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Three Cats and a Rabbit – A poem of life at my house

The small cats are crazy, the big one is lazy,

The Rabbit, he rules the House.

Luna - the tiny troublemaker
Luna – the tiny troublemaker

When the Big Cat was younger,

in a fit of mad hunger,

He once ate a whole giant mouse.

Lubby - 16 years old and 13 pounds, taking a nap
Lubby – 16 years old and 13 pounds, taking a nap

The house we can’t sell,

since the rugs sort of smell,

and the woodwork is really a sight.

Sunshine chewing on the furniture
Sunshine chewing on the furniture

The moldings miss chunks and the rugs have some lumps,

where the Rabbit has taken bite.

The Big cat he purrs, while the small ones shed fur,

and race full speed through the night.

Miko - Luna's sister
Miko – Luna’s sister

I still love them all, though I do trip and fall

when the cats grab my feet on the stairs.

Lubby in a contemplative moment
Lubby in a contemplative moment

I may insane, but at least life’s not plain

In a house ruled by 4 tiny beasts.

Sunshine rules the house
Sunshine rules the house

I will end this weird poem, since the beasts start to moan,

And remind me it’s time for their treats.

Now I must go; the cats think I’m too slow,

and are starting their ear-splitting meows.

We’ll get new pets next time, whose dispositions are fine

Maybe nice goats or some cows.

Bunny enjoying an October Salad

Five and one half year old Sunshine enjoys a huge salad on a warm October afternoon.

Five year old Sunshine enjoying his salad on a warm October afternoon

Five year old Sunshine enjoying his salad on a warm October afternoon

A  4 pound domestic mixed-breed, he eats many times his weight each week. He came to our home 4 years ago as a rescue rabbit.  Someone had tossed him out the window of a car, but a passerby took him to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

Sunshine seems to have gotten over the traumatic events of his past.

Goose Family in Park with little goslings

Parks are not just for people. This beautiful goose family is enjoying the day after a long cold spring.

Goose Family in Park

Goose Family in Park

These little down-covered goslings will grow at amazing speed. By the end of the Summer they will be the same size as their giant parents. When Winter starts they will fly south as part of an aerodynamic-shaped V, soaring through the air for a trip of thousands of miles. The goslings are completely unaware of the amazing course their lives will take . Today the little goslings are content to wander through the grass, knowing that they are safe and protected by their watchful parents.

The Winter Cat

Cats have the right Winter philosophy. For cats the Winter  season is not about cold and sleet and snow and cars skidding into each other. For cats, Winter is the perfect time to snuggle under a warm blanket and do nothing but relax until  Spring.

Sleeping Cat in Baby Blanket

Sleeping Cat in Baby Blanket

Of course, cats occasionally  have to wake up and eat, secure in the knowledge that a certain type of soulful look will guarantee some human preparing a tasty meal.

Beautiful Ragdoll Cat

Beautiful Ragdoll Cat

We here at East Coast Stories wish our readers a wonderful Holiday Season, and hope that  in 2017 you are all as peaceful and secure as cats.

Bunny & The Stuffed Bear

We bought a giant stuffed bear at a garage sale for only $5. It turns out that the that Sunshine the bunny thought we got it just for him.

Sunshine explores the giant stuffed bear

Sunshine explores the giant stuffed bear

He seems to consider it a combination friend and pillow.

Bunny snuggles with the bear

Bunny snuggles with the bear

The cat, on the other hand was very unimpressed, and preferred his usual spot on the couch.

Kitty relaxing on the couch

Kitty relaxing on the couch

At the end of the day, both Kitty and Bunny decided it was time to relax after all the excitement.

Kitty & bunny relaxing

Kitty & bunny relaxing

Cool Cat and Bunny On A Hot day

There is an old Arab expression that, “The heat of the day can be told by the length of the cat.”  In Winter, cats curl up into tight heat-saving balls. However, now that sweltering Summer is here, cats stretch to their full Length.


This is Lubby, a 14 year-old Ragdoll stretched out on the couch. In the background you can make out his bunny friend, Sunshine, also stretched out.

On a hot day Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace.

On a hot day Sunshine relaxes on the cool slate by the fireplace.

About two years ago Sunshine the Bunny was tossed out of a car window at a busy intersection in New Jersey.  He was rescued and now lives happily with the Gentle Woman.  Like his friend the cat, he has learned to stretch out on a hot day.

