ugly hag.

So every Halloween, when you see little girls dressed up as ugly old witches with green faces, remember it was not always so. The Witch goes back to the beginning of time, and she was much different than the Trick or Treaters could ever imagine.


Over the centuries, people even gave the First Witch the name of Lilith. This, of course, was also the name of Frazier’s wife on Cheers. The writers, purposely gave her this name. The name Lilith continues to be a source of either pride or hatred, depending on how someone views a woman’s role in society.