Lubby the ragdoll cat relaxes on a warm day

Lubby the ragdoll cat relaxes on a warm day

Sunshine who was found abandoned, has been in his new how now for 2 years

Sunshine who was found abandoned, has been in his new how now for 2 years

Remembering Doctor Jean Farrell

My aunt, Doctor Jean Farrell of Stamford Connecticut died on July 3, 1984. She was a well known Pediatrician at Stamford Hospital. Those of you who were her patients will now have children (perhaps even grandchildren) of your own and realize how important a good pediatrician is in your life.

Doctor Jean Farrell, 1947 Vassar College 1952 Georgetown Medical School

Doctor Jean Farrell,  Vassar College
1952 Georgetown Medical School

Jean was a big woman. She was big physically. She had a loud booming voice and a hearty laugh. If you were her friend she would do anything for you, and if you were her enemy, then God help you because nothing else would be able to.

Jean Farrell was also a a pioneering woman for her time. She went to Georgetown Medical School at a time when female doctors were still very unusual. She became a Board Certified Pediatrician and spearheaded  many new techniques that saved children’s lives.

She was only 56 when she died and since she was unmarried my father (Dr. John Farrell)  and I had to review the death certificate. If you have never seen a death certificate they are very cold and terse documents to sum up a person’s life.  I still remember the wording. It read:

“Occupation – Doctor, Unmarried, No Children”

It struck me how wrong that document was. Jean Farrell had hundreds of children. All of her patients were her children. If any of you read this, I would like you to know that despite her rough exterior Doctor Jean Farrell cared for each of you very much and as individuals. She knew all your names. You were her life.

When Jean died there were many large floral bouquets, but one tribute stood out from the rest. It was from a friend of Jean’s named Iris, who like, Jean was a devout Catholic.  There was a simple cut glass vase with a single red rose in it. (Jean’s hobby outside of work was growing roses.) Beside the rose was a card with the handwritten note:

“Until we meet again”

Deadly Beautiful Spring

In ancient times, the weeks just before Spring were considered the deadliest time of year. The food stored for the Winter was gone, but the ground was still too cold to grow anything new.

sue sis 006

Still, there is a stark beauty to the bare woods, knowing that in just a few short weeks this cold World will once again be alive and colorful.

sue sis 008

Perhaps in our urban environment we have gotten too far removed from the cycles of life to appreciate just how beautiful, short and tenuous Life really is.

sue sis 007

When Spring returns, revel in its beauty and look forward to the bountiful days of Summer.

But don’t forget the cold and lifeless days that came just before. They are Nature’s reminder to us all that the gift of life is but a temporary one.

Misunderstood Bunnies – 3 Common Misconceptions

Domestic Rabbits are probably the most misunderstood creatures on the planet.  Here is a list of common misconceptions about these gentle souls:

Bunny Contest 004

1. Bunnies are an easy pet to take care of. Nothing could be further from the truth. Domestic rabbits have a very delicate digestive system and take a lot of specialized feeding and care. Many people make the mistake of giving a rabbit to a small child thinking it will be an easy pet. Bunnies make much better pets for adults, who have the patience and understanding to care for them.

Bunny Contest 006

2. Bunnies like to be alone. This is also wrong.  Domestic Rabbits are very affectionate and love to be petted. They will even play games with you once they trust you. It takes a very special person to earn the trust of a bunny. After all, they cannot protect themselves from cruel humans the way dogs or cats can. They love to be near you and enjoy hearing the sound of a gentle voice.

Bunny Contest 007

3. They won’t mingle with your other pets. The truth is that  Rabbits can live in a house with a cat or even a dog, if the two pets are introduced to each other slowly. They can even become friends. Here is a picture of Sunshine the bunny playing with a Ragdoll cat that is twice the size and three times the weight of the bunny.

So enjoy your new friend, and your love will be returned many times over.

A World War II Wedding

Elise White & John (Jack) Farrell

Elise White & John (Jack) Farrell

During World War II it was required that all all members of the military wear their uniforms at all times. That is why the wedding photos of my parents have them in uniform. My father as an Army Private and my mother as a Navel officer. (That’s right, she was the higher rank).

My mother was able to get special permission from an Admiral to be allowed to wear a wedding dress for the short ceremony. However, as soon as that was over she had to immediately get back into uniform.

And where did they fight the war? – in New York City. That’s right, New York. My father was in medical school, and the Army drafted the entire school and assigned them to keep taking classes. Many students, including my father, had been trying to quit medical school to join the Army so that they could fight in the war. However, the top brass in the Army decided that they needed new doctors a lot more than they needed new riflemen.  The Army solved this problem by simply drafting the entire medical school.  His whole life, Jack Farrell felt guilty about spending the war in school, even though he had been given no choice.

My mother, Elsie White, was actually the one with the exciting wartime career. She joined the Navy and due to her aptitude with symbols and puzzles, was assigned to a a secret code breaking unit.  It was in the sub-basement of a building on Church Street in New York. To even get to it, you had to go past Marine guards, down a long elevator ride to the sub-basement; through a steel door and past another set of Marines.

Once you got past security, you entered a long windowless room filled with rows of desks. There, men and women from all different backgrounds worked trying to break the numerous Japanese and German navel codes. Elise was the ranking officer, so she had the desk at the front and was in charge of the group.

In the back there was a tiny, shy woman who never spoke to anyone other than to say “good morning” and “good night.” The other people in the group thought of her like a little skittish mouse. One day Elise was sitting at the officer’s desk and the shy mouse woman came up and spoke to her in a voice so faint it was almost a whisper. “Excuse me mam. I think I just broke the Japanese code.”

It turned out that the little mouse-woman had broken a major Japanese Navel code  As a result, the mouse-woman got a promotion and the entire unit received a commendation.

On the same day they got their commendation, my mother also got an official reprimand letter, for not wearing her .45 caliber automatic while on duty. Fully loaded, it weighed 10 pounds, and she kept it locked in the desk instead of wearing it.  Her logic was that if the enemy got past the two sets of Marines, down the elevator and through the steel door, she was not going to be able to stop them. The Navy, of course, did not agree with this logic and the reprimand stayed in her file.

It was more that 25 years after the war before my mother was legally allowed to tell us any of these stories. That’s how secret her work had been. As children, my sisters and I still had a hard time believing her war stories. We saw a tiny 95 pound woman puttering around the house. We just could not picture her as the Officer of The Day, sitting at the front desk of the code breaking unit with a loaded .45 caliber strapped to her side.

Baby Deer at Window

If we think the winter has been tough on us imagine how it is for the animals who live outside.


There are two feet of snow on the ground and it is 15 degrees.  How do the deer survive? As we sat in our dining room we got the sensation that we were being watched.  It turned out that there is a baby deer who decided to take shelter from the weather by making a home for herself under the bushes right next to the house.


She is not at all afraid of us. Notice how thick her fur has become to protect her this year. She is content to look directly in at us as if we are creatures in a zoo for her to examine.


Next week the weather is supposed to finally change and be almost fifty degrees. We know of one little hungry animal who will be very happy to see grass again.

The Mule Deer in Winter

It is the coldest February in almost a century.  If it is rough on us, imaging how hard it is on the outdoor creatures.

Mule Deer 004

A deer has been coming very close to the house to keep warm and to eat the bushes.

Mule Deer 005

We call her the Mule Deer because of her size.

Mule Deer 011

She does not look like the other deer. She is very large and has a broad face that looks very sweet, and almost like a baby face.

Mule Deer 008

She is very skittish and runs away if there is the slightest movement in a window.

Mule Deer 010

We can tell from the tracks and impressions in the snow that at night she sleeps under a bush next to the house.  We wish we could tell her she is welcome to all the warmth and bushes she wants.

The First Real Snow of 2015

The first real snowfall of 2015 arrived silently last night.

JAN 2015 WINTER 006

We awoke to find sunshine gleaming off the soft powder.

JAN 2015 WINTER 007

No car or animal tracks have yet touched it.

JAN 2015 WINTER 008

With all the worries about traffic and how the snow will impact the commute,  sometimes it is nice to just stop and see how beautiful it really is.

JAN 2015 WINTER 009

“The woods are lovely dark and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep.

And miles to go before I sleep.”

Robert Frost

JAN 2015 WINTER 005

This fellow is happy to be safe and warm inside on a cold Winter day.

Penn Station on any given Wednesday

One of or readers for some reason has fond memories of Penn station, and asked for some pictures.

Penn Station 001

Why, we don’t know. Penn Station has the charming habit of only announcing the track and opening the doors to the track 5 minutes before departure. This forces the commuters to have to fight just to be able to board before the train leaves.

Penn Station 002

It is a ridiculous system since the train is on the track far in advance. The system could easily be changed to allow allow people a more leisurely  and civilized start to their commute home. Still, the pushing and shoving is just a time-honored part of the full New York experience.

Hunter’s Ridge 18th Holiday Party

That’s right,  Saturday was the 18th annual Hunter’s Ridge Holiday party.  It was held at the newly renovated mansion of Jackie and Peter Blank.

PARTY 2014 019Peter showed off his new Man Cave,

PARTY 2014 042

while Jackie and Sharon welcomed guests. This was Martin & Juliet’s first Hunter’s Ridge holiday party.

PARTY 2014 028

PARTY 2014 029

PARTY 2014 038

The ladies pose.PARTY 2014 040

Camera-shy Susan says hello while Sam acts surprised.

PARTY 2014 011

The Three Amigos.

PARTY 2014 009

PARTY 2014 008

PARTY 2014 026

PARTY 2014 016

PARTY 2014 007

PARTY 2014 044

PARTY 2014 030

PARTY 2014 008

PARTY 2014 027

Discussing the details of the “Neighborhood Watch”.

PARTY 2014 049

PARTY 2014 046

PARTY 2014 004

PARTY 2014 043

PARTY 2014 033

PARTY 2014 034

PARTY 2014 022

PARTY 2014 018

PARTY 2014 031

PARTY 2014 032

PARTY 2014 048

PARTY 2014 035

The inquiring photographer.

PARTY 2014 047

Gentle Woman Jumping Bunny Video

Our Gentle Woman Bunny  stories have been some of our most popular posts. We have tried adding videos to the blog , but the problem is that the technical limitations of Word Press means that we can only load a video a few seconds long directly to the blog.

However, we can upload our videos to You Tube and then link the blog to that.

Therefor, for the enjoyment of our blog readers, (and now watchers) that is what we have done.

So, to see East Coast Stories’ first You Tube Video entitles Bunny Jump, just click this link.

Please realize that this is a very rough cut as we are still learning the technical aspects. Going forward, we will hopefully improve our skills.

Let us know if it works, and what types of videos you would like to see.

Sneaking Up On Seagull

On this incredibly warm October 15th is was 75F degrees in New York.  Even the animals were enjoying the last warm days before Winter really begins.

In the series of pictures below a seagull  lets  me get closer and closer as he relaxes on a railing in Hoboken looking across at the New York  & Jersey City skylines.

Seagull 001

Seagull 002

Seagull 003Here he is lifting up one foot and thinking of flying away as I get too close. But he decides to trust me.

Seagull 004

Seagull 005

The Seagull’s view

Bun-nanza Volunteers Photo

Below is a new photo of  all the Volunteers who helped at last week’s Bun-nanza event.


You can see more about the event at the Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue website, including pictures of all the rabbit winners.

If you missed Bun-nanza  we will keep you informed of other upcoming events.

One of the statistics mentioned at the event pointed out how much help was needed. In the past year Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue was asked to take in over 400 abandoned rabbits. However, due to space and financial constraints they were only able to take in an additional 12.

Please help this excellent cause.

The Gentle Woman Visits Bun-nanza!

The Gentle Woman was at Bun-nanza today in Martinsville New Jersey. This an annual teaching and participation event held by Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

Bun Day Oct 5 023

The public came to learn the proper ways to care for rabbits, and many brought their long-eared friends to get a nail clipping.

Bun Day Oct 5 003

The fellow comfortably resting in the hut is Joey who Rabbit Rescue has up for adoption.

Bun Day Oct 5 007This large male Lop is Mistletoe who was brought in by his owners for a nail trim.

Bun Day Oct 5 019

Michelle was the resident nail trimmer, who has a very soft touch with all the bunnies.

Bun Day Oct 5 022We did not get this little grey rabbit’s name. He was too busy enjoying his parsley to tell us.

Bun Day Oct 5 012

Pictured above are Sherry and Peggy, two of the volunteers. Peggy grew up on a farm and is currently writing a children’s book entitled “Chatham Hill”  based on the experience. The book has 3 bunnies as the main characters with a cat as the protagonist.

Bun Day Oct 5 015

This Young lady brought in her two rabbits Bella and Buttons to say hello.

Bun Day Oct 5 013

In addition to seeing rabbits, visitors to the event learned many useful facts all rabbit owners should know.

Bun Day Oct 5 016

Karen, the founder of Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue holds a very curious young bunny.

Bun Day Oct 5 014

Nina helped raise money by selling bunny logo T-Shirts and sweatshirts.

Bun Day Oct 5 024

A contest was held to announce the winners of the Photo Contest.

Old Mom Photos 004The Gentle Woman’s bunny Sunshine actually won a prize!  His picture won the “bunny loafing” category.

Bun Day Oct 5 030As you can see, Sunshine was thrilled with the gift basket prize when it came home.

This was a wonderful event at which we learned much and had a lot of fun.

Homeless Hibernation

“Homeless” may be the wrong word to use to describe the street people of New York. They do in fact have homes. They  carry their homes with them wherever they go.  As they wander around the streets or sleep by the side of buildings they take with them every possession they own. Many of use shopping carts. Others have taken to piling everything into and onto rolling suitcases


Now that winter is just around the corner,  and the nights are getting colder, the street people are starting to move underground along with all their possessions. This is a picture of one such man who has staked out his spot in the subway station which is below the very wealthy Tribeca section.


Quick Sketeches

These are pictures of some quick sketches made by the Gentle Woman’s daughter.

ROBIN PAINTINGS 002Drawn with pencil free-hand.

ROBIN PAINTINGS 001The Gentle Woman’s daughter does not consider herself a good artist. Most of these drawings were rescued from the garbage after the Gentle Woman’s daughter had thrown them out.

ROBIN PAINTINGS 003A sad girl gets comfort from her cat.

ROBIN PAINTINGS 004If you look closely you will see that one of the anime figures has a small tear.


The Gentle Woman’s Bunny Settles in

So many people have asked how the Gentle Woman’s bunny is doing that we decided to post some new pictures.

Old Mom Photos 013Before we had Sunshine we never realized that some types of rabbits can jump up onto furniture as easily as a cat can.

Old Mom Photos 015Here he is contemplating his next move.

Old Mom Photos 007This picture captures an actual “Binky” with Sunshine jumping and turning mid-air.

Old Mom Photos 004Not at all camera shy.

Old Mom Photos 016Aaah!

Old Mom Photos 008Trying to figure out how to climb an iron table leg.

Old Mom Photos 002The stairs are always fun.

Old Mom Photos 017Chewing on a pajama.

Old Mom Photos 005Taking a break.

The Gentle Woman Visits Adoption Day

Today the Gentle Woman visited Adoption Day at the Community Animal Hospital in Morris Plains NJ. There were rabbits, dogs and cats all up for adoption.


Our friends from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue were there with some adorable rabbits.



This fellow is a very friendly Mini-Lop named Taco, who has had a lot of bad luck. Taco has been adopted twice and returned twice. One couple returned him since they did not want his fur getting into their air-conditioning. Another woman returned Taco after she got pregnant.  She had the odd notion that the rabbit would somehow interfere with the health of her unborn child.


This is Kelly, a Lionhead born on March 12, 2013. Her fur is unbelievably soft.


There were also dogs galore. This is Ozzie, a 4 year old Bulldog/Boxer mix. Despite his fierce looks, is is very gentle. He is available for adoption through the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter.

There were also adorable cats and kittens.



There were many types of dogs available.


This is Peanut, a happy little Chihuahua ready to go home with a lucky family.

Some people brought dogs just to visit.

There was a Labradoodle.


And a very excited Irish Setter. He was so excited to see the other animals that this was the most clear shot we could get since he did not want to hold still.


Two Shelties came in to say hello.


So, whatever type  you like, there is sure to be a rescue animal just waiting for you to bring it home.



The Gentle Woman to visit Adoption Day at Community Animal Hospital July 20th

Readers keep asking about how the Gentle Woman’s new bunny (Sunshine) is doing.  So here is his latest picture.

ANIMALS 002 Sunshine and Lubby are fascinated with whatever is outside the screen door. Most people think that rabbits and cats cannot co-exist in the same house, but the Gentle Woman has found that as long as you show the cat that the bunny is also a member of the family, they can get along just fine.

ANIMALS 003Sunshine is always fascinated with whatever the cat is doing.

The Gentle Woman is so good with animals that people in the neighborhood often ask her to watch over other creatures while they are away.

ANIMALS 007This is Oakley, a very young Golder Retriever who lives in the neighborhood. In case you are wondering; don’t worry. Oakley is never allowed near the rabbit or the cat.

ANIMALS 017Oakley relaxing on a hot afternoon. Golden Retrievers are one of the friendliest breeds of dog.   However if you are going to get one, don’t forget that they are big and extremely strong and need lots of room to run and exercise. Also, if you have a pool or live anywhere near one, you will find that they are true “water dogs.” They will dive into any body of water they can find. That includes pools, lakes and  mud puddles. If you get a Golden Retriever make sure you also buy  a leash and a big towel.

ANIMALS 013This is Hailey Girl an 11 year old Mountain Cur. This breed of dogs were originally guard dogs. They are friendly to the people who own them, but are very distrustful of others. They are about 2/3 the size of a Golden Retriever.  The one drawback to this breed is that Mountain Curs love to bark. It seems to be their main joy in life.

If you love animals, then come to Adoption Day at Community Animal Hospital in Morris Plains NJ on July 20th. Our friends from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue will be there, as well as the Gentle Woman herself.

There will be food and fun and lots of animals in need of a good loving home. East Coast Stories will be covering the event and posting pictures of it. See you there!

Details are:

  • Sunday July 20th 11am-3pm
  • 921 Rt 53 Morris Plains, NJ
  • Info: Telephone (973)-267-4220

Soho Summer -Pictures of Soho in the Sunlight

One of our readers asked for pictures of the streets of New York, especially Soho. The pictures below show a walk from the World Trade Center Path station up West Broadway, all the way to Soho.

SOHO IN SUMMER 024This is the newly refurbished World Trade Center Path Station.  

SOHO IN SUMMER 007This is a mural on the outside of a Mexican Restaurant on West Broadway a few blocks from Ground Zero. The painting pays tribute to the people who died on 9/11. The mural has been on the wall for so many years that the wall now also has graffiti on it.  However, notice how even the graffiti artists show enough respect for the victims that they put their “tags” on the outside edges and do not deface the mural.

SOHO IN SUMMER 008This is another view, in which you can see the sign for the restaurant.

For more on the victims of 9/11 click to read our tribute.

Continuing up West Broadway, we come to a store called Balloon Saloon, which claims to have been voted “the most fun store in New York.” Exactly when and where this vote took place they never actually say.

SOHO IN SUMMER 009They will deliver balloons anywhere in New York.

SOHO IN SUMMER 010A closer view of the balloons on display every morning.

SOHO IN SUMMER 013This graffiti covers a door next to a polished brass sigh which says, “The Goatsingers Upstairs”.  We have no idea who or what the Goatsingers are, but they seem to always keep the brass sign polished but never remove the graffiti.

SOHO IN SUMMER 014We are now in the heart of Tribeca at the Tribeca Tavern.

It is still early in the morning so it is not yet open. At night there is a line down the block just to get in. For more on Tribeca click  here to see our pictures of the Tribeca Film Festival.

SOHO IN SUMMER 015Leaving  Tribeca to get to Soho we pass through a small park, the center of which has a bear sculpture made from leaf bags.

SOHO IN SUMMER 016We are now in Soho itself. This is a view up West Broadway at 8:30 am

SOHO IN SUMMER 022This is the architecture for which Soho is famous.

SOHO IN SUMMER 023People crowded outside a popular restaurant in Soho. On this particular late afternoon all the bars and restaurants were crowded with people watching the World Cup of soccer.

SOHO IN SUMMER 020Last stop in Soho. If we cross West Houston street we will enter NoHo, where the NYU students give the neighborhood an entirely different feel.

The Gentle Woman’s New Bunny Explores

Sunshine the bunny has now settled in to his new home and has taken to exploring the house. He is fascinated with the cat, who is not really sure what this little creature is.

Bunny and Cat 004Sunshine hiding by the fireplace.

Bunny and Cat 015Sunshine playing with the cat’s tail.

Bunny and Cat 013Sunshine scoots off after tweaking the cat’s tail

Bunny and Cat 017Tuckered out after running around the house, Sunshine  takes a rest while Lubby the cat watches over him

Bunny and Cat 003Don’t forget to pay attention to me too.

Bunny and Cat 011The Gentle Woman joins Sunshine in his enclosure for a salad.

Tribeca Film Festival

Tribecca Film Festival 002The world premier of Every Secret Thing.

Every Secret Thing 001

Tickets to the World Premier of Every Secret Thing, a dark mystery film revolving around the kidnapping of a young bi-racial girl.

Tribecca Film Festival 006The cast & producers of Every Secret Thing on stage to answer questions after the premier

Tribecca Film Festival 008

Director Amy Berg & actress Eva Grace Kellner answers questions from the audience.

Tribecca Film Festival 012

Left to right- Danielle Macdonald, Amy Berg, Eva Grace Kellner

Tribecca Film Festival 011The two child stars of the film, Eva Grace Kellner and Bryne Norquist.

Tribecca Film Festival 001Getting to the world premiers in the Tribeca Festival. Faster than a limo.

Tribecca Film Festival 017This picture did not come out crystal clear, but we wanted to share it to show the extraordinary group of talented women associated with Every Secret Thing.

From let to right –Frances McDormand, Tonye Patano,  Diana Lane, Amy Berg.


Night Moves director Kelly Reichardt answers questions from the audience after the U.S. premier of the movie. The premier was at 3 PM on a Thursday to a packed theater, so Kelly started by saying, “I am glad that the fans of Night Moves are all unemployed.”

The film is about a group environmentalists turned “Eco-terrorists”, and is frighting due to the real potential of something like it actually happening.

Urban Ireland

GREG PICTURES 034The box where the heart of Saint O’Toole was kept until it was stolen in 2012.
You can read about it in Lawrence O’Toole’s Missing Heart.

GREG PICTURES 037Our Creative consultant contemplates the mystery of who stole the saint’s heart.


A rare sunny day in Dun Laoghaire

GREG PICTURES 033A Palm tree grows in the center of Dun Laoghaire. The Gulf Stream makes Ireland warmer than New York even though it is much further north.

GREG PICTURES 027The river Liffey which runs through Dublin. The Vikings named the area “Dufflin” which means “black pool” One look at the cold dark water and it is easy to see why the Vikings gave it the name.

Lyons Train Station Basking Ridge New Jersey by Gregory Farrell

Train Station 006 Lyons Train Station, Basking Ridge N,J.

Seventeen people took the train from here on the morning of September 11, 2001 and died in the World Trade Center. To read their story see. Dusty Cars a 9/11 Story

Winter Snow 007/

Train Station 004Names of the 17 who died on 9/11. The sign reads, “ We shall never forget our friends and neighbors who rode the rails with us that morning but did not return with us that night.”

The names of the people are,

  • David O. Campbell
  • Stephen P. Dimino
  • John W. Farrell
  • Louis V. Fersini Jr.
  • Michael B. Finnegan,
  • Christopher H. Forsythe
  • Stephen G. Genovese
  • Robert J. Halligan
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Train Station 002

Train Station 001

Walking Alone

Greg Walk Dec 22 2013 006An abandoned Christmas Tree farm. The trees are now taller than houses.

Greg Walk Dec 22 2013 002The New Jersey Devil Tree. Legend says it was the sight of notorious lynchings. The roots are supposed to stretch all the way to Hell which keeps the ground so warm that there is never snow under the tree.

Devil Tree in Winter 004The New Jersey Devil tree with snow under it

Greg Walk Dec 22 2013 005Dedicated bicyclists on a cold winter’s afternoon.

Tough Winter

New Jersey Winter 007The snow in the fields is chest high for the deer so they have taken to walking down the plowed streets.

DEER 009This snows have covered the normal food supply so the deer are coming right up to the houses for food and warmth. This fellow has lost half of his antlers and is munching on bushes 1 foot from a homeowner’s window.

Winter Snow 007Waiting for the 6:34 am train at Lyons station, New Jersey.

New York On A Cold Night

The temperature was 17F degrees  tonight in New York, and snow is expected tomorrow. Somehow the crispness of the air made the ordinary scenes seem special. We thought you might like to see a few.

NYDC Holiday Party 037  World Trade Center PATH

The crowds rush into the PATH station beneath the never ending construction area around the World Trade Center Memorial. Most are too cold to notice the beauty of the skyscrapers above them.

NYDC Holiday Party 038The empty platform on the PATH station below the skyscrapers means that the people waiting have just missed the train to Hoboken.

New York at Night 002An excellent string trio performs classical music for tips inside the newly renovated Hoboken terminal. There was actually a large group of people watching; all of them too shy to get close to the performers.

NYDC Holiday Party 039Manhattan as seen from Hoboken Terminal. The picture is blurry since the photographers were shaking from the cold.

GREG PICTURES 041Back at home some creatures are too smart to go out in the cold.

New Jersey Winter 011Outside the Winter continues

A heard of deer in Basking Ridge New Jersey

Thank you for reading.

Stay warm.